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SMARTS Assistant Director

Position Description: The SMARTS Assistant Director works directly with SMARTS President to support operations and programming for SMARTS, Students Motivated by the Arts. SMARTS Assistant Director supports programming and organizational development through supporting program managers and working with community partners. The Assistant Director helps coordinate the planning and execution of fundraising events as well as tracking, preparing, and writing grants. The SMARTS Assistant Director serves as the front-line person in absence of SMARTS President and reports directly to SMARTS President.

Decision Making: Team thinking in conjunction with the President and sound judgment with concern for our customers and organization well-being. Must have a high degree of integrity and be trustworthy with financial and confidential information.

Mental Demand: Strong attention to detail, organization skills, flexibility, and creative problem solving.

Character of Supervision: Must be able to work independently and under the supervision of the President.

Independence: Must be able to work independently and in a group.

Environment: Expected to create an environment where all children and adults are welcome and accepted.



·     Acts as support person for SMARTS President & assists President to oversee SMARTS general operations, including facility management.

·     Oversees hiring, training, and retention of Student Assistants.

·     Research and write grant proposals and reports for foundations, charitable trusts, corporate philanthropies, and any other funding opportunities.

·     Compile and update organizational information for use in proposals, marketing, grants, and follow-up reports in conjunction with SMARTS Education Director.

·     Cultivate positive relationships with potential, current, and future donors and funders.

·     Serves as primary support for operations and secondary support for programming.

·     Meets weekly with SMARTS President and Staff when applicable.

·     Support the development and facilitation of programming via participation in partner meetings.

·     Build and maintain positive relationships with SMARTS Staff, Teachers, and Student Assistants; foster a positive environment for all students and their families.

Operations & Facility

     ·     Assist President to implement organizational policies and procedures.

     ·     Act as a front-line person to the public, respond to requests for information, and direct incoming calls. 

     ·    Tracks and disperses incoming packages and orders.

     ·    Assist SMARTS President in the organization, planning, and implementation of all SMARTS fundraising


     ·    Responsible for marketing materials and updating/maintaining SMARTS website, affiliated social medias,

         and SMARTS scoop.

     ·    Represent SMARTS at events as needed.

     ·    Curate sponsorship packages in conjunction with SMARTS President.

     ·    Assists in maintaining budget information as directed by SMARTS President.

     ·    Manages SMARTS calendars in conjunction with Program Managers, Education Director, and President.

     ·    Help to maintain the SMARTS grant database, keep track of grant due dates, and find new funding

     ·    Assist Education Director and President with hiring, training, and retention of SMARTS Teaching Staff.

     ·    Sends new hire paperwork for new SMARTS Staff, Teachers, and Student Assistants.

     ·    Manage student Assistant Schedules.

Other Functions & Responsibilities: Performs other duties as assigned.
Supervision Exercised: Acts as SMARTS President when SMARTS President is absent or otherwise unavailable.


Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years professional experience in visual art, music, dance, theater, and/or creative writing, education, or a related field. Master’s degree preferred. Will require a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends. Must have strong working understanding of software packages to include Microsoft Office, Google Drive and a working knowledge of database programs. Valid driver’s license and BCI/FBI background check required.


Desired Qualifications: Excellent communication, interpersonal, management, writing, and creative skills. Self-motivated, innovative, and team oriented with the ability to organize, work with others, and multi-task. Must have excellent communication skills and professional attitude.
Physical Requirements: Occasional lifting required; must be able to move and transport a minimum of 20 pounds of programming equipment and supplies.


Apply now at Indeed:  Assistant Director

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SMARTS Program Manager (Community)

Position Description: The SMARTS Program Manager (Community) will work directly with the Education Director and other Program Managers to creatively design and coordinate day-to-day activities of quality arts education programming with teachers, students, partners, schools, and/or community organizations during and after school. Alongside the supervision and coordination of programming, the Program Manager will contribute as a creative member of the team through teaching, program development, and community engagement. They will actively seek to make new relationships and nurture ongoing ones with community stakeholders and partners. Reports to the SMARTS President.

The SMARTS Program Manager is the face of SMARTS for all community programming including during school, after-school, field trips, and community engagement events. They will represent SMARTS in and out of the building and act as backup for SMARTS Public programming as necessary. Working along with SMARTS staff they will seek out professional development opportunities and train and mentor SMARTS Community Teaching Artists to remain at the forefront in their disciplines. Full-time salaried position with a flexible set schedule.

Decision Making: Team thinking in conjunction with the SMARTS Team and sound judgement with concern for our customers and the organization.

Mental Demand: Attention to detail, strong organizational skills, flexibility, creative problem solving, and ability to synthesize information into the larger picture.

Character of Supervision: Consult with the Education Director and President in the hiring and releasing of Program Teachers/Staff, oversee and evaluate their work. Serve in a leadership role for SMARTS community partners and act as a conduit of information from partners to SMARTS team under the direction of the Education Director and President.

Independence: Must be able to work independently and in a group.
Environment: Expected to create an environment where all children and adults are welcome and accepted.

The SMARTS Education Director and Program Managers work together to provide creative leadership for SMARTS quality arts education public and community programming and for community engagement events by doing the following:

·     Understand and embody the SMARTS Educational Philosophy see at, being able to coach and train teachers to provide instruction consistent with our philosophy and being able to explain to partners, families, and members of the community the difference between other types of education and a SMARTS education in the arts.

·     Understand and be able to model best practices for arts teaching and learning and theories of pedagogy and classroom management for PK-12 students, including students who are at-risk or have special needs, such as interdisciplinary arts curriculum, arts integration curriculum, virtual instruction, social emotional learning, and trauma informed care approaches in order to provide professional development for teachers and to help teachers adapt to the culture of instructional methods at partner locations.

·     Recruits and co-manages teachers under the guidance of the Education Director and President.

·     Assists Education Director in planning and hosting professional development sessions for SMARTS teachers and teachers from local school systems and programs.

·     Serves as a liaison to SMARTS families, teachers, students and partners by communicating with them about upcoming events, classes, and programming issues.

·     Must be able to substitute for teachers in all five SMARTS disciplines – visual art, music, dance, theater, and creative writing – in-person and/or virtual.

·     Meets with SMARTS President and Staff when applicable.

·     Must follow SMARTS Dress Code and wear SMARTS badge at all times.

Responsible for operations during community programming hours when applicable, managing and supervises day-to-day activities at community programming, including partners, students, staff members and facility.

·     Be a lead decision-maker while working with community partners and engage with students and families to build relationships and assist in all aspects of SMARTS teaching/learning outside of the facility.

·     Assists teachers in developing class offerings, classroom curriculum, and lesson plans following state or national standards, observing instruction, providing feedback, and offering support using a growth mindset.

·     Creates community programming schedules in alignment with SMARTS calendar and funding utilizing partner facility spaces, supplies, resources, Zoom accounts, and moderators.

·     Schedules teachers for programming and generates contracts.

·     Manage communications with partners, teachers, and SMARTS Program Team under the direction of the Education Director and President.

·     Manages Virtual SMARTS class page content for community teachers for virtual classes.

·     Manages student assistants who assist with community programming.

·     Works with Staff Administrator to oversee student assistants who work as moderators for public virtual classes live online via Zoom.

·     Coordinate end-of-semester student demonstration events with partners to showcase student learning, engage families, and give students the opportunity to complete the artistic process of creating and sharing their art.

·     Responsible for information to complete monthly payroll and billing.

·     Compiles demographic and attendance data on SMARTS students and qualitative data on student growth and learning activities for reporting purposes.

·     Oversees the maintenance and inventory of SMARTS partner classrooms, supplies, and equipment for community programming.

·     Implements pre/post assessments and assists with program reports and data as necessary.


·     Serve as an additional coordinator as needed at SMARTS Public Programming.

·     Assists in referring and connecting students back to SMARTS for public programming.

·     Engage with administrators, site coordinators, teachers, and students at partner locations to build relationships, offer support, and explain the SMARTS model.

·     Be familiar with public programming schedules and events to recruit students.

·     Observe teachers at partner locations as needed and provide feedback.

·     Other Functions & Responsibilities: Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree with minimum of five years professional experience in visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, and/or education. Will require a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends. Must have an understanding of basic software packages to include Microsoft Office, Google Drive and a working knowledge of database programs. Valid driver’s license and BCI/FBI background check.

Desired Qualifications: Excellent communication, interpersonal, management, writing, and creative skills. Self-motivated, innovative, and team-oriented with the ability to organize, work with others and multi-task. Arts teaching experience in a PK-12 setting with certification.
Physical Requirements: Occasional lifting required; must be able to move and transport minimum 20 pounds of programming equipment and supplies.

Apply now at Indeed: Program Manager

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Job Description:  Israel Engagement/Program Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

REPORTS TO: Executive Director, Executive Director of Community Relations/Government Affairs and the JCRC staff

JOB PURPOSE: The Israel Engagement/Program Coordinator will contribute to the vision, mission, and values of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation by working with the JCRC in the development and implementation of programming and initiatives focusing on Israel education and advocacy and on combating antisemitism. This entry level position is the ideal role for a strategic thinker who has knowledge of and is passionate about Israel, combating antisemitism, and championing the Jewish community. The coordinator will work closely with existing staff to serve all Federation agencies, engage with professional and volunteer leaders in the Jewish community, connect and collaborate with diverse communities, and engage with government officials and broad-based community leaders to promote key Federation priorities.

• Develop and implement engaging and innovative Israel education and advocacy programs and strategies.
• Organize community education and advocacy programs on current Israel and Jewish events.
• Work with lay leaders, committees/task forces as needed to manage successful programs and partnerships.
• Add Israel components to existing programming while setting ambiance in agency hallways, bulletin boards, etc.
• Increase awareness of current issues related to Israel among target audiences.
• Provide appropriate written or verbal responses as needed on key issue related to Israel.
• Staff and promote commemorative events (Yom Ha’Atzmaut, Yom Hazikaron, Yom Hashoah).
• Staff and promote other annual community relations programs that contain Israel components such as participation with the Canfield Fair.
• Partner with other pro-Israel organizations to grow support for Israel within the broader community and respond to efforts to delegitimize Israel.
• Promote strong support for Israel and the Jewish people at home and throughout the world through government relations and other general community relations activities.
• Represent the Federation at local non-Jewish community events and/or serve as a speaker about Israel to local Jewish and non-Jewish organizations.
• Assist with developing and staffing programming in conjunction with the Federation’s Partnership2Gether region in the Western Galilee of Israel.
• Develop and staff programs and initiatives designed to combat antisemitism.
• Support the staff on intergroup relations issues that come before the JCRC or that overlap with issues involving antisemitism or Israel related advocacy, community convening, and crisis management.
• Work with local Jewish teens on Israel and antisemitism related educational programs and initiatives.
• Work with JCC departmental managers to incorporate Israeli culture into the Jewish Film Festival, Book Club, informal and formal educational programs on Israeli culture, including music, dance, cooking, and art.
• All other duties as assigned.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelors’ degree and/or 2+ years’ experience recommended in related fields. Basic knowledge of current events and history of Israel and the Middle East. Knowledge and understanding of Jewish practices, customs, history, and community. Basic knowledge of the Jewish diaspora and current rise of antisemitism. Basic knowledge of government affairs and advocacy. Strong organizational skills, effective multi-tasker, and ability to meet deadlines.

Ability to think analytically, communicate ideas, and develop solutions. Ability to work both independently and closely with others in a team environment. Hebrew fluency and an Israel experience (other than or in addition to Birthright) a plus. Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and ability to learn new software programs as necessary.

To Apply:  Israeli Engagement/Program Coordinator

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Position:  Bookkeeper

Salary:  $20/hour


Lit Youngstown is seeking a bookkeeper to work 5-10 hours/month. Open immediately.  Responsible for updating and maintaining the online QuickBooks account, preparing financial reports for the board treasurer, and other related tasks as requested, primarily remote work.   

Lit Youngstown is a literary arts nonprofit with programs that promote and celebrate writing, reading and storytelling.  

Please send cover letter and resume to Karen Schubert,


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Assistant Director
Salary:  $36,444.00 - $55,000.00 Annually
Location:  Youngstown, OH
Job Type:  Professional Administrative
Job Number: 202300122
Division: Student Affairs & Inst Effectiveness
Department: WYSU – FM
Opening Date: 06/15/2023

Summary of Position

Assists director in all areas of station operations, including in programming, radio operations, production, engineering, underwriting, marketing, events, educational services and general office administration. Directs and coordinates classical music programming for station. Produces and hosts a classical music program. Manages volunteer and student classical music announcers. Maintains classical music library. Coordinate fundraising and promotional events. Assist development coordinator and associate director as needed.

Position Information

Carries out general policies established by the director.


Hosts daily classical music program for WYSU-FM radio, including presentation and delivery of regular live on-air breaks. Monitors quality of broadcast signal. Maintains transmitter and program logs.  


Prepares music schedule and commentary for daily classical music program and enters information regarding daily listings in music schedule program. 


Interviews representatives of regional fine arts organizations.


Recruits and supervises volunteer classical music producers and hosts. Oversees on-air presentation of classical music programming.


Supervises staff involved in on-air pledge drives. 


Assists director and development coordinator in donor cultivation.


Works with development coordinator to develop on-air listening and membership promotional campaigns.


Assists development coordinator in planning and organizing on-air membership campaigns.


Plans, organizes, and coordinates special fundraising and promotional events for audience and members, including concerts, member parties, and meet and greet events., and educational events.


Assist associate director in programming and program operations, including providing input in general programming decisions.


Available to locally host network news program.


Other Functions and Responsibilities: Performs other related duties as assigned.


Equipment Operated: Computer and all other standard office equipment.


Work Schedule: Typically, M-T-W-Th-F 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 


Unusual Work Conditions: (Optional)


Supervision Exercised: May exercise supervision over student employees and volunteers.

 Reports to: Director, WYSU-FM


Qualifications and Competencies

Required Certifications, Training, and/or Licensures:  None


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 


Knowledge of: University policies and procedures*; office practices and procedures; department/division goals and objectives*; department/division policies and procedures*; workplace safety practices and procedures*; English grammar and spelling; records management; office management; project management. 


Skill in: Use of office equipment; typing, data entry; computer operation; use of computer software and other programs applicable to the assigned department/division*. 


Ability to: deal with problems involving several variables within familiar context; define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions; determine material and equipment needs; calculate fractions, decimals, and percentages; compile and prepare reports; use proper research methods to gather data; understand a variety of written and/or verbal communications; prepare accurate documentation; maintain records according to established procedures; travel to and gain access to work site; effectively interact with personnel and public to answer routine questions; train or instruct others; move quickly and effectively from one tasks to another; work independently and in a team environment; develop and maintain effective working relationships.  


(*) Developed after employment. 


Minimum Qualifications: At least a bachelor’s degree in a related field and at least two years of related experience.


Preferred Qualifications: Master’s degree in a related field; previous experience at radio station; working knowledge of classical music. 

To Apply:  WYSU Assistant Director