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Paige Procter

Emerging Leader in Philanthropy - Paige Procter

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 “It’s about fighting even when the fight isn’t fair.” At 25 years of age, Paige Procter is wise beyond her years. She’s using that wisdom to raise money and support for those fighting cancer, reminding them they’re not alone. From 2011 to 2018, Procter raised an astounding $109,000 for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation through her brainchild fundraising event “Coffeehouse to End Cancer” held annually in Grosse Isle, her hometown. Her ability to bring people together in fellowship to support each other and make a difference is what makes her an  emerging leader in philanthropy. 

At just 16 years old Paige Procter had had enough of cancer. She was witnessing the effects it was having on some very special people in her life. Her Aunty Dot, close family friend Gordie Harris and his father Jim, who Paige fondly called "Grandpa Jim”, were all battling this formidable disease. Paige wanted to find a way to fight back and thought fundraising for CancerCare Manitoba Foundation could help make a difference.

At the encouragement of her high school teacher, Paige contacted the Foundation and spoke with a Community Events team member who helped her identify how to turn her love of music into a fundraising event. Her big idea? Bring young performers together at the Grosse Isle community hall, serve coffee, tea and dainties, sell tickets for $10 and encourage donations. She called it “Coffeehouse to End Cancer”. On its inaugural night August 31, 2011, more than $6,500 was raised. 

The next year Paige grew the event by introducing a guest speaker to share their own cancer story. This element helped bridge the performances with the difference Paige was making. Two months after she graduated high school, the Coffeehouse raised another $7,900. Year after year the event continued to grow and raise more money to support much needed research. Paige was quoted in the Stonewall/Teulon Tribune as saying,

Every year since 2013, Paige set new and higher goals and exceeded them with an army of volunteers and community support. Through Paige's dedication to this event and her following of inspired volunteers and fundraisers who collect pledges and online donations they raised over $14,000 in 2015, $17,000 in 2016, $19,000 in 2017 and an astonishing $23,142 in 2018. 

When asked if Paige experienced any barriers to achieving Coffeehouse to End Cancer's success her supporters and volunteers pause, lift their brows and say "LIFE". She graduated high school, completed a demanding 3-year nursing program, established her career as a nurse and has given back to the community in so many ways. Over the years she had barriers but they have not stopped her in her ongoing quest to help find a cure for cancer.

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Paige Procter was nominated for the Emerging Leader in Philanthropy Award by CancerCare Manitoba Foundation. 

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