2019 National Philanthropy Day Committee


Deanne Althoff, Hills & Dales, dalthoff@hillsdales.org. (563)556-7878 

Committee Members:

Shirley Brown, The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, sbrown@bvmsisters.org (563) 585-2854

Kelly Myers, AMPERAGE Fundraising, kmyers@amperagefundraising.com 563-590-7511

Barb O'Hea, Crescent Community Health Center, bohea@crescentchc.org, (563) 690-2432 

Greg Orwoll, Duride, greg@duridedbq.com, (563) 451-4999

Dennis Rima, The Pregnancy Center, dennis@thepregnancycenter.com, (563) 557-3123 

Amy Schauer, Stonehill Franciscan Services, aschauer@stonehilldbq.com, 563-690-9623

Christel Tatro, Stonehill Franciscan Services, ctatro@stonehilldbq.com, 563-557-7180