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Chapter Webinar Schedule for 2024

Webinars are 60 minute sessions that allow you to learn the latest from the best in the field. Each session qualifies for 1 point toward CFRE education requirements. AFP webinars are a great professional development opportunity and they are free for members! After the webinars original air date, all members will be sent a code. You may watch the day you receive the code or save it for a later date. Please see AFP NWA Chapter Newsletter for codes. If you are an AFP NWA member and are unable to locate your electronic newsletter, please email to receive codes. Please allow one business day to receive the codes. 

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may 6 : what's your legacy? implementing a gift planning program

Presenter: Lisa M. Chmiola, M.S., CFRE, CSPG


Want to launch a legacy giving program for your organization but don’t know where to begin? Is it the right time for this venture? In this session, you’ll learn the foundations needed to begin and grow a successful (planned giving) program for your organization. 

may 9 : The secrets of small shop succession planning

Presenter: Amy Wolfe, MPPA, CFRE


Planning to be replaced is not an area many leaders consider.  It is essential for small shops to create a thoughtful transition strategy, taking into account the need to budget, leverage organizational strengths, determine the impact to staff and stakeholders, and prepare for the change.  In this session, we will share small shop succession stories, offer tangible lessons learned, and highlight how the process creates access and equity.

july 11 : Strategic resource maximization: navigating prospect management

Presenter: Melissa Robinson, DHA, MBA


Unlock the potential of your fundraising efforts with this workshop on prospect management and donor stewardship. In this interactive session, learn effective strategies to identify high-wealth individuals within limited resources, maximizing your outreach impact. Explore the art of asking the right discovery questions to tailor your approach and cultivate lasting donor relationships. Join us to enhance your fundraising skills and navigate the intricacies of donor engagement, even when faced with resource constraints.

August 7: grant research and writing tips and skills

Presenter: Dr. Beverly A. Browning


In this session, Greater Arizona Chapter AFP member Dr. Beverly Browning (Dr. Bev) will show you how to fine-tune your grant research process and write award-winning proposal narratives based on her experience as a federal and community foundation grant application peer reviewer.

septermber 7: The state of mobile and online fundraising

Presenter: Mike Snusz 


This webinar will analyze the state of nonprofit online fundraising and marketing, including the latest industry benchmarks, trends, and successes. We'll uncover the top challenges nonprofits face online and how to overcome them. Plus, we’ll examine where nonprofits are thriving online and what’s next for digital engagement and fundraising.

october 9: centering humans in ai and personalization

Presenter: Meena Das 


In this session, we will explore the intersection of AI and personalization in the nonprofit sector, with a special focus on maintaining a human-centric approach. We'll dive into how artificial intelligence can be leveraged to create more personalized experiences for donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries, while ensuring that these technological advancements enhance, rather than replace, the human element in nonprofit interactions. This session is designed to provide the space for discussion around how to use AI thoughtfully, ensuring that technology serves as a complement to, rather than a replacement for, the human touch in their vital work.  
The session welcomes you to visit your rabbit holes around this topic and bring any questions, ideas, or concerns you may have.  

december 4: a better fundraising feasibility study method: how to plan and ensure a successful campaign 

Presenter:  Andrea Kihlstedt


Do you really need an outside consultant to interview your biggest and best potential donors? There’s a better way to test the case and the goal for your campaign. Join Andrea Kihlstedt, a thought leader and innovator in the capital campaign field, to debunk prevailing myths about feasibility studies. Learn how you can leverage this critical, early campaign planning tool to truly build relationships with the philanthropists in your community and get a jumpstart on your campaign.

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