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  • LGBTQ Fundraising as Future-Building

    The LGBTQ+ movement is a living, beautiful thing. As fundraisers, we have much to learn from it. From GoFundMes that help trans people access necessary health care to queer fundraisers that include not only a dance floor but also job fairs, name change clinics, and clothing swaps, our community reminds me that fundraising can and should be joyful, heart-first, and relationship-centered. Read More

  • Navigating the New Normal: Compensation, Benefits, and Flexibility in Fundraising

    According to the 2024 Compensation and Benefits Report, the average fundraising salary in the U.S. saw a modest increase of 0.8% in 2023, rising from $95,841 to $96,621. This figure pales in comparison to the robust 6.7% increase seen in 2022, reflecting a slow growth trend that fails to keep pace with the 3% inflation rate over the same period.

  • Don’t forget your $100 credit!

    Most AFP members receive a $100 credit that’s good for premium webinars, select e-courses (including Fundamentals of Fundraising eCourse), or conference recordings through the AFP Blue Sky/Path Learning Management System (LMS) Learn more at