Conference Agenda


8:00 – 9:00 AM

Breakfast and Registration and Affinity Roundtables

Registration (Conference Center Entrance Lobby)

9:15 – 10:15 AM

Morning Featured Speaker
“How to Make Your Ask Easy, and Get Exactly What You Want”
Laura Fredricks, JD
Founder and CEO, THE ASK(c) 

In our careers and our day-to-day lives, we have to make many asks – some more difficult and challenging than others. These hard asks can bring on anxiety, hesitation, and an endless loop of second guessing in our minds. The good news is that with the right organization, structure and focus they can be made easy. The first step is to find out “The 4 Askers: Which Are You?” Next, Laura will share her “5 Laws of ASKING" that will be your personal playbook for getting exactly what you want. Next we will strip away your hidden expectations and assumptions and erase the 3 devils that may be preventing you from asking. Best of you’ll discover how the power of "Listening with Presence" will reveal that in most instances you have been INVITED to ask, but you missed the clue. Bring the asks you need to make and walk away with the words you can use to get YES over and over again.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover the type of ASKer you are
• Learn the 3 Rules on Asking
• Master the “5 Laws on Asking”

CE Credit: 1 pt

10:15 – 10:45 AM

Coffee Break with Resource Partners

10:45 – 12:00 PM

Morning Breakout Sessions

“Trends in Philanthropy 2023: Change and Disruption”
Hans Dekker – President, Community Foundation of New Jersey
Peter H. Hansen – Principal, Arts, Culture & Media Philanthropic Advisors
Sarah Keh - Vice President, Inclusive Solutions at Prudential Financial
Calvin Ledford Jr. - President of PSEG Foundation

Philanthropy is dynamic and continually evolving. The pace of change has accelerated within the past five years hastened by the growing concertation of wealth, IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and access) becoming more central in philanthropy, the global pandemic, and shifting donor priorities.

Trends in Philanthropy 2023: Change and Disruption is a lively panel discussion examining trends affecting individual and institutional philanthropy such as the proliferation of donor-advised funds, collaborative funding, impact investing, mega-donors and big-ticket philanthropy, shifting CSR pillars, racial justice and equity funding, trust-based philanthropy, and growing donor sophistication.

CE Credit: 1.25 pts

“Hiring and Retaining Top Talent in Today’s Market and Changing the World at the Same Time”
Nancy Racette
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, DRiWaterstone

There are about 1.8 million nonprofits in the United States alone, and in late 2022, as many as 46 percent of nonprofit fundraisers in the United States reported that they were planning to leave their current employer within the next two years, according to a report by the Institute of Sustainable Philanthropy. Of those surveyed, nine percent said they were leaving altogether. What does that mean for you and your nonprofit organization? Understanding how to attract and retain top purpose-driven staff, while accounting for changing expectations around remote work, flexible work hours, growth opportunities and more, is key for every nonprofit looking to hire in today’s highly competitive market. 

In this session we will explore strategies for recruiting and retaining the best leaders for your organization, and we will discuss tools to help you bring your best self to work while empowering and motivating others to success. This session will bust the myths surrounding recruitment and retention and attendees will walk away with the confidence to do their best work and hire with confidence (while changing the world at the same time).

CE Credit: 1.25 pts

“Donor Acquisition, Retention, and Stewardship“
Anthony R. Alonso
President, Catapult Fundraising

Donor stewardship and cultivation are crucial component of any successful fundraising campaign. Join Anthony Alonso, president of Catapult Fundraising, to explore the strategies and best practices for building strong relationships with donors, nurturing their interest in your organization, and inspiring their ongoing support. 

Anthony will walk his audience through tactics for effective stewardship and cultivation including personalization, communication, recognition and engagement.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will have a clear understanding of how to build strong, sustainable relationships with donors that will help their organization thrive.

CE Credit: 1.25 pts

Board Development: Balancing power and partnership to maximize impact
Jess Backofen
Executive Director, University Hospital Foundation

A nonprofit board that is fully engaged and clear about what's expected of them is critically to your organization's success. Often, we find our boards and staff members feel an imbalance of power that prohibits important information and transparent conversations from taking place. Sometimes, there is an "us" vs. "them" mentality. 

In this session we'll talk about things you should be doing (and talking about) to maximize your board's success. We will share real life examples of aligning board members and setting clear expectations during challenging situations. You'll also learn some tips and tricks to share with staff, so they understand how to establish boundaries while also deepening relationships. 

CE Credit: 1.25 pts

12:00 – 12:15 PM

Networking with Resource Partners

12:15 – 1:45 PM

Luncheon Keynote Speaker
“If You Want a Better Future, Build a Better Now: Regaining Focus on Why We Do What We Do”
Greg Bennick
Author, Filmmaker, Philanthropist, Thought Provoker
Impact Performers LLC

As a keynote speaker, writer, thought provoker, philanthropist, and film producer, Greg Bennick uses a humanitarian perspective to examine the intersection of personal development, social issues, and compassion. A two-time humorous speaking champion, Greg Bennick engages and inspires audiences while making them laugh. He has spent over thirty years on stage and has connected with audiences live in over twenty-five countries in the last decade, and of course via Zoom, Skype, Facebook live, telepathy, and any other mode you can imagine. He speaks on the subject of BUILD A BETTER NOW® which explores how regaining focus yields increased self-esteem and stronger teams. Having managed ADHD throughout his life, he inspires us to consider the importance of focus. Opportunities are everywhere in the way we interact, how we think of ourselves, how we manage change and how we collaborate. We can’t predict the future, but we can definitely set\ourselves on powerful, focused tracks to be ready for what’s to come.

CE Credit: 1 pt

2:00 – 3:15 PM

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

“Beyond the Numbers: Integrating Self-Care Practices for Fundraising Success”
Chris Salem
Business Executive Advisor & Author

Starting with a few mindful techniques first and then adopting a mindful lifestyle long term can help provide valuable insights and actionable strategies that fundraising professionals can adopt to create a healthier and more productive way toward fundraising success. Fostering a state of mindfulness and self-care starts with you. Fundraisers can learn in this session how to enhance their job satisfaction and performance that lead to higher donor engagement, gift solicitation, and overall fundraising success.

CE Credit: 1.25 pts

“One of Your Key Donors Just Died, Now What?”
Geoff Close CIMA®, CPWA®, CAP™ - Founder & Philanthropic Adviser, IMPACT Philanthropic Partners
Briel Steinberg - Enterprise Account Executive, FreeWill
Anne DeVivo DeMesa - Director of Gift Planning, University of Pennsylvania & President, New Jersey Council of Charitable Gift Planners

Gift planning doesn’t have to be intimidating for you or your donor and it should be part of your development plan no matter how big or small your fundraising shop is. “One of Your Key Donors Just Died, Now What?” will help you start a gift planning program or give you a fresh perspective on your existing program. When your boss asks you “now what” when it comes to planned giving, you’ll have the answers!

“Three Ways That AI Can Transform Major and Planned Giving Fundraising”
John Sammis – Senior Vice President- Data Analytics, CCS
Scott Rosenkrans – AVP, DonorSearch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has undergone a few hype cycles— neural networks, expert systems, and deep learning. But the latest advancements in large language models have sparked everyone's imagination, and the possibilities seem limitless. In the past 15 years, the nonprofit industry benefitted from prospect identification using statistical models and machine learning. What might the next 15 years look like when AI touches every aspect of fundraising? While we can't predict the future, we can explore the possibilities. In this session, you will gather a brief history of Artificial Intelligence and its current applications and hear industry experts weigh in on how it might impact fundraising. Let's dive into the world of AI and fundraising together!

3:15 – 3:30 PM

Networking with Resource Partners and Exhibitors

3:30 – 4:30 PM

Afternoon Featured Speaker
"Engage. Exchange. Empower: Ways to Embody Equitable Values"
Tycely Williams, CFRE
Chief Development Officer, The Bipartisan Policy Center, and AFP Global Board

Are you ready to set up your relationships, reach & results for success? Join us for an inspirational and actionable take on how to create a trust-based approach to relationship building, while shaping value-oriented perspectives. Since the attitudes and behaviors of people are based on values, you need to authentically connect to their cherished principles. Through interesting illustrations and timely evidence, you’ll gain insight on how to leverage shared values to best engage with others, exchange varying ideas, and foster empowerment. This knowledge will skillfully stimulate an increase in your solicitation outcomes, expand the persuasiveness of your marketing message, and more steadily recruit partners, board members, and volunteers. 

CE Credit: 1 pt

4:30 – 6:00 PM

Cocktail Reception