AFP Florida First Coast Mentorship Program


AFP’s mentor program will serve both the new fundraiser (with five years or less of on the job experience) and the experienced fundraiser (who will serve as the mentor) with an intended monthly exchange of information, “how do I handle this?” type sharing, and an exchange about real-life fundraising challenges via get togethers the pair will set according to their own schedules.

Mentor Program Length

The program will run for calendar year 2024. Each mentor-mentee pair will meet once per month for an hour by Zoom or in person. (In person strongly suggested/advised.)


2024’s program will include a “semi-structured” curriculum of questions to discuss but may include subjects of particular need/interest as expressed by the mentee such as how best to address a specific challenge such as Giving Tuesday, a special fundraising event, a capital campaign, or a new planned giving outreach.

Application: Mentors AND Mentees

Fundraisers with less than five years of experience are invited to apply to be a mentee. Fundraisers with five years or more of experience are invited to apply to be a mentor. There is one application form for both categories. Simply check the box on the form which describes your interest.


We are tentatively planning to hold two or three mentor-mentee gatherings for the whole class (all pairs) to discuss what’s working, what’s not, how to improve the mentor experience, etc. These will likely be BRIEF gatherings following an AFP program meeting.


Please contact:

Jan Kary, CFRE  202-438-6750

**Applications for the 2024 AFP Florida First Coast Mentorship Program are now open. Deadline to submit your application is December 15.