Committee Descriptions

2024 Chair & Committee Descriptions


Communications (Abbey Brassfield & Amy Moynihan, PhD; Co-Chairs)

The Communications Committee directs external marketing and public relations for the local chapter including the creation and placement of all appropriate media. The committee manages efforts to present the local chapter to the community in a positive light, advance membership, promote the high ethical standards and professionalism of members. They develop and advance strategy for establishing AFP as a brand that is held in high regard, and increase positive perceptions of the AFP-HR chapter and its members within the local philanthropic community. 

Ethics (Virginia Thumm, Chair)

The Ethics chair organizes events and/or educational activities during the year that focus on or incorporate the importance of ethics and ethical fundraising. This may include special programs during AFP’s annual Ethics Awareness Month in October.

 Government Relations (Kate Wilson, CFRE, Chair)

The Government Relations Chair will work with the President, Board of Directors and membership to provide regular updates on government relations issues. It is the Hampton Roads Chapter’s desire to become more knowledgeable and involved in government relations at the local, state and federal levels. Committee volunteers are requested to participate in AFP’s Lobby Week, scheduled for August 5-9, 2024, with a likely focus on the Charitable Gift Act. No lobbying or advocacy experience needed, no travel required. Training will be provided, and meetings with our Hampton Roads Congressional Delegation (or their staff) will be conducted virtually. ***This committee specifically requests volunteers who live or work in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Districts.***

IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (April Le & Michelle Ellis Young, Co-Chairs)

The IDEA Comittee leads the chapter’s efforts to implement and monitor the chapter’s IDEA goals and objectives, to ensure that IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) is incorporated into all aspects of the chapter’s operations. The IDEA Committee works with all other committees to promote diversity through membership, programming, and philanthropy. The ultimate goal is for the membership to reflect the demographics of the Hampton Roads region, as well as to represent the broad range of organizations and development shops promoting philanthropy and ethical fundraising.  

Membership (Kristin Ward, MA, Tyler Williamson, JD; Co-Chairs)

The Membership Committee is responsible for growing membership for the Hampton Roads chapter through recruitment and retention. The committee executes the membership recruitment and retention plan; and coordinates with the Communication, IDEA, and Programming Committees to promote member involvement and diversity. The Membership Committee also develops mechanisms to measure chapter member satisfaction. The Membership Committee corresponds with current, potential, and lapsed members, and implements events to encourage membership and member involvement at the local and national level. These events include but are not limited to new member orientation, chapter socials, networking opportunities. 

Mentoring (Abbie Hacker, MBA, Chair)

Mentoring Chair manages the chapter’s mentoring program, which pairs advanced executives with those chapter members who are new to the field of fundraising, contemplating a career change, or seeking expert guidance in order to provide one-on-one assistance that will enhance their knowledge and skills as development professionals. 

National Philanthropy Day (Hilary Fulp and JP Paul, MM; Co-Chairs)

The National Philanthropy Day (NPD) Chair manages the NPD Committee, composed of board members and AFP general members, who coordinate the planning and execution of the chapter’s largest annual community event which celebrates the significant contributions of philanthropy with a local emphasis.  Led by the NPD Chair, NPD Committee members will attend regularly scheduled meetings which will include the following components: venue/catering, application creation and honoree selection, event promotion, event logistics, PR (pre- and post-event), printed materials, program (script, donor stories, video), VIP/honoree reception, and more.  The NPD Committee offers many opportunities to get involved by using existing skills, enhancing skills and/or networking with development professionals. 

Past President & Nominating (Amy Weinstein, MSW, CFRE, Chair)

The Past President, as chair of the Nominating Committee, provides chapter leadership for subsequent years by securing a slate of qualified candidates to be elected to the Board of Directors by the membership of AFP Hampton Roads Chapter. The chair oversees selection of qualified candidates to fill current vacancies, and supports the President and President-Elect, as needed. 

President (Ashley Greene)

The President is the chief elected officer of the chapter, presides at all meetings of the chapter, is responsible for all chapter business, and serves as an ex-officio member of all committees. The President will conduct all business meetings using the parliamentary authority chosen by the chapter. He/she/they ensures that decisions, orders, and resolutions of the Board of Directors are delegated and carried out, and that all required correspondence and reports are transmitted to AFP Global headquarters on a timely basis. 

President-Elect & Finance (Brooks Lively, CFRE, Chair)

The President-elect has authority as and will assume the full duties of the President in case of his/her/their absence. The President-elect will, in most cases, succeed the President in the leadership track. He/she/they is responsible for facilitating board orientation and assisting the President with board governance. As Finance Committee Chair, he/she/they recommends policies that will ensure long-range financial stability, develops the annual budget for approval, and oversees for the Finance Committee and its quarterly meetings. Additional responsibilities include facilitating the BE the CAUSE Campaign, educating membership, and securing 100% board support. 

Programming & Education (Angela Benard, MPA, CFRE, Ashleigh Maggard, Co-Chairs)

The Programming & Education Committee develops and coordinates monthly educational programs and webinars for the chapter, secures locations for in-person programs, arranges catering for breakfast and lunch as needed, and submits programs for CFRE credits as appropriate. The goal of the committee, with input from IDEA, is to develop programs that respond to educational needs of chapter members and others in the community. The committee works to provide a diverse selection of programs in varied locations throughout Hampton Roads. Additionally, the committee works with other committee chairs to coordinate special programs such as the CFRE Preparatory Course for the chapter on a biennial basis. 

Secretary (Melissa Hlinovsky)

The Secretary prepares and distributes accurate minutes of all meetings of the chapter and Board of Directors (minutes of committee and member meetings shall be recorded if directed by the Board of Directors). He/She/They also collect committee reports for the consent agenda presented at each Board meeting for approval.

Scholarship (Joy Eyrolles, MPA, CFRE, Chair)

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for marketing scholarship opportunities made available through the Hampton Roads chapter. The scholarships may include: AFP Global Chapter Support Scholarship(s), AFP Chamberlain Scholarship(s) for the AFP ICON Conference, Virginia Fundraising Institute (VFRI) Scholarship(s).  and other scholarships as available. The Committee publicizes the scholarships and selects the winners of the various scholarships with input from the AFP Board. The Committee corresponds with applicants and encourages individuals interested in learning more about philanthropy to apply for the scholarships. Information about the scholarships is listed on the AFP-HR website.

Sponsorship (Danielle Nance, Chair)

The Sponsorship Chair and committee is responsible for marketing sponsorship opportunities made available through the Hampton Roads chapter and events. The sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to: National Philanthropy Day, Fundraising Leadership Symposium, pop-up workshops and monthly programming. The chair is responsible for encouraging board participation, tracking sponsorship requests and benefits. 

Treasurer (Emily Peck)

The Treasurer is the fiscal officer for the chapter and is legally responsible for all funds, as outlined in the Chapter Bylaws. He/she/they will maintain all financial records, collect debts, make payments as authorized by the Board of Directors and provide the President with financial information needed for chapter records. The Treasurer is responsible for making any monthly deposits and all other chapter receipts in a timely manner. He/she/they will assist in preparation of the annual budget and monitor chapter expenditures. The Treasurer will provide monthly financial statements prior to each executive committee meeting for further review at each Board meeting. 

Virginia Caucus/VFRI Representatives (Virginia Thumm, Blake Marton, MA, CFRE)

A joint venture agreement among six of the AFP Virginia Chapters: AFP VA Shenandoah Chapter, AFP VA Central Chapter, AFP VA Piedmont Chapter, AFP VA Hampton Roads Chapter, AFP VA Tri-State Chapter and AFP VA First Chapter to convene as a group to conduct statewide business of interest to the chapters.  Conduct a statewide educational event currently called the Virginia Fund Raising Institute (VFRI). 

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