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AFP Member Spotlight - Anne Cannon

  • 1.  AFP Member Spotlight - Anne Cannon

    Posted 04-11-2022 08:35 PM
                                                     AFP Member Spotlight

                                                                                 Anne Cannon, CFRE
                                           Director of Events and Donor Relations, Norton Healthcare
                                                               AFP Greater Louisville President - Elect

    Background info:

    In her role at Norton Healthcare, Anne plans and manages several successful events and works with donors for the Norton Children's Hospital Foundation and Norton Healthcare Foundation. She has been working for Norton Healthcare for 14.5 years.

    Has your organization had a successful event lately (in-person, virtual, or both)? If so, can you describe it?
    In the later part of 2021, we were able to host several successful events in-person in a safe way for our guests. This spring and early summer, we are looking forward to hosting several of our annual events including our Derby Divas event to benefit our breast health program at the Norton Cancer Institute and Bourbon & Bowties, which benefits Norton Children's Hospital. Tickets for Bourbon & Bowties just recently sold out in minutes, and we have more than 40 of our region's best chefs who will be participating. We are very excited for all of our events and appreciate the tremendous support of our community!

    What is one thing you wish you would have known when you started your career in managing events?
    I would say one of the things I wish I had known was take a moment to take it all in. Even at the event itself, just pause and take it all in. Look around. Take everything in and appreciate what has been accomplished, as well as looking for areas of growth. At one of our events, the Bike to Beat Cancer, you will hear me remind my team to "not miss the magic" and to take a moment to watch as riders cross the Finish Line after riding 100 miles in honor of a loved one who has been on a cancer journey. The victorious expression on their face - that's where the magic lies - and makes all of the hard work we put into events worth it.

    Why did you join AFP?
    We have wonderful leaders who model leadership and connecting with our fellow peers in this great nonprofit community. Lynnie Meyer is our Senior Vice President and Chief Development Officer, and she supports continued learning, development, and continued leadership growth. She supports us getting involved in AFP.

    How have you benefited from your AFP membership?
    Besides just being able to continue my education, AFP was able to help me obtain my CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive certification). I would also say being able to communicate with peers and being able to collaborate are wonderful benefits. I earned my CFRE five years ago, in 2017. Even though I had been fundraising for 10 years, the CFRE helped me delve into areas I wasn't as versed in.

    What is one tip you recommend for having a successful event, especially in this era?
    I think any event planner would tell you, 'Even before the pandemic, I would have a plan A, plan B, and plan C, in my mind at least.' As we continue in this environment, we need to continue to be patient with ourselves and with our guests. Continue to adapt. My husband and I were talking about my work, and he said, 'You don't have to plan for the weird things.' I told him that 'As event planners, we ALWAYS have to plan for the weird things.'

    Do you have an event management-related resource you recommend? If so, what is it?
    I would definitely say I did a Lynne Wester workshop through AFP a couple years ago. Our chapter hosted it. She has a website, Donor Relations Guru. Her website is such a great resource. It's definitely one I utilize a lot!

    We are highlighting and answering frequently-asked fundraising questions from AFP members. What fundraising-related question is burning in your mind?
    What has been your favorite idea that you have executed to steward donors in an extra special way?

    Do you have anything you'd like to add?
    It's one thing to just be a member of AFP. It's another thing to get involved. I definitely recommend and encourage everyone to serve on a committee. I was on the Membership Committee for a couple years before joining the board. I have been on the board several years now. I was the Membership Chair, then became the Scholarship Chair, then the Secretary of the board, and now I am the President-Elect. Getting involved at the next level deepens your relationship to AFP and your fellow members.

    KY, Greater Louisville Admin