IDEA Champion

The IDEA Champion (formerly Friends of Diversity) Designation recognizes those chapters who have accomplished many of the key objectives outlined in the Advancing Inclusion and Influence strategic goal. We are pleased to announce AFP Nova Scotia has achieved this designation for 2024.

AFP’s Strategic Plan is the blueprint for organizational growth and success in the future. For the strategic plan to be effective, it must be implemented through a partnership between the International Headquarters and the local chapters. As each chapter contributes its part to the overall Strategic Plan, AFP will meet its goals and continue to advance philanthropy and the fundraising profession around the world. One of the specific goals in the plan is AFP reflects a diverse and inclusive community, evolving and enhancing our global influence and mission impact.

Program Mission
The IDEA Champion (formerly Friends of Diversity) Designation recognizes those chapters who have accomplished many of the key objectives outlined in the advancing influence and inclusion strategic goal. This designation encourages chapters to perform specific activities designed to increase diversity within fundraising and public awareness of the importance of philanthropy in all cultures.

Chapter Mission

AFP Nova Scotia Chapter Inclusion Diversity Equity & Access (IDEA) Chair Purpose:

  • To ensure that AFP NS Chapter is aware of and welcoming to a broad diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in our region and open to inviting these attributes to become an integral part of all of the Chapter’s actions and activities;
  • To lead IDEA committee in researching, strategizing and advising the chapter on issues and aspects related to IDEA in our community that impact the Chapter membership;
  • To implement programs and advocate for practices that assure inclusion in our membership, leadership and services that helps to identify and meet the needs of diverse members;
  • To serve as a resource to the Board, Committees and Membership on diversity and inclusion; and
  • To find ways to assess the level of inclusion and accessibility in order to promote opportunities for participation and leadership.

AFP Nova Scotia Chapter - IDEA Portfolio Goals

Work with Chapter Leadership to:

  • Develop and present opportunities which identify and attract fundraisers and aspiring fundraisers from diverse experiences, backgrounds and organizations to share those attributes with the AFP Nova Scotia Chapter.
  • Develop and review ways to engage existing and prospective chapter members in discussion on ways to become sensitive to and promote opportunities to foster and further a culture of diversity and inclusion in the AFP Nova Scotia Chapter.
  • Integrate IDEA throughout the Chapter / Portfolios:
    • Embed clear expectations for diversity and inclusion across all portfolios and at all events through a board steering committee
    • Employ a diversity checklist to ensure IDEA values are applied and maintained across all portfolios
    • Explore partnerships with other sector organizations to realize implementation of IDEA principles

Work with the Education/Professional Development Committee to:

  • Assist with developing Maritime Fundraising Conference with Committee’s innovative IDEAs Theme
  • Ensure accessibility of programs as far as location and facility.
  • Ensure inclusion to program delivery of membership outside Greater Halifax Region.
  • Explore a diverse range of topics and speakers relating to IDEA.
  • Work toward ensuring that needs of various professional levels, orientations and sectors are met through the presentation of curriculum, topics and levels.

Work with the Membership Services Committee to:

  • Collaborate with under-represented organizations and groups within the community to create awareness and opportunities for AFP membership.
  • Promote, attract, and retain an inclusive and diverse membership.

Work with the Communications/Marketing Committee to:

  • Create better awareness and understanding of what is meant by Inclusion, Diversity, Access, and Inclusion throughout the Chapter and prospective members.
  • Promote, attract, and retain an inclusive membership through our internal and external communications
  • Create a practice or policy for all chapter material to use inclusive language and imagery that reflect AFP’s IDEA commitment.

It is proposed that the IDEA Chair/Committee of AFP Nova Scotia Chapter work with the Chapter’s Communications/Marketing Committee to solicit feedback, identify opportunities and inform members about IDEA.

It is proposed that the Chapter fund one (1) membership bursary annually under the diversity and inclusion portfolio. This bursary will be awarded annually by a committee of no less than three (3) people formed by and including the IDEA Chair to people for whom fundraising represents at least 50% of their work week and who work or reside in the Chapter’s geographical areas of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. To be a successful bursary recipient, candidates will be asked to apply and demonstrate to the committee that they either embody or represent a diverse population as defined and justified by the applicant.

It is proposed that the IDEA Chair/Committee write or share an information piece annually for  Chapter communications, to bring about better awareness surrounding AFP Nova Scotia Chapter’s commitment towards building a Chapter that embodies the ideals of IDEA and all that this might entail.

The Chapter’s IDEA Chair shall build a list of speakers and resources on the subject to draw from and direct others to in the quest to become a more diverse and inclusive Chapter.

The Chapter to engage in one IDEA related session at least once this fiscal year, to promote an understanding of diversity within the profession.

Strive to be innovative, responsive to the community and to inform a diverse, educated population about fundraising intended to encourage consideration of fundraising as a career; and to introduce prospects to the profession.

To learn more about the AFP Nova Scotia IDEA Committee, and the role of its members, please reference:

AFP Nova Scotia IDEA Committee
(PDF 77KB)

AFP Nova Scotia IDEA Board Resolution
(PDF 62KB)

AFP Nova Scotia IDEA Plan
(PDF 90KB)

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