Strategic Plan

The Fort Worth Metro Chapter of AFP is a mission-driven organization. Its Mission, Vision, Core Purpose, and Core Values define the organization and direct its activities. These statements inform the strategic plan and act as a touchstone for all aspects of our Chapter.

The Mission of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Fort Worth Metro Chapter mirrors that of our parent and international organization, the core of which is to “Advance philanthropy through education, training and advocacy.” 

To stimulate a community of generosity and positive social change through fundraising best practice.  Our members are resources for all things philanthropic in their communities.

Core Purpose:
Our purpose is to advance philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising.
  • Positions fundraising as a respected and honorable profession, and fundraisers as valued and honorable professionals.
  • Provides an array of accessible and credit-approved educational opportunities that meet the need of fundraising professionals at every level of experience.
  • Develops and promotes strong networking opportunities, fostering care and congeniality among our members.
  • Promotes professional credentialing.
Guiding Principles:
  • Creativity and Innovation: Understanding that our focus is on service to our members and that it is provided in a timely and thoughtful manner while being open to new ideas, and striving to exceed expectations.  
  • Philanthropy: Believing that ethical and effective fundraising is the cornerstone of philanthropy and that philanthropy changes the world.
  • Inclusivity: Seeking to include all sections of society in our chapter membership while striving to share a quality range of subjects impacting professional fundraising and fundraisers.  
  • Diversity: Embracing differences in the fundraising community, with a commitment to understanding and addressing the shared and unique needs of all chapter members.
  • Excellence: Providing our fundraising community with the highest quality of knowledge, research, advocacy, career support, news and information, strategic alliances, and related tools and insights to foster success.
  • Integrity: Conducting business according to the highest ethical principles and serving as trustworthy stewards of our resources.
  • Collaboration: Recognizing that we can accomplish our purpose only with the strong support and partnership of other individuals, AFP chapters and other groups who share our mission.

2017 - 2019 Strategic Plan