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Salary Range Inclusion Promotes Equity


You may have noticed there’s a new option to include a salary range when posting an open position to our AFP WNY Chapter Job Center. It is our way of encouraging organizations who want to attract top development professionals, and to demonstrate their commitment to our principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

AFP WNY is a 2022 IDEA Champion, and we see including salary ranges in job postings as a way to promote equity in our profession.

More specifically, salary ranges set expectations for pay so neither side is wasting time on a hiring process that may not meet financial needs. It recognizes that women and people of color are often at a disadvantage in salary negotiations because the norms of some cultures limit experience with aggressive negotiations or societal norms often impact outcomes for negotiations related to gender. It shifts the power balance with transparency.

We have heard from our members that some local organizations may not know the salary range when posting a position. So, it is optional to allow our members to prepare for likely changes ahead. AFP Global already requires salary ranges on its jobs platform. AFP Global also offers a resource to help in determining salary ranges for several fundraising positions.