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In order to promote gender and racial pay equity, AFP is leading the way and will be requiring salary ranges for all new positions posted on the AFP-GLAC Job Board.  This information must be included in the PDF.

We understand this might be a significant change for some organizations, but all of us at AFP strongly believe this is an important shift in increasing equity, inclusion and fairness in the fundraising profession.

Click here to read more regarding this policy.

If the job description is submitted without the salary range we will return it and ask that it be updated to include that information.  

How to Post:
Please send a PDF of your job posting to   Be sure to include how applicants are to apply for your position and where they should submit their documents by embedding the link within the PDF.  Do not send link separately in your email message.

We are adjusting our pricing in the new fiscal year, effective August 1, 2021, from pricing that was discounted during the Pandemic. This is a modest increase from our Pandemic discounted rates, maintaining sensitivity during the economic recovery as we move toward resuming our Pre-Pandemic rates. 
Two month posting Member: $200, Non-Member $325


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