Thank you to our 2020 contributors! 

Angela Ballantyne  Nancy Gaddy  Sarah Matthews, CFRE*
Donna Brazzell, CFRE Terrica Ganzy  Laura McCarty 
Melissa Brogdon, CFRE Randy Gorod* Linda McNay 
Jeffrey Brown  Meredith Gray  Kate McNeely*
Abby Bullard  Juliet Greco  Ben Minor 
Birgit Smith Burton* Marissa Greider  Lize Mueller 
Christal Cherry  Lindsey Hardegree  Christian Murphy, CFRE
Jonathan Coe Erica Harris  Trina Olidge
David Coffman  Jeffrey Jowdy, CFRE Toni Paz, CFRE
Greg Cole, CFRE* William Keene Sarah Richardson 
Nancy Davis  Melinda Kelleher  Chrissy Rosen, CFRE
Collins Desselle  Beth Keller, CFRE* Mitzy Sharp Futro, CFRE
Laura Disque  Shelese Lane  Juanita Sheppard, CFRE
Anita Douglas  Liz Loretti, CFRE Greg Sims 
Sarah Embro  Shelly Manuel, CFRE* Kra Tassoni 
James Tyson  Danielle Wilkes  Aliguma Young 

*Denotes members of the Alpha Society, who give monthly to the program. 

Your gift to the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy will allow us to develop and implement new programs and enhance existing ones like scholarships, education and research. And don’t forget, BE the CAUSE is a cooperative annual fund that also provides direct benefit to your local community through your AFP chapter.

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