The Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals - NM Chapter is committed to supporting and responding to the dynamic needs of the fundraising community in New Mexico through programming and sharing resources.


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"I did then what I knew best, when I knew better, I did better." -- Maya Angelou
AFP-NM is trying (and messing up, and trying again) to know better and do better.
Both personally and professionally, these times are calling us to learn -- as well as to unlearn --many things we've been taught overtly and covertly. We are called to learn (and unlearn) so we can know better and do better. To do better for those whose lives are valued less -- and, as a result, whose communities are ravaged by the dual viruses of COVID and racism (Ibram X. Kendi: "It feels like Black people were running for their lives from racist terror only to run into the murderous face of COVID-19, only to start running for their lives from COVID-19 only to run into the murderous face of racist terror." - resource: Kendi's book, How to Be Antiracist). 
Many of us in the nonprofit sphere have adjusted our language from 'nonprofit' to 'social profit.' We insert 'social justice' into our requests for contributions and our grant proposals. Yet, there is no 'social profit' or 'social justice' without racial justice. We, in this white-majority field that is committed to "doing good," are not exempt from this work of looking racism and white supremacy in the face and recognizing the ways in which we uphold it (resource: Layla Saad's Me & White Supremacy). 
We will mess up. We will encounter resistance from within ourselves and from others in our spheres. If we want to make any kind of real change, we must keep going. 
We share this piece -- that was discussed during our recent Affinity Group for fundraisers focused on IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility) for consideration -- How White People Conquered the Nonprofit Industry.
We invite you to join the conversation -- and the work. 

The Association of Fundraising Professionals, New Mexico Chapter, Board of Directors

P.S. We believe in the power of philanthropy. We encourage our fellow members of the New Mexico chapter to donate to the many black-led, grassroots organizations who work to dismantle white supremacy in our communities and center black voices and experiences. 



    Are you interested in presenting fundraising and nonprofit executive training to the AFP New Mexico Chapter? 

    AFP-NM is now soliciting proposals for 2022 calendar year programming, with a focus on responding to community needs, the changing fundraising landscape in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, embracing the principles of the community-centric fundraising movement and strengthening and supporting fundraisers in New Mexico.

    We value and center lived experience and welcome new and innovative content. Presenters are welcome from any community or field with related experience and information, including consultants, current nonprofit executives and fundraising professionals, and business professionals.

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