Past Honorees

Chattanooga began celebrating its most generous citizens in 1987 at its first National Philanthropy Day event.  See all of the honorees from then until now below.

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Above, Ted and Kelly Alling (center) were among the 2018 National Philanthropy Day honorees,
pictured here with students and teachers of Chattanooga Preparatory School, an all-boys charter school they founded.

1987 – 1st Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                 Hugh O. Maclellan, Sr.


1988 – 2nd Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                 H. Clay Evans Johnson


1989 – 3rd Annual    

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Scott L. Probasco, Jr.  


1990 – 4th Annual    

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Hugh O. Maclellan, Jr. 

Corporate Philanthropist                     Provident Life/Accident Insurance

Leadership Fundraiser                        Mai Bell Hurley                                               


1991 – 5th Annual    

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Ruth Street                                         

Leadership Fundraiser                        James D. Kennedy, Jr.            


1992 – 6th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  All Contributors to the Aquarium

Corporate Philanthropist                     20 Largest Aquarium Sponsors


1993 – 7th Annual    

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Ruth S. Holmberg     

Corporate Philanthropist                     McKee Foods Corporation                          

Corporate Philanthropist                     Joseph F. Decosimo


1994 – 8th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                   Daniel and Joan Frierson

Corporate Philanthropist                     American National Bank and Trust Company

Leadership Fundraiser                        John P. Guerry                                              

Young Volunteer Fundraiser                Mary Navarre Moore              


1995 – 9th Annual    

Corporate Philanthropist                     Chattanooga Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Leadership Fundraiser                        John F. Germ                                      

Young Volunteer Fundraiser                Dr. John W. McCravey


1996 – 10th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Jo Ann Cline Yates                  

Corporate Philanthropist                     Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee

Leadership Fundraiser                        Mrs. Frank McDonald

Young Volunteer Fundraiser                Joseph H. Davenport III                      


1997 – 11th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Mervin and Helen Pregulman

Corporate Philanthropist                     Bi-Lo, Inc.

Leadership Fundraiser                        Judy Bellenfant                                              


1998 – 12th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Gordon Davenport

Corporate Philanthropist                     Newton Chevrolet

Leadership Fundraiser                        George Key, Sr. and Tom Edd Wilson


1999 – 13th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Bryan and Kathy Patten & Cartter and Lee Patten                 

Corporate Philanthropist                     North American Royalties

Leadership Fundraiser                        Grady Williams                                             


2000 – 14th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Elizabeth Lupton Davenport

Corporate Philanthropist                     WRCB-TV Channel 3

Leadership Fundraiser                        Jim and Elaine Hill


2001 – 15th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  John T. “Jack” and Alice P. Lupton

Corporate Philanthropist                     First Tennessee Bank

Leadership Fundraiser                        Phil Whitaker             


2002 – 16th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Linda and Paul Neely

Corporate Philanthropist                     Chattem Corporation

Leadership Fundraiser                        Patsy Hazelwood                                            


2003 – 17th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Joseph F. Decosimo

Corporate Philanthropist                     AmSouth Bank

Leadership Fundraiser                        Mayor Bob Corker                                           


2004 – 18th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  The Caldwell Family

Corporate Philanthropist                     Favorite Markets        

Leadership Fundraiser                        Paul Brock                                          


2005 – 19th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  The Chazen Family

Corporate Philanthropist                     Junior League of Chattanooga

Leadership Fundraiser                        Sue Anne Wells


2006 – 20th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Brenda Lawson                       

Corporate Philanthropist                     WTVC News Channel 9

Leadership Fundraiser                        Alison Lebovitz

Youth in Philanthropy                         Jordan Thomas


2007 – 21st Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  The J. H. Davenport, Jr. Family

Corporate Philanthropist                    Cornerstone Community Bank

Leadership Fundraiser                        Helen Pregulman


2008 – 22nd Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Fletcher Bright

Corporate Philanthropist                     Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough PLLC

Leadership Fundraiser                        Sam Smartt, Jr.


2009 – 23rd Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Francis and Gordon Smith      

Corporate Philanthropist                     PlayCore

Leadership Fundraiser                        Ward Petty


2010 - – 24th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Dr. Joseph A. and Professor Mary Jackson

Corporate Philanthropist (large)          UNUM

Corporate Philanthropist (small)         Carrabba’s Italian Grill           

Leadership Fundraiser                        Bill Wilder


2011 – 25th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  George R. Johnson Family Foundation

Corporate Philanthropist                     McDonald’s Chattanooga Co-Op and Brewer Media Group

Leadership Fundraiser                        Dr. Fred and Ruth Obear         


2012 – 26th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  The Mark and Christine Waldrop Family

Corporate Philanthropist                     Starkey Printing Company

Leadership Fundraiser                        Dr. Clif and Ruzha Cleaveland


2013 – 27th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Dr. and Mrs. Jim Osborn         

Corporate Philanthropist                     Chattanooga Times Free Press

Leadership Fundraiser                        Zan Guerry and Dr. Bill Stacy

Youth in Philanthropy                         Anna Carroll                           

Non Profit Professional of the Year       Peter Cooper  


2014 – 28th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Franklin Farrow          

Corporate Philanthropist                     Hutton Companies

Volunteer Fundraiser                          Keith Sanford

Youth in Philanthropy                         Ralston Hartness and Thomas West (ReGenerate)                 


2015– 29th Annual

Outstanding Philanthropist                  Warren Barnett

Corporate Philanthropist                     Chambliss, Bahner and Stophel

Volunteer Fundraiser                          Charles Lebovitz

Youth in Philanthropy                         Miss Morgan McCall and Miss Harper Caswell


2016 – 30th Annual            

Outstanding Philanthropist                 The Clarence E. Harris Foundation

Corporate Philanthropist                    Publix Super Markets Charities

Leadership Fundraiser                       Charles L. Arant

Youth in Philanthropy                        Jack Showronnek


2017 – 31st Annual  

Outstanding Philanthropist                 Weldon F. Osborne Foundation, Inc.

Corporate Philanthropist                    Adman Electric

Leadership Fundraiser                       Dr. Dane & Sheila Boyington

Youth in Philanthropy                         Kaitlyn McAfee

2018 – 32nd Annual  

Outstanding Philanthropist                 Ted and Kelly Alling

Corporate Philanthropist                    M&M Industries

Leadership Fundraiser                       Will Clegg, HMM

Youth in Philanthropy                        Phillip Matthews, McCallie School

2019 – 33rd Annual  

Outstanding Philanthropist                 Barbie Standefer

Corporate Philanthropist                    Sankofa Fund for Civic Engagement

Leadership Fundraiser                       Lynda Minks Hood, Chattanooga Bar Association

Youth in Philanthropy                        Claire Calhoun, Girls Preparatory School graduate

2020 - 34th Annual 

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, Luncheon and Awards were cancelled