AFP is committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) in the fundraising profession, the philanthropic sector and throughout all of society. AFP is involved in numerous projects and partnerships related to IDEA.

Our Goal for Fundraisers

AFP now has an opportunity—and a responsibility to not only invest in the areas of equity and access, but also to be leading the charge for all fundraisers; men and women alike to ensure AFP and the sector stay relevant not only to fundraisers, but to donors as well. We must take a comprehensive look at the barriers to professional equity and create resources to help tackle these issues.

One Program, Many Initiatives

The AFP IDEA Impact program will use a phased, multiyear approach to create initiatives focused on different diverse communities. Each initiative will have four components; research, education and training, support, and awareness geared towards effectively preparing the next generation of diverse fundraisers to lead the profession. The program and its initiatives will work to create a fundraising profession that is not only diverse, but inclusive and equitable.


The IDEA Impact: Alford Group Mentoring and Leadership Development Program was created to provide support and guidance to women in the profession and to help develop their leadership skills so that they grow and sustain the profession. 

The Women's Impact Initiative is committed to equity and encourages applications from all qualified candidates. The goal is to attract and develop highly talented women from diverse backgrounds, allowing the program to benefit from a wide variety of experiences and perspectives. 

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Salary Disclosure Policy

Our first AFP South Saskatchewan IDEA initiative was to implement a policy that requires disclosure of salary on all job opportunities promoted on our chapter website, email, and social channels.


Mandatory salary range disclosure is critical for ensuring staff recruitment processes encompass the values of inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility. Salary range disclosure on job listings:

- Respects the time and effort that job-seekers put into applying for positions;
- Ensures that employers are seeing candidates who are able to take the compensation on offer;
- Helps fight the gender wage gap and support equity-seeking workers in our sector. On average women make only 78 cents for every dollar that a man makes;
- Discourages discrimination against people of colour and those from other diverse backgrounds and identities. Studies show that like women, a significant pay gap exists for those from diverse groups. Salary transparency at the onset will reduce this; and
- Starts off the potential employment relationship from a place of openness and trust.

Questions? Contact the AFP South Saskatchewan IDEA Director, Leah Soveran