2024 AFP AR Directors and Staff

President:  Sherri Jones

President-Elect: Ryan Miller

Immediate Past President: Jennifer Owens Buie

Secretary: Fran Carter

Treasurer: Michelle Harper

VP of Internal Governance and Governmental Affairs: Matt Cleveland

VP of Conference: Meredith Hale

VP of Education and IDEA: Rebecca Estep

Certifications and Trainings:  Catherine Bays

VP of Member Services: Matthew Stripling

Membership Chair Elect: Kathy Findley

Scholarship Chair: Suzanne Ornelas

Engagement Events Chair: Carolyn Berry

VP of Communications: Shannon Boshears

Communications Elect: Alli Kleypas

VP of National Philanthropy Day: Laura Grimes

NPD Elect: Laterika Tooks

NPD Nominations Chair: Emily Piechocki

Hospitality/Day of Sessions: Marlie Ball Davis

Mentor Program: Bobbi McDaniel

Chapter Administrator: Sharea Wheeler