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    RE: Cell Phone Policy

    One of the agencies I worked at had an agreement with ... More

  • That's a bummer. Quite unfair actually LOL.  Advertising ... More

  • My former nonprofit gave us a monthly stipend for our ... More

  • I agree with Namcy Brown. You choose a vendor based ... More

  • Our organization just gives a monthly allowance (same ... More

  • Thank you so much for your response and offer of help! ... More

  • Thank you! I didn't realize we could fall under two ... More

  • You are associating yourself with them by bolstering ... More

  • You have pointed this out before. Thank you. ... More

  • Hi Jonathan, We use GiveButter for our online donations ... More

  • Can I ask what app you use? ------------------------------ ... More

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    RE: Cell Phone Policy

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thank you for the feedback Allison, and our committees ... More

  • Major Gifts Ramp Up is run by people who don't follow ... More

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    RE: Auction Help!

    Our nonprofit does an in-person silent auction annually ... More

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    RE: CRM platforms

    Hi Camille -- I am in the process of converting to ... More

  • Hi, Kevin, PSAs are a gift of service. Therefore, ... More

  • Jillian: Depending on how many people attend your ... More

  • We were using RE since the 90's and recently converted ... More

  • In my organization, those of us who travel/use their ... More

  • I don't see a problem with your org wanting to work ... More

  • Nicole: Usually, the Chair is an ex-officio member ... More

  • Hi Jeney, I've also spent a lot of time researching ... More

  • Hi, Desiree, It is likely not so much an ethics ... More

  • Any of our staff who travel out into the field (we're ... More

  • Hi Everyone, I am seeking advice on whether our Board ... More

  • We are a fairly large not for profit on Long Island, ... More

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    RE: PCI Compliance Assessment Level

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

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    RE: Data Cleanse

    Oh, data hygiene. The simultaneous life blood and bane ... More

  • Hello, Deirdre. I have recommended and used Donor ... More

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    RE: CRM platforms

    Hi Deirdre, As a former ED of a foundation, a volunteer ... More

  • Good morning, Deirdre. This resource may help you ... More

  • Hi Laura, Would recommend looking into GiveButter. ... More

  • This Vendor Due Diligence Toolkit compiled by the Ethics ... More

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    Cell Phone Policy

    First time poster (but I've followed along, and learned ... More

  • I've been recommending Bloomerang to some of my clients. ... More

  • Hello, I've browsed the previous posts on PCI compliance, ... More

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    CRM platforms

    We are considering switching CRM platforms. What is ... More

  • I can vouch for AES--we utilized them when we hosted ... More

  • Dear Colleagues, I am working with a small non-profit ... More

  • I used 32Auctions for our online auction this year ... More

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    Auction Help!

    Hello everyone, Seems like auctions are a hot topic ... More

  • Hello everyone, One of the areas we look at ... More

  • Hi, Tanya,     Yes, we do data cleanses for clients. ... More

  • We are using Event.Gives for our auction this year. ... More

  • There are times when fundraisers need to own up to ... More

  • Data clean-up is something we do all the time. It is ... More

  • Don't delay. If you can't find a ready donor, just ... More

  • We've had success with just a general support appeal. ... More

  • We've used Auctria, but that's my only experience with ... More

  • Hey Laura, I have a small department and I do most ... More

  • We have done all of the above depending on the circumstances. ... More

  • Hi All, My organization will soon be moving to a ... More

  • Hi Laura: Check out  Auction ... More

  • Hi Laura, I don't know what your budget it, but we ... More