Past Award Recipients

Lifetime Achievement Award

2023  Eugene Tempel, Indianapolis
2022  Michael and Susan Smith, Indianapolis
2021  John Thompson, Indianapolis
2019  Robert H. McKinney, Indianapolis; and Rick L. and Vicki L. James, Angola
2018  Edgar and Dorothy (posthumously) Fehnel, Indianapolis
2017  Andre and Julia (posthumously) Lacy, Indianapolis
2016  William G. (posthumously) and Dr. Rose Mays, Indianapolis
2015  Yvonne Shaheen, Indianapolis
2014  Kris Kindelsperger (posthumously), Columbus
2013  John M. Mutz, Indianapolis
2012  Margo Lacy Eccles (posthumously), Indianapolis
2011  Otto N. Frenzel III, (deceased), Indianapolis
2010  Sidney and Lois Eskenazi, Indianapolis; and Thomas A. King, Indianapolis
2009  L.H. Bayley, Indianapolis
2008  James T. Morris, Indianapolis
2007  Dr. George Keenan
2006  Marjorie Tarplee, Indianapolis
2005  Dr. Angela Barron McBride, Lafayette
2004  Carroll C. Hamner, Vincennes
2003  Richard Edwin Ford, Wabash
2002  Frank C. Springer, Jr., Indianapolis
2001  Ian M. Rolland, Fort Wayne
2000  Allen W. Clowes, Indianapolis
1999  Henry C. Ryder, Indianapolis
1998  Rolla McAdams, Monrovia
1997  Robert M. Whitsel, Lafayette
1996  Jack Dustman, Indianapolis
1995  Billie Lou Wood, Indianapolis
1994  Alexander S. Carroll, Carmel
1993  Charles A. Johnson, Arizona
1992  Gene B. Glick, Indianapolis
1991  Thomas W. Binford, Indianapolis
1990  Jack E. Reich, Indianapolis
1989  Alvin C. Ruxer, Jasper
1988  Eldon Campbell, Indianapolis; and Dr. Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., Indianapolis
1987  Edmund F. Ball, Muncie
1986  Thomas W. Moses (posthumously), Indianapolis
1985  Herman B. Wells, Bloomington
1984  Mr. and Mrs. J. Irwin Miller, Columbus; and Clementine Miller Tangeman, Columbus
1983  Ardath Y. Burhart, Indianapolis; and Ralph J. Whitinger (posthumously), Muncie

Outstanding Philanthropist Award

2023  Bernie Niehaus, Vincennes
2022  Steve Tuchman and Reed Bobrick, Indianapolis
2021 Laura Lewis, Indianapolis
2019  Don Knebel, Carmel
2018  Charlene and Joe Barnette, Carmel
2017  Sandra Eskenazi, Indianapolis
2016  Robert and Sharon Reed, Indianapolis
2015  Larry and Lisa Sablosky, Indianapolis
2014  Cindy Simon Skjodt, Indianapolis
2013  Michael and Susan Smith, Indianapolis
2012  Linda Rohrman, Lafayette
2011  Charlie Brown, Indianapolis
2010  Peyton and Ashley Manning, Indianapolis
2009  Mickey Maurer, Indianapolis
2008  Yvonne Shaheen, Indianapolis
2007  Mel and Bren Simon, Indianapolis
2006  Frank Basile, Indianapolis
2005  Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen, Indianapolis
2004  Don and Phyllis Laskowski, Indianapolis
2003  Jim and Meg Irsay, Indianapolis
2002  Donald and Patricia Gongaware, Indianapolis
2001  Scott A. Jones, Indianapolis
2000  Richard M. Fairbanks, Indianapolis
1999  Rollin M. and Helen E. Dick, Carmel
1998  Randall and Marianne Tobias, Indianapolis
1997  Stephen C. and and Tomisue Hilbert, Carmel
1996  Christel DeHaan, Indianapolis
1995  James E. Kelly, Fort Wayne
1994  Mrs. Pierre F. Goodrich, Indianapolis
1993  Michael Barth, Jr., Indianapolis
1992  Dan and Lori Efroymson, Indianapolis
1991  Polly Horton Hix, Indianapolis
1990  Glenn M. Swisher, Indianapolis
1989  Mary Hulman George, Indianapolis
1988  David Letterman, Indianapolis
1987  Phil and Betty Hedbeck, Indianapolis
1986  Ruth Lilly, Indianapolis
1985  Helen R. Foellinger, Fort Wayne
1984  Arthur J. Decio, Elkhart
1983  Allen W. Clowes, Indianapolis

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

2023  JR Sandadi, Carmel
2022  Adam Clevenger, CFRE, Indianapolis
2021  Gregory Fehribach, Indianapolis
2019  Kelly N. Stanley, Muncie
2018  Mark and Marabeth Levett, Columbus
2017  George Plews, Indianapolis
2016  Mark Bradford, Bloomington
2015  Virginia Merkel, Indianapolis
2014  Tim Solso, Indianapolis
2013  Mike Wells, Indianapolis
2012  Rollin Dick, Indianapolis
2011  Kate Appel, Indianapolis
2010  Albert Chen, Indianapolis
2009  Ron Hunter, Indianapolis
2008  Rhonda Kittle, Carmel
2007  C. Daniel Yates, Indianapolis
2006  Clarence Crain, Indianapolis
2005  Betty Blades Lofton, Indianapolis
2004  Dr. Jerry D. Semler, Indianapolis
2003  Joanne Markiewicz
2002  Steve and Becky Schenck, Indianapolis
2001  L. H. Bayley, Indianapolis; and Judy Gray, Indianapolis
2000  Dr. Hyla Cartwright, Indianapolis; and Stan Hurt, Indianapolis
1999  Michael J. Alley, Carmel
1998  Leonard and Katie Betley, Indianapolis
1997  John M. Mutz, Indianapolis
1996  Roberta Walton, Sheridan
1995  Fay Williams, Indianapolis
1994  Alice Ross, Indianapolis
1993  Howard S. Wilcox, Indianapolis
1992  William G. Mays, Indianapolis
1991  Donald "Danny" C. Danielson, New Castle
1990  Lorene M. Burkhart, Indianapolis
1989  Georgia G. Buchanan, Indianapolis
1988  Jack R. Shaw, Indianapolis; and James L. Kittle, Sr., Indianapolis
1987  Billie Lou Wood, Indianapolis
1986  Lillian C. Embick, Fort Wayne
1985  James R. Davis, Albany
1984  William A. Carter, Indianapolis
1983  Norbert Knapke, Fort Wayne

Outstanding Fundraising Professional

2023  Danielle Stiles-Polk, Carmel
2022  Melanie Frazier, CFRE, Indianapolis
2021  Angela White, CFRE, Indianapolis
2019  Ernest Vargo II, CFRE, Indianapolis
2018  John Heintz, CFRE, Fishers
2017  Kathy Dannels, CFRE, Indianapolis; and Sally Zelonis, CFRE, Zionsville
2016  Barb Coury, Indianapolis
2015  Terry Ceaser-Hudson, Indianapolis
2014  Tim Seiler, CFRE, Indianapolis
2013  Daniel Elsener, Indianapolis
2012  Patrick Rooney, Indianapolis
2011  Phil Purcell, CFRE, Noblesville
2009  Sue Anne Gilroy, Indianapolis
2008  Murray Blackwelder, Lafayette
2007  Paula Jenkins, CFRE, Carmel
2006  J. Anita Ray, CFRE, Indianapolis
2005  Roberta Donahue, CFRE, Indianapolis
2004  Janet Arnold, Indianapolis
2003  Dr. F. Duke Haddad, CFRE, Indianapolis
2002  Cheryl Altinkemer, West Lafayette
2001  Joyce A. Sommers, CFRE, Indianapolis
2000  Linda Brimmer, MBA, CFRE, Indianapolis
1999  Daniel A. Shipp, St. Meinrad
1998  Richard Skooglund, CFRE, Indianapolis
1996  Charles R. Stephens, CFRE, Atlanta, GA
1995  Suzanne T. Maxwell, CFRE, Indianapolis
1994  Ted Grossnickle, Franklin
1993  Frank H. Bentz, Indianapolis
1992  Elizabeth Stilwell, Indianapolis
1991  Thomas Rugh, CFRE, Indianapolis
1990  James R. Reed, CFRE, Indianapolis
1989  Marilyn Burger, CFRE, Indianapolis
1988  Dr. Eugene R. Tempel, Ed.D, CFRE, Indianapolis
1987  Dr. W. George Pinnell, Bloomington
1986  Mack McKinzie, Zionsville
1985  Dr. James Frick, South Bend
1984  Phillip K. Hardwick, Indianapolis
1983  D. John Z. Martin, CFRE, Indianapolis

Outstanding Emerging Philanthropist
(previously Outstanding Youth Achievement through 2022)

2023  Sara Brown, Franklin
2022  Madeline Phuong, Fort Wayne
2021  Leila Champion, Indianapolis
2019  Leo Carnicelli, Indianapolis 
2018  Sophi Pruitt, Indianapolis
2017  Mekinley Elrod, Harrison County
2016  Jamie Goetz, Carmel
2014  Roalynn Kowal
2013  Carl Biddings IV, Indianapolis; and Lauren Harmon, Indianapolis
2012  Apple Tree YMCA Project Change, Muncie
2011  Abby Haley
2010  Cayman Jarvis, Indianapolis
2009  Carmel High School Dance Marathon, Carmel
2008  Kate Pederson, Indianapolis
2007  Bradley Cullison
2006  Zach Conyers, Indianapolis; and Sam Elliott, Indianapolis
2005  Daniel Kent, Carmel
2004  Cristiellen Zarvas, Indianapolis
2003  Ben Kraft, Floyds Knobs
2002  Catherine Johnson, Indianapolis
2001  Center Grove Fifth Grade Advanced Math Class, Greenwood
2000  Harrison McTarsney, Indianapolis
1999  Clinton D. Sims, Gary
1998  Erica Bellamy, Indianapolis
1997  Concord Junior High Student Council, Elkhart
1996  Angela Sisson, Warren
1995  Benjamin Michael Stears, LaPorte
1994  Michelle S. Ludwig, West Lafayette
1993  Jennifer L. Brown, Tipton
1992  Brent R. Dexter, West Lafayette
1991  Julie A. Grindstaff, Mooresville
1990  Carolyn A. Freeze, Newburgh

Outstanding Young Adult
(Merged with Outstanding Youth Achievement in 2018)

2017  Taylor Whitaker, Indianapolis
2016  Kirat Sandhu, Indianapolis
2015  Wesley Boone
2014  Evan Parker and Matt Burns
2013  Amy Lehner, Indianapolis
2012  Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, Butler University
2011  Katie Donnar, Indianapolis
2010  Avery Jukes, Indianapolis
2009  Valerie Ng, Chelsea Roth and Matthew Siler
2008  Michael Hole, Crawfordsville
2007  Lindsey Koetter
2006  Travis Stoutenborough, West Lafayette

Outstanding Philanthropy Group
(Outstanding Civic Organization 2002-2017)

2023  Women of Beneficence, Muncie
2022  Gatsby Gals, Indianapolis
2021  Western Art Society of the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art, Indianapolis
2019  Foster Fairies, Indianapolis
2018  Impact 100 of Greater Indianapolis, Indianapolis
2016  Assistance League of Indianapolis, Indianapolis
2015  Sunnyside Guild, Indianapolis
2014  Eastern Star Church, Indianapolis
2013  The Salvation Army Indiana, Indianapolis
2012  Giving Sum, Inc., Indianapolis
2010  Assistance League of Indianapolis, Indianapolis
2009  Rotary Club of Indianapolis, Indianapolis
2008  St. Margaret's Hospital Guild, Indianapolis
2007  Indiana District of Kiwanis International, Indianapolis
2006  Indiana University Dance Marathon, Bloomington
2005  Broad Ripple Sertoma Club, Indianapolis
2004  Indiana State Aerie and the Indiana State Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Indianapolis
2003  The Indianapolis Garden Club, Indianapolis
2002  North Indianapolis Sertoma Club, Indianapolis

Outstanding Foundation

2023  Kroger Foundation
2022  McCormick Family Foundation, Vincennes
2021  Cummins Foundation, Columbus
2019  The Crosser Family Foundation, Carmel
2018  R. B. Annis Educational Foundation, Indianapolis and Sherman & Marjorie Zeigler Foundation, Muncie
2017  Harrison County Community Foundation, Corydon
2016  The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Indianapolis
2015  Wayne County, Indiana, Inc., Richmond
2014  Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Indianapolis
2013  Welborn Baptist Foundation, Evansville
2012  Fifth Third Bank Foundation, Indianapolis
2011  Bussing-Koch Foundation, Evansville
2010  Ruth Lilly Philanthropic Foundation, Indianapolis
2009  Allen Whitehill Clowes Charitable Foundation, Indianapolis
2008  Efroymson Family Fund, Indianapolis
2007  Dekko Foundation, Indianapolis
2006  Central Indiana Community Foundation, Indianapolis
2005  Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Indianapolis
2004  Guidant Foundation, Indianapolis
2003  The Sycamore Foundation, Indianapolis
2002  Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, Indianapolis
2001  American United Life Insurance Co. Foundation, Indianapolis
2000  Rotary Foundation of Indianapolis, Indianapolis
1999  Eugene and Marilyn Glick Foundation, Indianapolis
1998  Arthur Jordan Foundation, Indianapolis
1997  Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Indianapolis
1996  The Clowes Fund, Inc., Indianapolis
1995  The Health Foundation of Greater Indianapolis, Indianapolis
1994  Paul W. Ogle Foundation, Jeffersonville
1993  Ball Brothers Foundation, Muncie
1992  The Indianapolis Foundation, Indianapolis
1991  Lilly Endowment, Inc., Indianapolis

Outstanding Business
(formerly Outstanding Corporation through 2022)

2023  Cunningham Restaurant Group
2022  92.3 WTTS
2021  Bank of America, Indianapolis
2019  Old National Bank, Indianapolis
2018  Sun King Brewing Company, Indianapolis
2017  WTHR Channel 13, Indianapolis
2016  TCC, Indianapolis
2015  ArcelorMittal, East Chicago
2014  Interactive Intelligence, Indianapolis
2013  ExactTarget, Indianapolis
2012  Cummins, Inc., Columbus
2011  JP MorganChase, Indianapolis
2010  Kroger Central Division, Indianapolis
2009  Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis
2008  Olinger Distributing, Indianapolis
2007  National City, Indianapolis
2006  Carrier Corporation, Indianapolis
2005  Sallie Mae Corporation, Fishers
2004  Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis
2003  Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana, Princeton
2002  Indianapolis Monthly, Indianapolis
2000  Raytheon Technical Services Company, Indianapolis
1999  Conseco, Carmel
1998  IPALCO Enterprises, Indianapolis
1997  Indianapolis Colts, Inc., Indianapolis
1996  USA Group, Indianapolis
1995  DowBrands, Indianapolis
1994  PSI Resources, Inc., Plainfield
1993  Bank One, Indianapolis
1992  The Associated Group, Indianapolis
1991  American United Life Insurance Company, Indianapolis
1990  IBM, Indianapolis
1989  Indiana Bell Telephone, Inc., Indianapolis
1988  Target Stores, Inc., Indianapolis
1987  Melvin Simon & Associates, Indianapolis
1986  Marsh Supermarkets, Inc., Yorktown
1985  Indiana National Bank/Indiana National Corporation, Indianapolis
1984  Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis
1983  Lincoln National Corporation, Fort Wayne

Outstanding Small Business

2019  Aero Industries, Indianapolis
2016  Alderson Commercial Group, Inc., Indianapolis
2015  Toyota of Muncie, Muncie
2014  Valeo Financial Advisors, LLC, Indianapolis
2013  Veros Partners, Indianapolis
2012  Reindeer Logistics, Zionsville
2011  The Best Chocolate in Town, Indianapolis
2009  SGI, Inc., Indianapolis
2007  Sonar Studios, Indianapolis
2006  Maco Press, Indianapolis
2005  Meyer Najem, Inc., Fishers
2004  Printing Partners, Indianapolis
2003  Bright Ideas, Indianapolis
2001  Premier Solutions, Indianapolis
2000  Gregory & Appel Insurance, Indianapolis
1998  The Anderson Corporation, Indianapolis
1996  Pearson Crahan Fletcher England, Indianapolis
1995  Scotts Food Stores, Fort Wayne