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Waco Foundation: Director of Executive Communications

Job Title:  Director of Executive Communications

Job Type:  Full-Time; Nonexempt

Reports To:  Executive Director



Waco Foundation is a charitable organization that provides grants and other services in McLennan County, Texas.  The Executive Director is responsible for the leadership and management of Waco Foundation.  The Director of Executive Communications supports the Executive Director and manages all executive communications, including all communications to the Board of Trustees, the internal executive office, and external communications related to overall brand, interface with the public, and speaking engagements and presentations.  The Director of Executive Communications, in collaboration with the Director of Communications & Donor Services, also manages the executive’s activity related to the Foundation’s Communication Co-op, Pie Society and other signature programs. 


Nature of Work:

Work at Waco Foundation is highly-suited for the individual who has a positive attitude and a passion for improving the world, and particularly, the local community, and who seeks opportunities to engage in hard work, problem solving and personal growth as a part of a close, professional team.  All positions at the Foundation offer opportunity for advancement and growth as a result of sustained, dedicated work of employees. 


A Successful Candidate Will Have:

  • Bachelor’s degree is required; degree in Business Administration is preferred;
  • 5 – 7  years of experience in executive support and communications;
  • A preference for working very hard in a learning-oriented, entrepreneurial-style small office as a part of a smart, diverse team;
  • Exceptional organizational skills and the ability to multi-task when necessary;
  • Meticulous attention to detail and ability to complete tasks;
  • Ability to develop and manage budgets for the executive office and board of directors;
  • Familiarity with investment management;
  • Professionalism, discretion, diplomacy, and flexibility;
  • Ability to relate well to a wide variety of people that comprise Foundation constituencies;
  • Excellent communications skills, both verbal and written;
  • Ability to listen purposefully and find connections between themes and strategies;
  • The foresight to think ahead and plan for both the expected and the unexpected;
  • Demonstrated interest and commitment to Waco Foundation’s mission and strategies,
  • Willingness to understand and commit to the Foundation’s equity platform;
  • Knowledge of McLennan County and the nonprofit and government sectors;
  • Extensive experience and proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe applications including InDesign and Illustrator;
  • Some knowledge of McLennan County and the nonprofit and government sectors; and,
  • Experience with foundations, particularly community foundations, a plus but not mandatory.

Work Hours:

Business hours; 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Monday through Friday (37.50 hours per week).   


Pay Rate:

Commensurate with education and experience. This position is exempt and compensated based on a yearly salary. The Foundation pays full health coverage for full-time employees. Employees are eligible for the Foundation’s retirement program following the completion of one year of service and 1,000 hours worked.


Job Structure:

The Director of Executive Communications works closely with the Executive Director to facilitate and support her communication activities, which include:

  • Regularly review and develop plans for supporting the Executive’s role in Waco Foundation’s image, promotion, and brand development, including:
    • Review and continual enhancement of Executive’s presentation and impression on Social Media.
    • Need for and facilitation of photography/videography to enhance brand and generate following.
    • Defining and proactive management of leadership in Foundation’s signature programs and as thought leader in community equity. 
  • In coordination with the Director of Communications & Donor Services, facilitate and support the executive’s communication role in the Waco Communication’s Co-op and Pie Society, including strategy, content for press campaigns, community relations, editorials, general messaging, etc.
  • Proactively manage the Executive’s email and written correspondence. 
  • Review and manage requests for Executive Director at speaking engagements and other public appearances, facilitate preparation of presentation materials and other arrangements as necessary.
  • Serve as primary liaison and facilitator for the work of the Board of Trustees.   
    • Under the direction of the Executive Director, act as the primary point of reference for all Board members including coordination the planning of retreats, committee meetings, special meetings and monthly Board meetings, including all arrangements;
    • Facilitate the production and uploading of the Board packet among interns and staff. Creating and manage content for Waco Foundation’s Board software.
  • Establish budget for Executive Office Intern(s), and annually hire, train and manage to support clerical functions and special projects of Executive Office (1 to 1.5 FTEs at any given time), to assist with the board packet, board software, and other board or inter-office communications with staff:
    • Support the Executive Director’s work as a member of various boards and commissions, including research, file management, meeting prep, and follow up. 
    • Manage the Executive’s calendar. Hire and manage all vendors to support Board activity.
    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date information on the Board Portal at all times, and includes elements such as: calendars, board packets, minutes, grant reports, program reports and committee information.
    • Coordinate the Executive travel schedule and budget.
    • Review and support of filing Executive Expense reports for reimbursement.
  • Serve as executive liaison to staff for the Executive Director through communication and, sometimes, delegation of tasks to staff for projects and activities of the Executive Office. Assist in training new employees and serving as a primary point of reference for staff in the absence of the Executive Director. 
  • Undertake special projects, research and develop special presentations under the direction of the Executive Director and by request of the Board of Trustees.

Methodist Children's Home: Benefactor Relations Officer (Central & Southeast Texas)


The Benefactor Relations Officer solicits gifts and cultivates productive relationships that benefit those served by Methodist Children’s Home. This individual is supervised by the Director of Giving (Annual Giving) or his/her designee. The Benefactor Relations Officer fulfills department initiatives and, at times, receives assignments from the Director of Giving (Annual Giving) in order to initiate, maintain and solicit charitable contributions to support the annual operating budget. The Benefactor Relations Officer meets established fundraising goals and objectives through personal solicitations, speaking events intended to generate contributions, donor visits to cultivate relationships with MCH benefactors and other best-practice fundraising methods. The Benefactor Relations Officer must maintain a healthy value system, including moral and ethical behavior consistent with the agency’s mission and core values. 


  • Engage a portfolio of donors located primarily in the Central and Southeast Texas areas.
  • Implement a plan to identify, cultivate, solicit and steward annual and major gift donors.
  • Personally visit and thank donors who give at various gift levels with a goal to establish and strengthen relationships that encourage continued and, at times, increased financial support to the annual fund.
  • Professionally solicit gifts on a regular basis that ensure the mission of MCH is fulfilled, while adhering to AFP Code of Ethics and MCH charitable giving policy.
  • Prepare or receive a productive weekly travel schedule and then follow it so the maximum amount of time is spent visiting and soliciting prospects, benefactors, churches and foundations, rather than being in the office.
  • Implement a plan to identify and solicit major gifts from charitable foundations through grant writing.
  • Gain insight into the unique child care programs at MCH through its Waco campus, Boys Ranch, aftercare services and Family Outreach in order to clearly communicate the MCH mission to donors and prospects, and match their resources and interests with the organization’s needs.
  • Discover the need for and then coordinate, as directed, visits between benefactors and the MCH President, Vice President for Development, Director of Annual Giving, or other staff with the goal of increasing support for MCH.
  • Identify and build relationships with individuals who have the possibility of making planned gifts and request assistance from the Director of Major Giving or the Vice President for Development in making such calls and securing these types of gifts.
  • Accurately record all contacts made by phone, electronically or in person, review those contacts when needed with the Director of Annual Giving, and ensure receipt of updates for all correspondence and future solicitation plans.
  • Accept assignments to make presentations before church organizations or civic clubs in the assigned geographic territory and, at times, travel outside that territory.
  • Accept continuing education assignments to improve awareness of fundraising, and marketing best-practices and a working knowledge of current charitable law and changes in such law.
  • Follow Board-approved policies and procedures regarding vehicles and travel.  Great care should be taken in spending MCH resources while traveling and accurate records of expenditures are required.

The Benefactor Relations Officer is considered a professional position and may require more than the normal 40-hour workweek. Ideally, the candidate will reside in Central or Southeast Texas, as frequent travel throughout these areas will be necessary. The work schedule will vary and will include some nights and weekends as well as travel. This staff member must perform in a professional manner, taking care to keep the interest of benefactors in mind, as well as that of Methodist Children's Home.  A cell phone is required, and a stipend is provided to offset the business use of the cell phone.

The Benefactor Relations Officer must have a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university with a broad-based education that will facilitate communication on a variety of topics. Helpful courses of study include philanthropy, business, sociology, psychology, gerontology and the arts. 

Training hours must be completed annually to comply with licensing and accreditation standards, as well as MCH policy.  The employee’s supervisor may require additional training to meet specific job requirements or enhance professional growth.  Completion of training requirements is mandatory for continued employment.

The individual who will perform best in this position will be friendly, assertive, easy to talk to, mature and able to enjoy visiting with a variety of individuals.  The Benefactor Relations Officer will understand the importance of self-motivation and goal direction, both on a professional and personal level.  This staff member must be able to accept supervision since much of the work involved will be carefully reviewed. The Benefactor Relations Officer must have an overall view and be able to discuss the Federal Tax system, the stock market, charitable giving and the rules involved in making contributions through charitable giving. 


The Benefactor Relations Officer must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid Texas or New Mexico Driver’s License, an excellent driving record that meets the standards set forth by the liability insurance company and Methodist Children’s Home, no criminal history and acceptable references.

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