About Our Chapter

The Indiana Chapter, founded in 1982, is based in Indianapolis.  For more information, please call 317-824-0940 or email afpic@nashams.com.


The Chapter Ten Star Award honors those chapters that align their objectives with AFP's current strategic plan and encourages them to perform specific activities designed to increase professionalism within the profession, as well as public awareness of the importance of philanthropy.

Mission Statement
The Association of Fundraising Professionals Indiana Chapter fosters the growth of development of philanthropy, the fundraising profession, the Chapter, and its individual members.

Vision Statement
The vision of the Association Fundraising Professionals Indiana Chapter is to achieve its mission through research, education and training, adherence to a code of ethical principles, and high standards of professional practice.

The AFP Indiana Chapter seeks to enable its members and affiliated organizations to better serve society and its diverse communities through inspired advocacy of voluntary actions for the common good.

The core values of AFP Indiana Chapter:
     Ethics and high standards
     Knowledge and education
     Leadership development
     Outreach - advocacy and scholarships
     Professional growth
     Service to support members

Strategies for fulfilling the mission, vision, and values of AFP Indiana Chapter:
     Educate and inform members about the fundraising profession
     Provide professional service to the membership
     Act as advocates for fundraising values and ethics
     Periodically support the commission of research and studies to benefit the fundraising community
     Establish a dialogue with the AFP headquarters to enhance the profession in Indiana and throughout the world
     Establish guidelines to ensure the financial stability of the Chapter