Chapter Job Center

EAFP South Saskatchewan offers organizations the opportunity to publish job postings on our website. Postings are usually made public within 24 hours, and will remain on our website for a month after the posting date. They are also shared with chapter members via email and shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

$100 fee for AFP South Saskatchewan and AFP Saskatoon members
$150 fee for non-members

Invoices will be sent to the contact person provided, and payment is due upon receipt to AFP South Saskatchewan Chapter.

To submit a job posting, please email, indicating whether or not the submission is from an AFP South Saskatchewan/AFP Saskatoon member or non-member. Attach the job ad, preferably in Word format. We can also accept PDF. After posting, AFP South Saskatchewan will send an invoice via email, which can be paid by credit card or cheque.

Salary ranges must be provided on all job postings distributed by the AFP South Saskatchewan Chapter to its members and for display on its website.


Mandatory salary range disclosure is critical for ensuring staff recruitment processes encompass the values of inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility. Salary range disclosure on job listings:

- Respects the time and effort that job-seekers put into applying for positions;
- Ensures that employers are seeing candidates who are able to take the compensation on offer;
- Helps fight the gender wage gap and support equity-seeking workers in our sector. On average women make only 78 cents for every dollar that a man makes;
- Discourages discrimination against people of colour and those from other diverse backgrounds and identities. Studies show that like women, a significant pay gap exists for those from diverse groups. Salary transparency at the onset will reduce this; and
- Starts off the potential employment relationship from a place of openness and trust.

Current Postings

Saskatchewan Polytechnic
VGH &UBC -Senior Vice President, Philanthropy Campaign
RSO-Regina Symphony Orchestra
Luther College
The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan Inc.