Peer Partner Program

AFP Indian River is excited to introduce the Peer Partner Program. Whether you're just starting out with AFP Indian River and the fundraising profession or you're a seasoned pro, this program offers valuable benefits to all members.


This voluntary initiative pairs members who have been with us for less than two years with experienced members who have been part of the chapter for two or more years. By participating in this program, we aim to foster a stronger connection between new and existing members.


Seasoned members who volunteer to partner with newer members will take on the following responsibilities:

·       Reach out to new members before chapter events, encouraging them to attend professional development sessions, social gatherings, and other activities.

·       Welcome new members to chapter events and introduce them to other attendees.

·       Be available to answer any questions new members may have about the chapter.


The Peer Partner Program offers numerous benefits:

·       Swift Integration: New members can quickly familiarize themselves with AFP Indian River's culture, norms, and procedures.

·       Enhanced Support: Peer partners offer valuable support by providing advice, answering questions, and addressing concerns, helping new members feel more at ease and connected.

·       Knowledge Sharing: Experienced members can share their insights and institutional knowledge with new members, enriching their understanding of AFP Indian River.

·       Improved Engagement: Feeling welcomed and supported from the start boosts new members' engagement and commitment to AFP Indian River.


We encourage all chapter members to participate in the Peer Partner Program. To join, simply email our Membership Chair, Peggy Gibbs, at Please include your contact information and indicate whether you're a new member or a seasoned one. Pairings will be arranged promptly.


Let's build a stronger AFP Indian River community together through the Peer Partner Program!