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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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    Paddle Raiser

    We are planning a paddle raiser/fund-a-need that will ... More

  • I graduated from the University of Central Florida's ... More

  • Looking for contacts/recommendations for a professional ... More

  • Do you know anyone who wants to work for an awesome ... More

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    RE: Soft credit for Corporate gifts

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Does anyone have a Prospect Management Policy & Procedures ... More

  • Hi Ashley, I'm glad to hear that your organization ... More

  • Erin,  That sounds like a great opportunity! Does ... More

  • Hi David, what an incredible resource! Thank you for ... More

  • Thank you Daniel! I will absolutely investigate this ... More

  • Does anyone have a communications plan that discusses ... More

  • Hi Lisa-- I highly recommend AFP LEAD. I've attended ... More

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    AFP Lead Conference

    Hello. I am wondering if anyone has feedback on the ... More

  • As a past member of APRA, I can say that they do have ... More

  • Hi Roberta, Sadly, the state library ended its membership ... More

  • For those of you who have audited financial statements:  ... More

  • Hi Mary, I'm the grant writer and fundraiser and communications ... More

  • I received my Masters of Science in Nonprofit Administration ... More

  • We do not soft credit anyone for corporate gifts. Our ... More

  • I have something I use to track ROI for direct mail, ... More

  • Cathrine, I agree with what has been said re: having ... More

  • Thank you all! Very helpful. Phil Phil ... More

  • Paul, The key phrase in Stephanie's response is "fair ... More

  • Many public libraries partner with Foundation Directory ... More

  • For those who were wondering about options, I just ... More

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    RE: Soft credit for Corporate gifts

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Yes, we do this also; mostly for the purpose of tracking ... More

  • HI Sarah, I use HubSpot CRM for my consulting business, ... More

  • Catherine, Grant research is tricky for someone who ... More

  • In my experience, most of my clients who use Salesforce ... More

  • That's pretty much all you need to do - you need to ... More

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    Soft credit for Corporate gifts

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I loved the program offered by Northeastern.    On-line, ... More

  • Hi Ehsaneh, As has been mentioned in the above posts, ... More

  • It sounds like you've really had a challenging time!  ... More

  • I can't tell by your message if your organization is ... More

  • Ebsaneh, That doesn't seem like an unreasonable ... More

  • Hi, Do you know any good resources out there to determine ... More

  • Does anyone here use HubSpot CRM?  What are the pros ... More

  • Hi Ehsaneh, We use NPSP along with numerous apps and ... More

  • $10,000 will be a bargain if you can get it. I agree ... More

  • Minimum $10,000.. It's a lot of upfront cost, but I ... More

  • It really depends on what you needs are. We use a consultant ... More

  • Hi Colleen, If you want to learn some basics, take ... More

  • Hello fundraising colleagues! We hired a part-time ... More

  • Amy- I would be interested in speaking with you. We ... More

  • Mary- Would love to see your printed newsletter as ... More

  • Hi all, What is a reasonable amount to spend on tech ... More

  • Would anyone be willing to share their Excel metrics ... More

  • This is a great resource, thank you for sharing! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Donor research

    Hi Colleen! Here are my suggestions. First, make sure ... More

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    Donor research

    Hello, I am interested in what ways you research a ... More

  • Thank you both for your helpful responses. ------------------------------ ... More

  • These are fantastic points. Since this is your first ... More

  • Thank you, for your helpful responses ------------------------------ ... More

  • I forgot the link to the Donor Survey Guide . Sorry ... More

  • Hi Jonathan, The feedback from this group has been ... More

  • We do not participate in the national Giving Day, but ... More

  • I did our first donor survey this year.  I designed ... More

  • Hello, A local professional sports team has offered ... More

  • Hello, Milva. New donor acquisition mailings are an ... More

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    Lapsed stewardship, reconnecting with donors

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I am currently enrolled in (and almost done!) with ... More

  • Josie, Consider the Executive Master of Nonprofit ... More

  • Hi all, Happy to share our third part event guidelines, ... More

  • Nina is correct regarding the artist's ability to deduct ... More

  • Your CFO is wrong. Period. Ask your CFO to show you ... More

  • Dr. Roseanne Mirabella at Seton Hall University has ... More

  • ​Has anyone purchased a list for direct mail?  What ... More

  • Good Morning, My organization is looking to tighten ... More

  • RE is overpriced. However they will work with you on ... More

  • Other posters have shared good advice. In looking at ... More

  • Hi Desi, If your only contention from RE is the new ... More

  • I work with Diana Grady to secure these insurance options. ... More

  • I taught for North Park's Masters in NP Mgt program ... More

  • Hi Lois, As an artist who has donated my work to nonprofits ... More

  • Jonathan: Surveys are a great stewardship activity. ... More

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  • I would recommend no more than 3 - 5 questions for ... More

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  • Dear Colleagues, Thank you for your helpful responses. ... More

  • Hello AFP Community, My organization has, to my knowledge, ... More

  • Hi Josie,  I just completed a "Fundraising Management" ... More

  • Good Lord! That does not make any sense. Your CFO needs ... More

  • Hi Everyone! We're looking at a program for people ... More

  • Hi John - would you be willing to share with me also? ... More

  • I've never heard of this Sent from my iPhone ------Original ... More

  • ​Hello, I am working in development at the Woodrow ... More

  • I too would be very interested in these answers. ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Bitcoins

    As far as I know, if you contribute to donor advised ... More

  • Thanks, Kim--and congratulations on the progress and ... More

  • no, not registration.... When I major gift travels ... More

  • Iam the Director of Development and Public Relations ... More

  • Hi Carl,  Congratulations on your success!  The changes ... More

  • Hi Linda,  I am also InSitu certified with Dina Zaphiris. ... More

  • Are you asking about registering in each state where ... More

  • Calling all higher ed pros! We are exploring a move ... More

  • Thanks, Chris - and EXACTLY! We are looking to break ... More

  • Thank you both for your quick responses! I am so grateful ... More

  • yes, I travel to 30 states a year.  Fearful the CFO ... More

  • Here at the Literacy House we are expending our reach, ... More

  • I am looking to pursue a graduate degree in nonprofit ... More

  • Hello! We have a few staff events each year (summer ... More

  • We do, but they have their own strategic focus (ticket ... More

  • We can not participate in our local Giving Day because ... More

  • Sophie, Thank you so much for your input. I am ... More

  • Interesting Louis. Do you have a separate Marketing ... More

  • My experience with grant funders is to be as open and ... More

  • Hi Roy, Do you mean income tax? That seems really ... More

  • Development content writer. We have an incredible need ... More

  • Our organization has been offered an art item worth ... More

  • Sent from my iPad ------Original Message------ ... More

  • Linda, You clearly have a big and good heart even ... More

  • Hi Carly, This is a super question. A management position ... More

  • The Team Place Ready Room ------------------------------ ... More

  • Rick, Perhaps our recent experience will help because ... More

  • Hi, Carly. Just sent you an email with our job description. ... More

  • Carly, I've held a position with a similar background. ... More

  • Carl, Congrats on your success! Depending upon the ... More

  • See for ideas. Of particular ... More

  • Hello to Everyone! I just joined AFP and I hope this ... More

  • Hello folks! I'm looking for input on DonorPerfect ... More

  • I am new to this Forum but a 20 year veteran of Development. ... More

  • Our MGOs each cover 5 or 6 states? Have any of you ... More

  • Thanks, Mark. Great advice. To clarify: We're mostly ... More

  • Has anyone had any experience with running a membership ... More

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    Accounting of Matching Dollars

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    Capital Campaign Final Report

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi Everyone -  I see that many of you share joint ... More

  • Hi Edith, I've been using Bloomerang for a year and ... More

  • I have done many golf fundraisers and getting teams ... More

  • Rick: From the vantage point of a dozen or so capital ... More

  • I work for a non profit with a very niche mission. ... More

  • Happy Thursday! I'd like to learn what other nonprofits ... More

  • Would you be willing to post your 3rd Party Event LOA ... More

  • Hi Everyone -  My organization is considering hiring ... More

  • The time capsule is a great idea! We are constructing ... More

  • We have a new building under construction right now. ... More

  • Does anyone do a special Giving Day not associated ... More

  • ​Following...I have a meeting next week in regard to ... More

  • Our annual donors have made it very clear that they ... More

  • Hi Melissa, I book pledges in my donor database, ... More

  • Hi John, Could you please share this with me as well? ... More