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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • I would appreciate it if any of you would share with ... More

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    RE: Return Postage

    "Thanks for saving us the cost of a stamp, making it ... More

  • In-Kind donations can be helpful in showing a balanced ... More

  • Does anyone budget their in-kind donations? If so, ... More

  • Hi Ashley, I have managed Annual Fund campaigns for ... More

  • Hi Cort, We do an annual thank you letter that is ... More

  • I have worked with DAFs as a recipient in three different ... More

  • Hi Kimberly,  We have a student investment fund that ... More

  • Good morning Lynne, Correct, under CRA guidelines ... More

  • Hi Amy, Thank-you for the sharing the impact report, ... More

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    RE: Calendar Raffle

    I have never heard of a calendar raffle, would you ... More

  • We have a Board Tool Kit that we use for our corporate ... More

  • THANK YOU! I appreciate the samples! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Naming Opportunity Agreements

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    Notify terry Axelrod at ... More

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    RE: Donation Records

    Hi Leisha, Interesting question. Our checks go to ... More

  • We do an annual Impact Report - see example attached. ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    Yes, we use the Benevon model. ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    You can find some of the overview videos on YouTube. ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    This thread really piqued my curiosity about Benevon.  ... More

  • Leisha, We store hard copies of all donations in our ... More

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    Return Postage

    This is one of those things my mind has gone completely ... More

  • Hello,  We are looking at different way's to highlight ... More

  • Colleagues, As part of a presentation to non-fundraisers ... More

  • Good Afternoon, I recently started with a new organization ... More

  • We have a fund template for any scholarship fund established ... More

  • I am an American working in Calgary, AB, Canada in ... More

  • Hello Melissa,  Congratulations on such a nice legacy ... More

  • Elizabeth, I would like to help you with your request ... More

  • I don't know about other databases, but in Raiser's ... More

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    RE: Gift Processing - Donor Advised Funds

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Interesting. I've had experience with three different ... More

  • We have used Auctioneers Charles Antin and CK Sweat ... More

  • We are doing our research to consider alternatives ... More

  • I've been very interested in following this thread ... More

  • Our organization switched last year and I think the ... More

  • Here is our event coordinator position, hope it helps. ... More

  • What an interesting request! I have never named a vehicle, ... More

  • Thank you, Medha, for the thoughtful and thorough response. ... More

  • Thank you, Mary ------------------------------ Lori ... More

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    Calendar Raffle

    I am interested in doing a calendar raffle, in 2020, ... More

  • I am not sure if it is a good example, but I have attached ... More

  • the risk of adding it as a hard credit is someone else ... More

  • I work in annual giving and am working to develop a ... More

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    RE: Gift Processing - Donor Advised Funds

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • track gifts from DAF in the advisor's record as a ... More

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    RE: Gift Processing - Donor Advised Funds

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Hi Patricia, Thank you very much. I will get the book. ... More

  • That is interesting, because Conan is the person I ... More

  • Thanks Martin. Julie ... More

  • It says:  Loved beyond words Missed beyond measure ... More

  • Interestingly, I spoke with another sales person with ... More

  • Hello Sharon, I've never used him personally, but ... More

  • Thanks Martin. Can you tell what the image is, I can't ... More

  • What part of Pennsylvania or New Jersey? I've worked ... More

  • Hi Mel, Is your tour a Benevon Point of Entry? I'd ... More

  • Hello Julie, Our organization provides mini-vans, ... More

  • Hi Amy, My favorite resource for grant writing is ... More

  • Anyone know of a brokerage company that will allow ... More

  • Hi, We always provide the donor a thank you and the ... More

  • Monta,  Does your organization have a fund policy template? ... More

  • Hi, Here is our Event Coordinator position description ... More

  • Hi! Does anyone have a position description for an ... More

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    Hi all. To those of you who have used them (Foundation ... More

  • We provide a thank you to the donor for their donation.  ... More

  • We have a contract with ARC Thrift Stores Inc, DBA  ... More

  • I have a donor who would like to fund a program at ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    please remind me if the call in number for our third ... More

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    donor demographics

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone has a recommendation ... More

  • I'd love to see examples, too!  Thanks,  Eric ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Laura, We had great success with creating an annual ... More

  • I will keep y'all posted! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Elizabeth, When you embarked on the CRM selection/research, ... More

  • Hi Laura, In my experience, sending in a card and ... More

  • I spoke to Cars ( yesterday and they pay ... More

  • Hello, Although the question is relative to BB, my ... More

  • Habitat for Humanity has a car donation program. This ... More

  • ​Does anyone have any stewardship ideas for a donor ... More

  • Our organization is looking for recommendations for ... More

  • Hi, Has anyone ever named a van? I have a donor that ... More

  • Thank you all for your insights and ideas.  They are ... More

  • Hi Amy, Send an email to me and I will respond with ... More

  • ​There are some good resources available at ... More

  • Hi Amy, There is no one template for writing a grant ... More

  • Laura, We switched to a shorter annual report last ... More

  • Hi Adam, Unless a tribute/memorial donor tells me ... More

  • A lot depends on the database company you are going ... More

  • Just a thought - but is your board member and the attorney ... More

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    Naming Opportunity Agreements

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • We have used Donate for Charity. Super easy. We never ... More

  • hi, yes, here's what I recommend: I don't know how ... More

  • Actually we have moved away from printing donors’ names ... More

  • I am new to the organization but have been told they ... More

  • June, If you are looking to understand who makes planned ... More

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    RE: Bylaws is an excellent place to find board ... More

  • We've been using the model for the last 7 years. Feel ... More

  • Does anyone know which Car Donation Programs yield ... More

  • Does anyone have any ideas, info, plans they'd be willing ... More

  • Hi Merilynn, I followed this link and it looks like ... More

  • May I ask the forum if there is any legality issue ... More

  • Hi all,  Has anyone used NAEIR ( for free ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    Hi Valarie! We started using the Benevon Model a little ... More

  • Are there specific tools that you would recommend or ... More

  • An AFP-NJ member is contemplating a merger and is looking ... More

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    RE: Donor engagement "guides" for Board Members

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Adam, We don't provide an option for donors to not ... More

  • DonorPerfect updated their version earlier this year ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    We just brought on a Director of Development and Community ... More

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    Tribute Giving

    We are in the process of reimagining how tribute giving ... More

  • Christy, We put everything we want to report to the ... More

  • Laura, I am a bit curious if you are not under the ... More

  • I would like to provide my CEO with a weekly report ... More

  • Thanks, Medha! We definitely fall under the category ... More

  • Hello! Our fiscal year ended June 30 and we're wrapping ... More

  • Thanks, Martha! ------------------------------ Amy ... More

  • Appreciate your input, Jessica! ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    We have a few other small things (annual Giving, memorials) ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    We are in our third year of using the Benevon model. ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thank you all for sharing your insight. This is very ... More

  • This is a tough question because, you are right, every ... More

  • Hi John, What I do with our volunteers is to send ... More

  • Hi all, Lots of great advice in this thread! I think ... More

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    RE: Benevon model

    Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area has used the ... More

  • We are a very small (one person) and very young organization ... More

  • Hi Bennett! Thank you for this information.  We ... More

  • Hi Melanie! I have not heard of ClickBid before ... More

  • Hi Alan! Thank you for this great information.  I ... More

  • Hi Patrick! Thank you for all of this great feedback!  ... More

  • Yes we use the Benevon model at Pace Jacksonville ... More

  • Hi John and Betsy, Depending on how you view this ... More

  • I would also be interested in this. We provide our ... More

  • Yes, we use the Benevon Model at our organization. ... More

  • Hi Jonathan- Since we've had success marketing these ... More

  • Thanks for the encouragement. -- Betsy Santarlasci ... More

  • Hi June- We have done these kinds of surveys for about ... More

  • Hi Betsy, That's great that you have a newsletter ... More

  • Thanks Deidre. This is the approach I have taken with ... More

  • Hi there! I had to do this with an organization I used ... More

  • I have the same question. We have not really paid attention ... More

  • We just had a webinar featuring Rachel Muir, CFRE, ... More

  • Hi, we are currently using Onecause and find it to ... More

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    Benevon model