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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting us all, and like you, Association of Fundraising Professionals- Long Island (AFPLI) is finding our footing in this difficult time. The current health crisis has shut down AFPLI’s normal streams of revenue that make it possible to provide you with the resources you count on, especially during uncertain times.  

In order to continue AFPLI’s more than twenty years of serving YOU – our members, the nonprofit and philanthropic community - we need your support!

Support AFP Long Island

AFPLI measures success by the quality of programs we present to you - the community who come to AFPLI for learning, growing and connecting. Your gift today will ensure that programs at the local level can continue to be offered, as you learn to work in this “new” normal.

AFPLI is your fundraising partner, providing you the resources, programs, services, ethical standards, best practices, networking and opportunities to create impact.  Your donation to AFPLI makes so many things possible:

     • AFPLI gives membership scholarships for new fundraisers, including people making career changes, and scholarships for educational programs, forums and conferences.

     • AFPLI connects you to life-long mentors and provides you with networking opportunities to help your grow professionally and personally. 

     • AFPLI Educational programs teach how to embrace new platforms, start capital campaigns, tame boards of directors, use data to make annual appeals punch way above their weight class, and everything that fundraisers need to be effective AND successful.

     • You understand that fundraising is more than just asking for money - there are principals and ethics that, when upheld, raise up the sector, the fundraisers, and all the change-makers who you support. Let’s continue to do this together!

    • AFPLI is committed to the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) in the fundraising profession, the philanthropic sector and throughout all of society.  We need YOU to engage with all sectors of our community! 

Please consider a gift today to ensure AFPLI will continue to offer the best resources available during the COVID19 Pandemic, and beyond.   


If you prefer, make your gift by mail by sending a check or money order to:

Att: Donations
223 Wall Street, #246
Huntington, NY  11743