Post a Job with the Colorado Chapter

*See important note below that job postings must contain a salary range (after December 1st, 2020)

If you would like to post a position:

The AFP Office will send out email blast to all AFP Colorado Members. Then later that week the position will be posted on the AFP Chapter Website for approximately 1 month. Deadline is Wednesday by end of day to be included in the next day's Thursday email.

You may send the job description and any other information about the job that you want to share to and we will post the link to the posting. It can be any length. Send Word documents, pdf's or links to online postings. 

The AFP office can invoice you when it is sent or you may provide a credit card - whichever is easier for your organization. Contact the Chapter Office at or 303-394-6388

Be sure to include a target date, so that the email goes out at the appropriate time. We try to have all job postings in one weekly other than the ones that go out immediately.


AFP Members - $65 - For regular posting in Member's Thursday Thoughts email blast and to the general public on the website.
Nonmembers - $115 - For regular posting in Member's Thursday Thoughts email blast and to the general public on the website.
New - Immediate Postings for an additional $25
If you want your posting to go out immediately with an additional regular posting in the next Thursday Thoughts and the usual website presence

AFP/CC asks that there be:

  • No reference to percentage based compensation or commissions 
  • No reference to donor/prospect information sharing 
  • No discrimination per federal employment guidelines 

We do also ask that the positions being advertised follow the AFP Standards of Professional Practice 

Changes to AFP CC Job Postings
We are pleased to share that beginning December 1st, AFP Colorado Chapter will require salary ranges for job postings. This decision has been made in alignment with AFP Global, which began requiring salary ranges in job postings as of November 1, in alignment with the Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work act which requires salary ranges be included in all job postings beginning January of 2021, and in alignment with the AFP Colorado Chapter commitment to advancing equity in the fundraising profession.

Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession: Studies have shown that women and people of color often have significant disadvantages during salary negotiations. When salary ranges are not included in a job posting, it reinforces the salary gaps we see in the fundraising profession and in all of society based on gender, race and other factors. Salary compensation of any position should be based on the work and value of the position to the organization, and while there may be variations based on experience and skill level, the levels should be commensurate with the value of the role the organization.

Transparency in salary ranges is more efficient and effective at finding the right candidate: salary ranges set expectations from the beginning and ensure there is no surprise about salaries and that neither party is wasting their time on a candidate or a position that doesn’t meet their salary needs. In addition, there is research which shows that jobs with salary ranges get 30% more attention.

Lastly, we encourage transparency in the relationship between our donors and our organizations. We should expect no less from our organizations in hiring practices.

For more information or questions on job postings, please contact

Resource from Colorado Women's Bar Association: Colorado Equal Pay for Equal Work Act