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Membership Installment Payment Plan with AFP!

  • 1.  Membership Installment Payment Plan with AFP!

    Posted 05-18-2020 01:41 PM
    AFP appreciates the economic situation that many members are currently facing and is offering a one-time offer to allow payment of membership dues in six installments. If you are interested in participating in this plan, please contact AFP Membership Services at mbrship@afpglobal.org.

    This plan is limited to the Professional or Associate categories of membership only.

    All members of AFP belong to both the international association and the local chapter. The international headquarters collects the dues for both and reimburses the chapter their portion when payment is received. Chapter dues vary in amount by chapter. In order to reimburse the chapter their portion in full, under this plan, the first installment payment must cover the entire amount of chapter dues for your particular chapter.

    How the installment plan works:

    1. Contact AFP membership at mbrship@afpglobal.org to develop a plan for the installment payments.

    2. Your chapter dues amount will determine the amount calculated for the installment plan.
    Example for Professional or Associate Member Dues:
    Chapter Dues: $75.00 International Dues: $280.00 One-Time Processing Fee: $6.00
    Total Dues: $361.00
    Membership Year: July – June
    1st month: $81.00 (July) (Chapter Dues plus One-Time Processing Fee)
    2nd month: $56.00 (August)
    3rd month: $56.00 (September)
    4th month: $56.00 (October)
    5th month: $56.00 (November)
    6th month: $56.00 (December)
    Membership will continue for the entire year or in this example through June of the following year.

    3. Fill out the Membership Installment Plan Form (see attachment) providing payment details.

    AFP Greater Louisville Admin