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Joint Statement on AFP Cape Breton Chapter and AFP Nova Scotia Chapter merging. 

April 1, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a significant development in the realm of fundraising in Nova Scotia, as the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Cape Breton Chapter and AFP Nova Scotia/PEI Chapter come together in a collaborative merger, effective April 1, 2024. 

This merger is not just a strategic move; it's a commitment to amplifying the professional growth and opportunities for fundraising experts across Nova Scotia & PEI. By combining forces, members from both AFP Cape Breton and AFP Nova Scotia/PEI will gain access to an expanded network, fostering collaboration, idea exchange, and shared expertise. Members can anticipate more resources, encompassing a diverse array of insights, best practices, and educational materials. 

This consolidation allows for a more comprehensive approach to professional development, ensuring that fundraisers in Nova Scotia & PEI are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. 

The synergy between AFP Cape Breton and AFP Nova Scotia/PEI will give rise to a collaborative approach to program development. By pooling resources and expertise, the merged chapters can curate a dynamic calendar of events, workshops, and seminars tailored to meet the evolving needs of fundraising professionals across the province. 

A dedicated "Cape Breton" position on the AFP Nova Scotia/PEI chapter board will ensure regional representation in leadership. This inclusion guarantees that the unique perspectives and requirements of Cape Breton members are considered in the decision-making process, fostering a more inclusive and representative governing body. 

In essence, this merger is a commitment to building a more vibrant, supportive, and interconnected community for fundraising professionals in Nova Scotia & PEI. The benefits extend beyond administrative changes, aiming to enrich the professional journey of every member involved. Together, we are creating a unified force that propels fundraising excellence in our region. Stay tuned for the exciting opportunities and collaborations that lie ahead!

Statement from Alison Clements, AFP Nova Scotia President:

"This merger marks a strategic alliance aimed at fostering a stronger and more vibrant fundraising community across Nova Scotia. By integrating the Cape Breton Chapter into the larger AFP Nova Scotia/PEI family, we envision an enriched landscape of opportunities, resources, and collective expertise that will benefit all our members."

Statement from Mark Inglis, AFP Cape Breton Chapter President:

"The merger signifies an exciting chapter for our members in Cape Breton, opening doors to a broader network, enhanced programming, and increased collaboration. We believe this strategic move will amplify our impact and contribute to the professional growth of our members."

Key Highlights of the Merger Agreement:

Governance and Administration:

   A dedicated "Cape Breton" position will be added to the AFP Nova Scotia/PEI chapter board, ensuring regional representation in leadership.

   Event logistics and registration for Cape Breton-based programming will be seamlessly managed by AFP Nova Scotia/PEI's Chapter Services Agent.

   Online promotion of Cape Breton activities will be integrated into AFP Nova Scotia's communication channels.


   Assets from the Cape Breton Chapter will be directed toward membership, scholarships, and programs in Cape Breton within the AFP Nova Scotia/PEI chapter budget.

   Membership dues from Cape Breton members will cover AFP Nova Scotia/PEI chapter dues, fostering a smooth transition for current members.

   Remaining funds in the Cape Breton Chapter budget will be dedicated to programs in Cape Breton, administered by the AFP Nova Scotia Cape Breton liaison.


   Current AFP Cape Breton members are encouraged to transition their membership to AFP Nova Scotia/PEI, unlocking access to a broader array of resources and opportunities.

   AFP Cape Breton will provide membership information to facilitate a seamless transition, ensuring member benefits and engagement.


   AFP Nova Scotia/PEI and AFP Cape Breton will collaborate to design an annual program schedule, maximizing the impact and relevance of events for all members.

   This merger is a testament to our commitment to the growth and success of fundraising professionals in Nova Scotia. By uniting our strengths, we look forward to creating an even more dynamic and supportive AFP community.


Alison Clements, President
AFP Nova Scotia Chapter 

Mark Inglis, President
AFP Cape Breton Chapter 

AFP Canada Media Contact:
Alison Clements