Honor your Partner in Philanthropy

Every organization relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to achieve their mission. AFP-RI's National Philathropy Day event is an opportunity to show them how much you appreciate all they do by recognizing hem as your Partner in Philanthropy.

A Partner in Philanthropy is a person or business which has furthered the achievement of your non-profit organization's mission through significant generosity, outstanding leadership or exemplary volunteer contributions.

Partner(s) will be honored in the following ways...

  • Name, photo and tribute displayed on event video screens during Partner in Philanthropy recognition
  • Group recognition ceremony with nearly 100 other partners
  • Photo/logo and written tribute of the Partner's exemplary work in the event program book
  • Presentation of an individualized certificate and Partner pin
Click Here to Nominate your Partner in Philanthropy

Each organization can honor up to two Partners in Philanthropy. A Partner in Philanthropy can be an individual, a couple, a small group, or a business.

It is easy to honor your Partner in Philanthropy. Just submit a high-resolution photo and a short bio describing what they do and how much you depend on them. Find samples and ideas on how to get started on the link below...

Partner in Philanthropy Idea Starter

For more information, please contact Shana Murrell.

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