AFP is a non-profit just like all the organizations Association of Fundraising Professionals serve. As such, it relies on donations to continue its mission. 

Fundraising for our Western Pennsylvania Chapter is done by AFP Global Foundation who title their annual campaign BE THE CAUSE. 

As a fundraiser and a parent, I think this is a great name! How many times have you answered a persistent 2-year-old’s “Why?” question with a “Because”. For the parent and child, the word “Because” is a place holder for much longer answers. 
As fundraisers, “Because” is an invitation to members to give back to our profession. 
    • Because we can… 
    • Because we know the power philanthropy has for creating change… 
    • Because we set examples for others… 
AFP Global gives us the simplest reason of all for giving: BE the CAUSE.

Donate today!

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YOUR gift to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy allows us to develop and implement new programs and enhance existing ones like scholarships, education and research.  BE the CAUSE is a cooperative annual fund that provides direct benefit to our local community through our AFP chapter.