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About Our Chapter

The First Coast Chapter, founded in 1986, is based in Jacksonville.
Dues are $50. For more information on membership, contact Josh Hirsch
or view our Membership page.

Board Members 2020

Christy Smith, CFRE

David Cognetta, CFRE
Be The Cause Campaign

TriciaRae Stancato
Immediate Past President

Jen Stockman, CFRE

Chaz Runfola
Scholarship Chair

Meredith Jespersen
IDEA Chair
Lisa Maldonado
Chapter Administrator

Past Chapter Presidents

1987 Gail Meltzer

1988 Dale Gatz

1989 Rodger Murray

1990 Kathleen Nelson

1991 Glenn Tappan

1992 Nancy Hodge

1993 Dick Parker

1994 Suzanne Taylor

1995 Rodger Murray

1996 Carol Baumer

1997 Linda Ball-Bartimus

1998 DeAnn Collins

1999 DeAnn Collins

2000 Jane Lanier

2001 Kay Redington

2002 Marlene Spalten

2003 Rodney Grabowski

2004 Janet Owens

2005 Darby Stubberfield

2006 Brandon McCray

2007 Diane David

2008 Amy Davis

2009 Tourea Robinson

2010 Heather R. Corey

2011 Josh Zmroczek

2012 Maggie Hightower

2013 Maggie Hightower

2014 Lauren Hopkins

2015 Holly Hammond

2016 Jeffrey Davitt

2017 Anthony Sutton

2018 Annie Tutt

2019 Courtney Weatherby-Hunter

2020 TriciaRae Stancato

Josh Hirsch
Membership Chair

Sara McMillian, CFRE
NPD Chair
Kacie Smyth
NPD Co-Chair

Jan Kary, CFRE 
CFRE Certification

Heather Corey
Communications Chair

Nicola Barnack
Communications Co-Chair

Doug Walker
Education Chair

Keri Cummings
Socials Chair