RMPI Speakers

 Rocky Mountain Philanthropy Institute

September 7, 2023

American Mountaineering Center


"Emancipation Of Yesterday's Philanthropic Mindset: From Patriarchy to Partnership" 

NPO leaders seem to be stuck in a cycle of sacrificing their ability to serve effectively due to limitations and a lack of creativity of current funding and direct service models. How do our colleagues really feel and what can we do about it?  Join Dr. Ross in timely conversation centered on courageous trust, keeping it real, and imagining how communities might thrive if those serving on the frontline were released from their service shackles! 

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"Creating Employee Retention Through a Culture of Compassion and Accountability" 

- Lauren McClanahan and Annie Tutt, Brent’s Place

Are you looking to enhance your team culture? Want to drive real employee retention results?  Join Lauren and Annie to hear about Brent's Place culture and employee experience journey. You'll learn how areas such as hiring, onboarding, compensation, and celebrations can help you create a culture where team members thrive and stay. You'll leave equipped with how to bring these techniques to your organization and how to dig into the conversations that drive clear expectations, accountability, and coaching to all levels of the organization. 
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"Nonprofit and Corporate Partnerships: What's in it for both sides?" 

– Carolyn Stevens-Wood and Jennifer Forman

How can nonprofit organizations and corporations partner to benefit each party? We will discuss different approaches to corporate partnerships, how nonprofits can benefit, and how organizations can fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments through strategic collaborations. We will also explore the TRUE needs of both entities and how these can be attained from insider viewpoints from the nonprofit and corporate worlds.
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"Things We Don’t Say About Board Engagement in Fundraising"
- Jessica Weaver - Indiana University

Fundraising success depends on organization-wide efforts from the leadership of the board to the dedication of the front-line staff. This course focuses on the role the board plays in fundraising and how to inspire and motivate board members to join you in raising funds to support your mission.
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“74%: Unpacking Pay Equity In The Social Sector"

Let’s talk about compensation and fairness in the social sector.  Whether you’re newly in the field or a seasoned veteran, this session will challenge your thinking about the way salaries are set, boards as employers and possibilities for greater equity for those serving as well as those served.  Peggy Morrison Outon of Excelsior Consulting conducted a three-year research effort to better understand women’s leadership, career advancement and issues of compensation in the nonprofit sector and she is eager to share these findings and make them relevant to your work today.

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“Being a Good Fundraising Ancestor: Radical IDEAs on Re-Thinking Fundraising"

Fundraising is pretty straightforward – identify, cultivate, ask, steward. Yet we still find ourselves in the midst of a Generosity Crisis with fewer households giving to charities, plummeting donor retention rates, and high stress and turnover in the profession. When we have to be so focused on the bottom line of money in/money out, how do we even begin to plan to include Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access let alone next year’s dollars and fundraising goals? In this workshop and open discussion we’ll dig deep into how to look at our work long-term, create a truly inclusive generosity ecosystem, and actually solve problems vs. short-term quick fixes that just keep us on the hamster wheel of fundraising.

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“Balancing Act - Recognizing Donors through a DEI Lens"


Donors want to feel special. We want to recognize them. What happens when recognizing the elite among our donors is in direct contradiction to our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? How can we say we’re committed to inclusivity when we have giving societies that are based solely on a donor’s capacity to give large amounts of money? What do giving and recognition societies look like in light of our commitment to DEI as an organization? Join us for the rethinking of donor recognition. How do we balance the need to recognize our donors while understanding innately that the way we currently do this alienates others? In this session we’ll take a hard look at ourselves and our donors and find out what to do in these situations.

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“Fundraising Is Life: How To Reenergize Yourself And Your Fundraising"

"Please put on your oxygen mask before helping others”.

We’ve all heard this before, well, this session IS your oxygen mask. Join Lynne to explore how the human side of fundraising has changed in recent years and how to respond to these upheavals. We have faced more than a pandemic; we have faced racial and social injustice, the great resignation, civil conflict, working from our living rooms and much more. Regardless of how we perform the tasks and execute strategies, fundraising is a relationship-based profession. WHY we choose our profession and that we choose ourselves as much as we choose to serve others is essential. Using the framework of Recognize, Reveal, and Reframe we will build a model for attendees to follow and build upon. This interactive session, complete with workbook, allows the attendee and the speakers to connect over common experiences and will help guide positive future outcomes.

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