Member Spotlight

anthony-luckAnthony Luck
Granting and Project Coordinator
Nova Scotia Community College Foundation
AFP member since 2022

Why did you join AFP NS? What has your experience been like so far?

My current role is my first non-profit role. I wanted to join an association that would help me better understand the processes, challenges and unique things that make the fundraising community a different spot than my previous roles. So far the experience has been invaluable, with lots of amazing resources. I am looking forward to attending my first learning experience through AFP very soon!

Tell us about your current role. What is your favourite part of the job?

My current role is the Granting & Project Coordinator with Nova Scotia Community College Foundation. My role acts as the interface between our foundation’s internal teams, external partners, and the college itself. One of the other aspects of my role is granting funds to our students. Nova Scotia Community College Foundation offers emergency financial assistance to our students for unexpected life events that might interfere with their studies, or with extra-ordinary expenses that our faculty may propose that can enrich a students learning experience with the college. Seeing the photos and reading the stories of the impact these gifts make to our students is the highlight of my days!

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

My career path is fairly different from many of the folks in my office. I spent 15 years working in for-profit corporations including long stints in Oil & Gas as well as Aviation. I am proud to be able to bring that lens to our non-profit shop, and help us work in new and exciting ways that can, ultimately, allow us to be more efficient and effective with our donors. Working on projects that free up staff time to focus on fundraising is a current goal that I’m excited to work through.

What's the best advice that you have ever received?

My father used to tell me that it was important to mentally picture a hook at the front door of your home. When you get home from work, put all your day's worries and stresses on the hook. When you enter your home, you should be worried about what’s for dinner, or who needs help with homework. In our current work-from-home world, I have a physical hook at the door to my office, and I mentally unload my day onto it before going out into the rest of our home. My dad’s other important advice was “Listen to one song you love, everyday.”

Do you have a favorite book, blog or podcast that has been very helpful in your career that you'd like to recommend?

Queen’s University Alumni Review Podcast, Cause & Effect, interviews various donors to the university, to better understand what motivated them to donate, and what they are passionate about with a wonderful interview format, it’s one of my favourite podcasts at the moment.