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Increase your recruitment success by posting positions where they will reach the most qualified talent pool of fundraisers. Advertise the qualifications you are seeking and have resumes returned directly to you.

Your job posting will be seen by AFPLI members and the Long Island fundraising community: volunteers, executive directors, board members, and affiliate members.

AFPLI chapter members and people on our mailing list receive your job post via email shortly after the position is posted on the website.

Members and non-members have access to the job posting on the AFPLI website for 30 days.

Listing fees are $100 for member agencies and affiliate member agencies and $175 for non-member agencies.

If at all possible, we would appreciate your providing a salary range.  AFP Global is promoting more salary transparency and while is not required, the information is appreciated.

To post a job opening, click here for a form and send the completed form to us at  We're working on improving the form, so please bear with us.

If you send your organization's logo, your listing will look better - send it to

Payment can be sent via this link to PayPal or by check. Please note we require payment in full before positions will be posted and emailed.

Mail checks to:

Job Postings
223 Wall Street, #246
Huntington NY  11743.

Thank you for using AFPLI's Career Center to fill your open position!