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  • Hi Gracelyn, I've got two (hopefully) helpful resources ... More

  • Wynne, That is a huge help.  I guess I have heard ... More

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    NetSuite as CRM

    Hello, I recently joined an organization that is moving ... More

  • I hope someone that is an expert in this weighs in. ... More

  • This is a great thread! Thank you all so much for your ... More

  • ... More

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  • Is the $300 deduction per individual, so if you are ... More

  • Hi Jeff,  This is very helpful! Thank you for your ... More

  • This is a template we use at Jefferson Health. I think ... More

  • Has anyone done a Bingo game as a fundraiser during ... More

  • We had signed up with Donorview about a year ago and ... More

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    RE: Venmo

    Lesley, I'm not sure but I think this has changed. ... More

  • Oh - and speaking of raffles. Be sure you know exactly ... More

  • Abby - check our Rally Up. We are going to do our online ... More

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    RE: Venmo

    Wow - I just looked at their website and this seems ... More

  • At Charlotte Latin School, we decided to go paperless ... More

  • Hi Dana, My org is just getting ready to sign up with ... More

  • Alana, Thank you for asking this question.  I am interested ... More

  • Marcus, we have prepared this document for organizations ... More

  • At Birmingham Public Library, we have had few if any ... More

  • Dear Kathleen, Here is something that will help ... More

  • Would love to hear from anyone who has either experience ... More

  • Hi everyone,  I am in a bit of a pickle... I am trying ... More

  • I am stealing some of your language. I was tasked with ... More

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    RE: CARES Act - Itemizing Deductions

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I am a PAC fundraiser in Ohio. We stopped asking for ... More

  • Hello, we are working as a team to transition to email ... More

  • To help folks who are working remotely and would like ... More

  • Great question, Kathleen!  I had not even thought of ... More

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    RE: Venmo

    Givebutter is the donor advised fund that makes donations ... More

  • Like many, I have a bio that I use but it's often requested ... More

  • Thank You! ------------------------------ Ana Schulz ... More

  • Thank you! ------------------------------ Ana Schulz ... More

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    RE: One -page bio template

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello all, We have had to cancel an event our Teen ... More

  • Covid-19 or not – my recommendations based on both ... More

  • Yes we are for that reason that some don't have email ... More

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    RE: Venmo

    Dear Anonymous, Please find a more appropriate source ... More

  • Yes, we are. I work for a national park nonprofit partner ... More

  • Because we are an essential organization, there is ... More

  • We are doing a mixture of both as we don't have email ... More

  • I have not had a chance to read the entire CARES package, ... More

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    RE: Venmo

    Following.  At the moment Venmo payments from a person ... More

  • I have been doing both.I create the acknowledgement ... More

  • We just applied here in Michigan. There is a huge ... More

  • We are still sending letters on letterhead. Thankfully ... More

  • You should look at both the $10,000 loan and the Paycheck ... More

  • I have had issues too. I just found out that PayPal ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, I'd love to see the email.. ... More

  • Hi Christopher, I just came across this thread. I was ... More

  • I am going into the office once a week to print/mail ... More

  • Thank you Annalise, I'm in favor of the approach ... More

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    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi, Liza. Happy it is helpful. To answer your questions: ... More

  • Hi All, We all know that financial support is critical ... More

  • We have participated for a number of years in December ... More

  • Ditto. ------------------------------ Amy Pelicano ... More

  • Our agency is a small human services organization. ... More

  • Thanks Elsa. It’s helpful to hear that others across ... More

  • Thank you. ------------------------------ Kathleen ... More

  • Is anyone soliciting PAC money right now? We're most ... More

  • Kathleen, obviously this should be part of the ongoing ... More

  • Annalise, Very generous of you to share your program.  ... More

  • Hello- I'm on the board for a local community theatre ... More

  • how about social services? ------------------------------ ... More

  • Natalie, this is wonderful, thank you for sharing. ... More

  • Thank you for continuing to share this information! ... More

  • Join the AFP Triangle Chapter and members from all ... More

  • We are applying today as an 853 private school for ... More

  • I have a small local nonprofit that did a Go Fund Me ... More

  • We are sending them as emails with a PDF of the letter ... More

  • I work primarily with independent charter schools and ... More

  • Many non-profits have some kind of endowed funds which ... More

  • Would this bio be separate from your resume? ... More

  • Hi Everyone, We were just wondering if people ... More

  • Below are some of the key links relative to Giving ... More

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    Cares Act Forgivable loans & independent schools

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi friends!  Following a great Higher Ed roundtable ... More

  • Hi! We held a virtual Board of Trustees meeting via ... More

  • We actually worked to get away from linking corporate ... More

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    Board giving during pandemic

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Just an FYI, while the process for applying for forgivable ... More

  • Does anyone else feel compelled to make sure processes, ... More

  • For members exploring virtual fundraising events I ... More

  • I live in Raleigh-Duham area and my years of fundraising ... More

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    RE: One -page bio template

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Dear Colleagues, Does anyone have a solid corporate ... More

  • THANK YOU!!!! I will absolutely follow up with any ... More

  • I'd encourage you to check out GoodUnited ( ... More

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    One -page bio template

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi Mary, Thank you. Those are good questions to consider. ... More

  • Thank you! This is really useful feedback. Our school ... More

  • Join over 100 women in a place that is for fund development ... More

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    PPP Application Certification

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Valerie, I do exactly what you do and, too, find it ... More

  • Network for Good is the platform used by Facebook when ... More

  • Has anyone seen anything about whether or not the documentation ... More

  • Kerry, Thanks so much! I completely forgot ... More

  • Are any of you familiar with the May 5 campaign, GivingTuesdayNow? ... More

  • Margaret, The Council of Nonprofits has a good resource ... More

  • This is a survey we mail to donors upon receipt of ... More

  • Direct deposit can be great but you really need to ... More

  • Dianna, I guess you have to consider the context. ... More

  • That is a great question. Both events are extremely ... More

  • Lorene, Unfortunately, I do not have any specific ... More

  • I'm new to my role and am planning a speaker-dinner ... More

  • Greetings! I am new to AFP and this is my first post. ... More

  • The CARES Act gives additional temporary tax deductions ... More

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    Suspension of RMDs

    Nonprofits that seek donations in the form of IRA required ... More

  • Donor calls are not just calls. They're one of several ... More

  • Wonderful news! ------------------------------ Natalie ... More

  • If you're going through Network for Good, then it would ... More

  • Lorene, We have the same problem! We added a donate ... More

  • Has anyone used this particular tool or something else ... More

  • Hi All, I've noticed an increase in the number of ... More

  • Embracing the Moment – A practical guide for executing ... More

  • Our organization receives many check donations via ... More

  • I just read about this service today - the DeVos Institute's ... More

  • That is amazing!  I am so happy for you!!! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Donor Check - In Communication during COVID-19

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I missed that on the form. I had one person doing the ... More

  • Is anyone else in the middle of a job search? I started ... More

  • Hi Michael - just wondering what your experience has ... More

  • Facebook does provide donor information, however you ... More

  • Hi John - this is helpful information.  Do you have ... More

  • It also provides incentives for corporate donations: ... More

  • Linda, There are probably about a million threads ... More

  • Check out Rally Up. They do online auctions but also ... More

  • Hi Stela, the job description for our position with ... More

  • Hi Russell, There is always a fine line! I assume ... More

  • Hi everyone- Next week we'll finally be releasing ... More

  • This is true!  Beware that there are some specific ... More

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  • Absolutely! You can see the recording here . ... More

  • Facebook does not provide information about the donor ... More

  • John - That's a great resource!  This all moving quickly, ... More

  • Is this webinar available for on-demand replay anywhere? ... More

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    RE: PPP Loan

    The application form and informational documents are ... More