Diversity and Inclusion

Aloha Chapter Statement of Diversity

AFP Aloha Chapter Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy Statement

AFP Aloha Chapter believes that the organizational culture that embraces diversity and inclusion creates a strong, vital and unified force for the effective pursuit of its mission and fundraising success.

 AFP Aloha Chapter Diversity and Inclusion Definition

Diversity and inclusion for this chapter will be achieved with a broad representation of its membership with regard to experiences, perspectives and cultures. In order to ensure that the best possible thinking, opportunities and solutions are considered in its management and its intention to create a respectful and welcoming environment that is open to all, this chapter will seek to include individuals and groups from Hawaii's diverse cultural, generational, religious and other identified groups. 


The IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Champion Designation recognizes those chapters who have accomplished many of the key objectives outlined in the advancing influence and inclusion strategic goal. This designation encourages chapters to perform specific activities designed to increase IDEA within fundraising and public awareness of the importance of philanthropy in all cultures.

AFP Aloha Chapter Resolution on Diversity 

The AFP Aloha Chapter Board of Directors formally adopted the following resolution on diversity at its January 15, 2016 meeting:

WHEREAS the mission of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) is to enable people and organizations throughout the world to practice effective and ethical fundraising through education, training, mentoring, research, credentialing and advocacy; and,

WHEREAS AFP is committed to educating and encouraging its members and the non-profit sector to better serve their respective communities; and,

WHEREAS AFP defines diversity as the seeking and achieving of a broad representation of experiences, perspectives, opinions and cultures; and,

WHEREAS AFP values inclusiveness as an essential source of vitality and strength for the effective pursuit of an organization’s mission;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT AFP Aloha Chapter is committed to diversity as an ongoing proactive process in its governance, committees, membership, programs and activities.