July 2019 Luncheon | Cracking the Code of Donor Retention

When:  Jul 8, 2019 from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM (CT)
Program Title: 
Growing in Greatness
Cracking the Code of Donor Retention

The single most important measurement for your development operation is donor retention. In fact, your nonprofit organization could likely double its revenue by keeping and growing the donors you have today. 
So why is this low-hanging fruit too often ignored in your development strategy? The allure of "growing the base" and "donor acquisition" by themselves will never be able to give you the significant and sustainable growth you need if you're still losing donors out the back door. 
This presentation will cover the 5 core principles for fighting back against donor fatigue and outline what you can start doing today to raise your retention numbers for next year and beyond.

Presented By:
Chuck Anderson
Chuck Anderson has led and consulted with nonprofits for more than 20 years.  As a vice president with Mission Advancement, he serves clients across the nation, but primarily in his home state of Texas.  Chuck's greatest joy in serving a client is when he can help identify the obstacles and opportunities within the organization in order to focus on a plan for sustainable growth.  He does this through campaign or development strategy, campaign planning studies, development diagnostics, board training, and speaking at MAP workshops and professional conferences.
Chuck's strategic counsel has elected political candidates, built new schools, launched international ministry initiatives, and provided resources for hurting families.  He has served as Executive Director of a a statewide nonprofit, and advisor to the Lieutenant General of Texas, founder of a digital fundraising consulting firm, and a volunteer for numerous causes close to his heart.
He and his wife Jennifer make their home in the DFW Metroplex with their two teenage daughters.  The entire family loves their church and the spending time together in the kitchen.  Anytime he is on the road, Chuck is always looking for the most authentic BBQ join in town.


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