AFP Mahoning-Shenango Scholarship Grant

AFPMASH Chapter offers scholarship grant assistance for Members wishing to attend educational programs or events. Attached below is the 2023 Scholarship Grant application.

Completed forms can be sent electronically to Kathleen Austrino at:

Or Mail a hard copy to: 
                                   AFP Mahoning-Shenango
                                    Att:  Kathleen Austrino

                                    PO Box 672
                                    Youngstown, OH 44501

To Apply:

2024 Scholarship Application

AFP Chamberlain Scholarship Program

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy is again proud to announce the Chamberlain Scholarship program for the 2024 AFP International Fundraising Conference. The Chamberlain Scholarship covers the recipient's conference registration fee, minus a $10 processing fee. The AFP International Fundraising Conference on Philanthropy is to be April 7-9, Toronto, Canada. The scholarship is available to individuals who have never attended an AFP International Conference.

Our AFPMASH Chapter offers an additional scholarship of up to $750.00 to cover travel, accommodation, and miscellaneous expenses. We encourage you to consider this extraordinary opportunity to advance your career. Attached is the Chamberlain Scholarship Application. The deadline for the Chapter President to submit your application is October 31, 2023 so if you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please email your completed application to Kathleen Austrino at no later than October 20, 2024.

To Apply:  Form Pending

AFP Mahoning-Shenango Chapter Policy, as Amended, December 13, 2013

Policy#2-2008 – Chapter Scholarship Grants – A major part of the mission of the Association of Fundraising Professionals is the continuing education of its members.   To that end, the Mahoning-Shenango Chapter has established a scholarship fund to assist members to attend the continuing education event of their choice. Grants are subject to the availability of funds set aside by the Chapter. Grants will be dispersed according to the following:

  • Applicants must be members in good standing of the APP Mahoning-Shenango Chapter and an active member of a committee or board.
  • First consideration shall be given to members whose agency is not able or does not provide adequate funds for continuing
  • Events that qualify for a scholarship grant must be related to the fundraising profession. Priority will be for AFP or NCPG programs.
  • The size of the grant shall be related to the total cost of the event, but in no case shall the Chapter pay the full amount. The maximum amount you can request is 50% of the total costs up to $500 max.
  • Grants may be sought at any time during the year. They will be acted upon as soon as feasible by the Scholarship Committee.
  • Generally, a member may apply for only one scholarship grant over the course of the calendar year. Large amounts for regional or national events (over$500) may be requested every other year.
  • The recipient is expected to submit all receipts to the scholarship chair or the treasurer within a 60-day period following the event. Mileage will be reimbursed as per the current IRS rate.