Welcome to AFPLI

President's Message

We stand with you during these tough times. 

Since 1960, the Association of Fundraising Professionals has been inspiring global change and advancing philanthropy through advocacy, research, education, and certification programs.

As our AFP Global president, Mike Geiger, has often said, fundraisers are the voice of those who are not heard. And that point has never been more critical than now. 

We play a role in bringing people together, especially now, rebuilding trust in our organizations, and advancing the principles of inclusion, equity, and justice in our society. Even if our individual causes appear to be unrelated to these issues, we must understand that our members and the people we serve will want and need to talk about them.

Whatever our cause—and AFPLI members represent hundreds of different missions—we need to provide a platform so that those we serve can express themselves, and we need to be sure to listen, understand and help find solutions to bring about change.

When we work together, we are a powerful force. AFPLI can be a voice for nonprofits and philanthropists, and volunteers and create awareness for the level of professionalism at which we work.

Our Board members are committed to helping our members and our Chapter grow and ensuring we are helping you recognize the value of your membership.

Goals for 2021

Promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA). Renee chairs this committee, and we encourage our membership to step up and join.

Advertise our integrity.  AFP has a reputation for upholding high standards. Since every AFP member signs his/her adherence to the Code of Ethical Principles and Standards every year, we align ourselves with like-minded practitioners of ethical fundraising. Jennie and Anne chair this committee, and we encourage our membership to step up and join to promote the standards of AFPLI.

Educate and Network.  AFP will continue to offer educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and keep up with the newest fundraising trends, both on the international and local levels. Carmella and Saskia chair this committee, and we encourage our membership to step up and join.

Further our causes.  The more we learn about the latest fundraising methods, the better equipped we are to further the causes of the organizations and the people we represent.

I invite all of you to get more involved with our Chapter by serving on one of our committees and engaging with your colleagues.  As we continue to move forward, for now, in a virtual world, AFPLI will continue to create ways to network with others who can help you make connections to promote your causes and careers.  We will come together because it is crucial for us, our work, our mental health, and our success.

AFPLI, AFP Global, and our more than 240 chapters worldwide can—and should—be your community for fundraising. We were there for you in 2020, and I promise you that we'll be there for you in 2021 —working together to find new ways to achieve success. 

Please share your thoughts with me and all our Board members on how we can continue to provide value to you and the communities you serve through AFPLI.  Our contact information is available on our website at www.AFPLI.org

Thanks for being a member, and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Stay safe, stay well - and let us hear from you! 

Katherine M. Fritz
AFPLI -  2021 President