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Chapter Webinar Schedule for 2023

Webinars are 60 minute sessions that allow you to learn the latest from the best in the field. Each session qualifies for 1 point toward CFRE education requirements. AFP webinars are a great professional development opportunity and they are free for members! After the webinars original air date, all registrants will be sent a code. You may watch the day you receive the code or save it for a later date.

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February 1 : Think HOW Before How Much: A Donor-Participatory Approach to Solicitation

Presenter: Dan Shephard, Principal, The Shephard Group


Studies show that most wealth is held in assets, not in cash. Yet too many fundraising professionals, when deciding to ask for a gift, ask for a dollar amount, with little thought to where that amount might come from. This transactional solicitation invites the donor to think, “How big a check can I write?” It’s fine to start a donor relationship with some target amount in mind - if you earn the right to ask for it. It’s better to invite a detailed conversation about HOW that donor might make her best gift, for both your nonprofit and the donor.

February 8: Develop Campaign Communications That Inspire New and Long Time Donors

Presenter: Jennie Winton, Founding Partner & Leadership Coach, Mission Minded


How do you appeal to the same, long-time donors year after year and keep them excited, especially after two years of pandemic uncertainties and exhaustion? Let’s face it, maintaining donor excitement can be difficult, even for the most urgent causes. In our session, we’ll teach participants how to incorporate emotion, rationale, and urgency into their next campaign to re-inspire current supporters and attract a new generation of dedicated donors. We’ll share compelling case studies of nonprofits that achieved campaign success through the disciplined use of this powerful communications strategy.

March 1: Major Gift Fundraising 102 in 2023

Presenter: Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE


This session is for those who are comfortable with raising major gifts and are ready to take their major gift fundraising to the next level. Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE, will discuss ways to get initial meetings virtually and in-person, as well as how to incorporate blended and planned gifts into your asks. The session will cover how to ask for gifts using assets such as stock, real estate, retirement funds and more, as well as asking for bequests. We will end with how raise the biggest gifts for your organization, through a capital campaign.

March 15: Go Micro, Tiny Events, Big Impact

Presenter: Lisa Stueckemann


Micro Events are the newest best practice in fundraising. Learn how these bite-size events can make a big impact on your bottom line.


April 12: How to Secure The Donor Meeting

Presenter: Robin A. Kasel, CFRE and Amanda Moore, CFRE


Using a mix of sales, psychology, research and personal experience Robin and Amanda bring a fresh take, and candid style to the topic of securing donor meetings and building trust. This one hour webinar will go over proven ways to secure the first donor meeting as well as how to prepare for and show up to donor meetings. Key takeaways will include sample donor questions, email subject lines, simple effective words and phrases, key thought transitions, the “do’s” and don'ts” of securing a meeting, and setting attainable goals.

May 24: Volunteers: How to Devise, Advise, and Utilize 

Presenter: Heather Butler, CFRE


Volunteers are a critical part of the nonprofit ecosystem, but how do you make the best use of them? How can you ensure that they are recruited, trained, and engaged in a meaningful way that can lead to organizational success? Learn how volunteers can help expand your organizational capacity and advance your DEI objectives. Explore what to do when a volunteer goes rogue and how to best manage volunteer strengths to maintain a healthy nonprofit ecosystem. Join us in this interactive session to learn best practices around how to utilize, manage, recruit, and retain volunteers.

June 14: Capital Campaigns

Presenter: Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE, Amy Eisenstein, LLC, Westfield, NJ


If there is a capital campaign in your future, this session is for you! A capital campaign is likely the largest amount your organization has ever tried to raise… often even 10 times more than you currently raise. Don’t leave the success of your campaign up to chance. Join Amy Eisenstein to learn how to prepare for a campaign and create a campaign plan, as well as learn how to engage your leadership level donors to ensure your campaign is a success. You will leave the workshop with tools, including a campaign plan and step by step guide for your campaign.

June 21: What are Major Grants and How they Can Propel Your Work 

Presenter: Susan Schaefer


Many corporations and foundations are consolidating their giving into fewer, larger awards. No matter the size of your nonprofit, you can benefit from the specialized strategies that lead to significant private grants. Join our webinar as we discuss the key differences between competing for your nonprofit’s annual awards and those that stand to make up your largest private grants to date. We will discuss strategies that stand to strengthen your staff, your relationships with funders, and your nonprofit in this increasingly competitive environment.

October 4 : How to Move Towards Ethical and Human Centric AI

Presenter: Meena Das


We have been using more AI-based products in personal and professional lives than we acknowledge. We are heading towards a future where embracing this technology will be the normal. So how do we, then, ensure that it centers community in the core? In this hour together, we will talk about those not-so-subtle points we must know and remember for the human-centric AI our nonprofit industry deserves. We will also hold space to brainstorm on some common questions when we start with AI.


Presenter: Meg Tripp


Your board contributes their time, treasure, and expertise to support your mission and vision—and they are charged to be ambassadors for your organization. But they may not have the knowledge and comfort to tell your story to prospective donors and partners who may not know who you are, what you do, and why you’re worthy of support. This session will map out a process to engage, inform, equip, and support your board in becoming confident, compelling brand ambassadors—from collaboration around message development to role-playing workshops—so they have the tools and training they need to succeed.

November 8 : End of year fundraising

Presenter: Laura Fredricks


November is always crunch time to make sure that you have the systems in place, with the right communications and outreach so that you can close all the gifts your worked so hard to put in place by that magical moment – December 31! During this time, there are many competing interests to juggle: Reaching our donors in between the upcoming holidays throughout November and December; Giving Tuesday; End-of-Year mail campaigns; Special Events; and the day-to-day tasks of running the organization. Laura has created the right structure for you to master your calendar and optimize the ideal times when you can reach your supporters. Communicating with supporters when THEY are in the right frame of mind to have those meaningful conversations will maximize your success to CLOSE all types of gifts. Bonus time – she will show you how you can use December as the perfect time to line up your visits and outreach in January and February so that you start 2024 off and running with new gifts in the new year.

November 15 : Donor Stewardship: The Secret to Raising Lots of Funds

Presenter: Alison Baldree


This training will cover:

  • How a few basic principles of human psychology can help you grow sustainable philanthropic revenue through practicing gratitude
  • How to write personal and heartfelt thank you letters
  • How to systematize your processes to make executing your donor stewardship plan an easy and sustainable practice

As we explore the power of gratitude together, you will discover how a good donor stewardship plan will create bountiful rewards: increased joy, greater giving, and donor loyalty and love.

DECEMBER 14 : What Sponsors Are Looking for in Partners

Presenter: Chris Amos


Join AFP’s Senior Director of Business Development, Chris Amos, as he moderates a panel of some big name nonprofit sponsors to find out what sponsors are really looking for in partner organizations. Learn how to do your research, approach and follow up to secure long lasting mutually beneficial partnerships.

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