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  • Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the ... More

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    RE: DAF sponsors

    Hi Margaret,  Small shop, so the answer would fall ... More

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    RE: DAF sponsors

    Hmmm, interesting.  The CEO of our community DAF has ... More

  • Just a note of thanks, Kara, for the hard work of doing ... More

  • I'd love to listen to the podcast that included this ... More

  • Hey folks, Great discussion here - I value hearing ... More

  • Absolutely yes!  Tom's sessions are a must for AG and ... More

  • Thank you, Teri!  This is the kind of info that I am ... More

  • Hello,  One of our goals this year is to increase ... More

  • Bronwen, I second Amy's offer!  A conversation would ... More

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    RE: DAF sponsors

    Hi Margaret, At PAI, the DAF donors are managed by ... More

  • Hello, I know the basic approach in starting ... More

  • Hi Meighan, I agree that, without a doubt, the community ... More

  • Hi Gregory, Actually a former VP at one of the larger ... More

  • I have put messages, drawings and a combination on ... More

  • Hi. I always put a message on the outside of the envelope ... More

  • I actually think there's no point in attempting to ... More

  • Hi Margaret - I'm not sure I understand the question. ... More

  • hi, to be significantly different, you'd need at least ... More

  • HI Bronwen, You pose really great questions about ... More

  • Looking for insights from performing arts organizations ... More

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    DAF sponsors

    Hello! I am researching material about DAFs and have ... More

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    I received an email from - has anyone ... More

  • Thanks Kara!  I always find it interesting at the different ... More

  • Good morning. We highly recommend you check out ... More

  • Hi Lori, I wish we had the staff or time to fully ... More

  • I am currently enrolled in a graduate course about ... More

  • Good information! I have to say I was pretty disappointed ... More

  • Irene, I waited to respond to your question until the ... More

  • Thanks for sharing Kara. I'd also be interested in ... More

  • Thank you for sharing your data! It's always ... More

  • I agree with Connie. Among the documents we show to ... More

  • Hi all, I had shared that we planned to do some A/B ... More

  • I beg to differ. If, in the course of our solicitation, ... More

  • For restricted vs. unrestricted, (in my opinion) what ... More

  • We are looking into to host our event and ... More

  • Kelly, we've had similar issues with NFG and Facebook. ... More

  • Help us understand how was donor motivation determined? ... More

  • Hi Michelle, I moved to Bloomerang 4 years ago and ... More

  • Hi Crystal, I am currently looking for a company to ... More

  • We create the annual report listing by level of donation ... More

  • We have been using NFG for the past two years. We don't ... More

  • I really appreciate the responses you're getting here, ... More

  • Hi Zach As an Arts organization, we print Program ... More

  • I'm on the board of a small international organization ... More

  • Fantastic.  I am so appreciative of everyone's response ... More

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    RE: Donations in memorium

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RE: CRM evaluation

    I just led my organization through a new CRM search, ... More

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    Messaging Services

    Has anyone had any experience with any companies who ... More

  • We use NFG for our c3 organization.  I spent months ... More

  • Lisa, we include all donors living and deceased (we ... More

  • Thank you Nancy!  I love the way you celebrate those ... More

  • While I've never purposely "used" them or researched ... More

  • We use NFG as our website donation and our event website. ... More

  • Hi Irene, Question: did you solicit the funds for ... More

  • Zachary, Again, an under utilized method of giving. ... More

  • Donors can restrict their donations by both purpose ... More

  • Hi Betsi and Marci, At Cypress Cove we welcome vehicle ... More

  • Oh, Lisa, how many times do we eliminate so many because ... More

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  • It sounds like these gifts were temporarily restricted ... More

  • We still print and do a digital version. We include ... More

  • We currently use Network For Good and I find it easy ... More

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    RE: Donations in memorium

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hello! As a community college, we have many students ... More

  • Good Morning Lisa We list all members living and deceased.  ... More

  • Hi there, I have used Network for Good for a previous ... More

  • You are running into a very common problem.  Accountants ... More

  • This is very similar to what several organizations ... More

  • The question has arisen as we produce our annual report ... More

  • Have you ever had a conversation with your lawyers/accountants ... More

  • Good morning I'm looking for some suggestions on how ... More

  • Hello, Yes, we print and mail our annual report to ... More

  • Hi Janet,  I prefer to protect my donors' names as ... More

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    RE: Car donations

    Yes, that is why I help with the sale and just accept ... More

  • Wow, Thank you, Deirdre. Compliments like yours are ... More

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    RE: Auction Item

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi Neighbor! It depends. So, if they sell the car ... More

  • Sorry to register a "nothing" response, but i have ... More

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    Have you used Network For Good

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Michelle ... More

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    RE: CRM evaluation

    We were between Bloomerang and Network for Good. We ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I would like to get everyone's answers on how they ... More

  • Please join us for this free 15 minute webinar on Thursday, ... More

  • Thank you Josh - I think that is spot on what we need ... More

  • Appreciate Kevin's response on trends based on a survey ... More

  • Hi Susan- This might not be exactly what you are looking ... More

  • Thanks Bob, not only for a great idea, but great storytelling. ... More

  • We have a new staffer who needs a good "101/201 Level" ... More

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    RE: Car donations

    Betsi, There may be a difference. I am not up to speed ... More

  • I would love to see it as well. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi friends,  2020 saw a huge surge in giving ... More

  • Hi Susan, Here's a link to a blog the gives an overview ... More

  • Valentine's Day. Generally seen by the lack of response ... More

  • Hi Brittany, I'd be happy to connect to share with ... More

  • First, the variance of trends from year to year has ... More

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    RE: Auction Item

    You don't say whether this is a live or silent auction.  ... More

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    RE: Car donations

    Thank you. If benefit to donor is the same, then great. ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RE: Car donations

    No material difference.  We often will accept property ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • I meant Jennifer's party boxes. ------------------------------ ... More

  • We use a pre-printed card with our logo on the front ... More

  • No photos yet - still procuring and in R&D mode. At ... More

  • Thanks for this! Did you use a delivery service or ... More

  • Sounds fun!  Do you have any pictures of your party ... More

  • I think you have to first clearly define WHO your organization ... More

  • Thank you for this insight. I really appreciate it. ... More

  • Does anyone have any trend information on Individual ... More

  • Hi Jame/all, I agree the suggestion to ask some of ... More

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    Virtual Invite Wording

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Paula, If you cannot use an item in advancement of ... More

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    RE: PTO Donations

    Hi, Allen, PTO policies vary from organization to ... More

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    Car donations

    Does it make much of a difference in benefit to a donor ... More

  • Brittany, I like nonprofits who understand nearly 80% ... More

  • We had levels of sponsorship for our virtual gala and ... More

  • Jump at any chance to attend a Tom Ahern or Simone ... More

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    RE: CRM evaluation

    Michelle,  Have you mapped out exactly what you need? ... More

  • Thank you, Shannon! We are quite a large organization ... More

  • Paula, this is where your gift acceptance policies ... More

  • I would highly recommend anything with Tom Ahern.  ... More

  • Hi Beth, That is a big question. Grants processing ... More

  • So true!! Michelle ... More

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    RE: Auction Item

    Personally, I would not put them in the same auction. ... More

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    RE: CRM evaluation

    I've been following this thread and just wanted to ... More

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    RE: Coca Cola Foundation

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    Auction Item

    Hello, We received a donation of diamond earrings ... More

  • Has anyone developed fundraising-related KPIs/metrics ... More

  • Thank you so much for sharing your virtual event! I've ... More

  • Hi friends,  This past Tuesday we hosted a webinar ... More

  • Hello fellow AFP members: Is anyone familiar with ... More

  • I'm working with Due East Partners  out of Annapolis, ... More

  • Hi All- we are seeking consultation on securing large ... More

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    Virtual Event Gifts

    Hello all, We want to offer optional gift boxes ... More

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    PTO Donations

    Does your organization issue donor receipt letters ... More

  • Hi Jackie,  This sounds like a great idea in lieu of ... More

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    In Kind Donations

    We are looking to upgrade our policies related to In-Kind ... More

  • You're right; this is a frustration. Web view is growing ... More

  • Thank you for your reply.  Much appreciated. Michelle ... More

  • Hello Alex, Do you have a relationship to a national ... More

  • We are not a large shop. We have the president and ... More

  • We use in house printed cards for single memorials ... More