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January 11: Making your organization effective- 2023 fundraising trends (1 point)


2022 CFRE Tracking Sheet-
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January 12: Confidence Ahead: Fundraising Trends for 2022 (1 point)
February 9: Your most valuable donor (1 point)
March 9- Crypto for non-profits (1 point)
April 13-
Three Fundraising Trends That Cannot Be Ignored In 2022 (1 point)
July 20- The Donor Journey Explained: A Roadmap to Grow Generosity At Scale (1 point)
October 14- Emerging Philanthropy Conference

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How to Raise Major Gifts: In-Person and Virtually (CFRE Tracker)

Emerging Philanthropy Conference (CFRE Tracker)

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Emerging Philanthropy Conference (October 2020)
Virtual Coffee Connections-Strategies for Uncertain Times
Fundraising During a Tragedy
Stewardship is NOT Optional (September 2020)