2024 Scholarship Opportunities

Empower Your Future: Explore AFP Florida First Coast Chapter Scholarships

Our AFP Florida First Coast Chapter offers a variety of scholarships aimed at expanding opportunities for our members and fostering growth. All scholarship awards are based on funding availability. .


  • New Member Membership, 
  • Renewing Member Membership,  
  • Young Professional Membership,  
  • Diversity,  
  • Certified Fund Raising Executive Examination (new and renewing), 
  • Professional Development,
  • 2024 Planet Philanthropy Conference, and   
  • 2025 AFP ICON Conference 
    • WJCT Learning is Forever 
    • Chamberlain  


Each member-applicant is required to satisfy the Chapter’s scholarship application requirements by: 

  1. Serving as an active member of the AFP Florida First Coast Chapter at the time of application submission
  2. Complete and submit the AFP FL First Coast Chapter Scholarship Application Form 
  3. For 2024 Planet Philanthropy Conference and 2025 AFP ICON Conference Scholarships, each member-applicant is required to review and complete the additional requirements as described 


Recipients of scholarships are required to:  

  1. Serve as an active member of the AFP Florida First Coast Chapter at the time award is granted 
  2. Submit a headshot or photo  
  3. Submit a statement illustrating how the scholarship funding will or has supported advancement in a fundraising career 

NOTE: Scholarships may be awarded to member-applicants for a maximum of two (2) consecutive years and member-organizations are limited to two (2) awards per year.  


New Member Membership Scholarship 

The New Member Scholarships are awarded to first-time AFP members. Awards are between $95 - $290 to cover the membership fee for AFP International for one year; the scholarship recipient or their nonprofit is responsible for the $65 local chapter dues. This scholarship is offered year-round to new AFP members.  

Renewing Member Membership Scholarship 

The Renewing Member Membership Scholarships are awarded to members who have a financial need. Awards are between $95 - $150 to cover a portion of the membership fee for AFP International for one (1) year. The Scholarship recipient or their nonprofit is responsible for the remaining balance of the AFP International membership fee and the $65 Florida First Coast Chapter dues. Priority is given to members who have been active in the Chapter. This scholarship is offered year-round to renewing AFP members. 

Young Professional Membership Scholarship 

Fundraising professionals 30 years of age and younger are encouraged to apply for the Young Professional Membership Scholarship. Awards are between $95 - $175 to cover membership fees.  AFP provides tiered pricing for these memberships:  

  • 26 years of age and younger: $95 ($65 AFP Global dues and $30 FL First Coast Chapter dues)
  • 27 to 30 years of age $175 ($120 AFP Global dues and $55 FL First Coast Chapter dues) 

This scholarship is offered year-round to AFP members 30 years of age and younger.  

Diversity Scholarship 

AFP is dedicated to upholding the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access (IDEA) within the fundraising profession, the philanthropic sector, and across society. The Florida First Coast Chapter defines diversity as the acceptance and respect for individuals of various cultures, ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, professional experiences, physical abilities, opinions, and ages. We strongly believe that our membership thrives through the inclusion of a wide representation of our community. 

We encourage fundraising professionals who self-identify as part of marginalized communities, including but not limited to Aboriginal persons, Black/African-Americans, Alaskan Natives, Arabs, Asians, Asia Pacific Islanders, faith-based individuals, First Nation/Inuit/Metis peoples, Hispanic/Latinx individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, persons with disabilities, Jewish individuals, rural residents, or those from other underrepresented communities, to apply.  

Diversity scholarships are available year-round to both new and renewing members, with priority given to those who have demonstrated active participation in the past. Awards range from $95 to $290 to cover the fee for AFP International membership for one (1) year. The scholarship recipient or their nonprofit is responsible for the $65 Florida First Coast Chapter dues.  

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Applicants must include a description of how the Applicant's unique perspective contributes to addressing the opportunities and challenges of fundraising within our diverse community.  

CFRE Scholarship 

Achieving the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) designation offers numerous benefits. Some of these benefits include enhancing credibility, advancing career prospects, preparing for expanded job responsibilities, and augmenting skills and knowledge, among others. CFRE certification serves as an impartial, third-party validation of a fund raiser’s expertise and experience in accordance with international standards within the philanthropic field.   

The Florida First Coast CFRE Scholarship is offered year-round and provides need-based assistance for various aspects of CFRE certification. Scholarships may be used for the following: 

  • CFRE Testing Fees (up to $300 of the $700 fee),  
  • CFRE Review Course and/or Materials (up to $300), or  
  • CFRE Renewal Test Fee (up to $200 of the $400 fee).  

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Applicants must confirm that their employer is unable to assist in covering these certification or recertification costs.  


Professional Development Scholarship 

Achieving fundraising success requires proficiency extending beyond mere fundraising techniques. AFP offers a range of professional development and educational opportunities throughout the year, covering diverse topics. In addition to fundraising skills, AFP provides resources enabling members to enhance their expertise in management, leadership, IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access), team-building, and other vital skills crucial for thriving in today’s workplace environment. Scholarships are available for educational seminars and conferences focused on professional development. 

Scholarships of up to $300 are awarded year-round to support members in accessing these valuable learning opportunities. 


ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Award recipients must report benefits received from their educational and professional development experience.



AFP offers several conferences as part of its professional development programming, with most sessions eligible for continuing education credit toward the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) and Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE) credentials.

2024 Planet Philanthropy Scholarship

Educational grants are awarded for the annual Planet Philanthropy Conference in Florida. The award is $300 to be used for a portion of the Conference Registration Fee. The balance of the fee and any travel expenses are the responsibility of the scholarship recipient or their nonprofit employer. Each recipient will be asked to share the value of their attendance at the Conference in June to encourage other members to take advantage of the educational offerings. 

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: For the Planet Philanthropy Scholarship, in addition to completing the AFP Florida First Coast Chapter Scholarship Application Form the following is required:

  • Letter of Endorsement from the applicant's Executive Director, Board Chair, or direct supervisor as to their support and understanding of your application and the commitment
  • Statement of Need as to why the applicant is applying for the scholarship (limit one-page). Preference is given to those applicants that demonstrate financial need.

2025 AFP International Conference - ICON

The AFP ICON 2025 conference is a premier event for fundraising professionals. Hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), this annual gathering provides unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and engagement. Here are some key details about the AFP ICON 2025:

  • Date: April 27-29, 2025
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Highlights:
    • Fundraising Training: Choose from over 100 education sessions covering various aspects of fundraising. 
    • Networking: Connect with fundraisers from around the globe.
    • Unforgettable Experience: Immerse yourself in an inspiring and informative environment

For more information, visit the official AFP ICON website. 

Conference Scholarships Application Deadline: August 15, 2024

The Chamberlin Scholarship

This scholarship is a collaboration with our local AFP chapter and AFP International to attend the 2025 AFP International Conference (ICON). The award is up to $2,000 to offset expenses to attend the 2025 AFP ICON in Seattle, Washington.

The Chamberlain Scholarship Program honors Ralph Chamberlain, CFRE, a long-time fundraiser and supporter of AFP. Mr. Chamberlain helped to form one of the organization's first chapters, the Greater New York Chapter, and served as both chair of the association and the AFP Foundation. Because of his long-time support of the Foundation for Philanthropy, the AFP Board of Directors renamed the Conference Scholar Program in 2000 to honor Mr. Chamberlain's memory and commitment to the fundraising profession.

This scholarship presents a unique opportunity for fundraising professionals to not only enrich their knowledge and skills but also to assume leadership roles within their organizations and the broader fundraising community. By attending the AFP ICON event, recipients immerse themselves in cutting-edge strategies, best practices, and networking opportunities, equipping them with the insights and connections necessary to excel in leadership positions. Thus, the Chamberlain Scholarship not only recognizes excellence but also cultivates the next generation of fundraising leaders.

The AFP Foundation offers every AFP chapter one Chamberlain Scholarship, which covers the recipient’s conference registration to the annual AFP ICON event. It is awarded based on past service to the chapter and future leadership potential. Candidates must be employed full-time in the fundraising profession, for no more than five years.

WJCT Learning is Forever Scholarship

The award is up to $2,000 to offset expenses to attend the 2025 AFP International Conference (ICON) in Seattle, Washington.

Award recipients will need to research conference pricing; there are different rates for members, young professionals, or staff of a small nonprofit, and early-bird pricing is available. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the recipient or their nonprofit.

Recipients will be asked to provide an evaluation of the value of attending the conference to encourage others to pursue further education. Recipients will be recognized during the annual AFP National Philanthropy Day luncheon held in November; attendance is required.

These scholarships are available to Chapter members who have never attended AFP ICON.