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  • Anne, We use all the time - it is ... More

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    A Founder with Growing Pains

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  • Dear fellow development professionals, I am just ... More

  • Catherine,  I like that you respect the restraints ... More

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    Was just wondering if anyone has utilized the DipJar ... More

  • You mean the amount of assistance? That is determined ... More

  • Interesting concept. How is the pricing structured? ... More

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    Greatest issue facing a nonprofit?

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  • I have looked into the BBB seal program in the past ... More

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    Individual Giving

    Good morning,  I am currently volunteering at a ... More

  • is a great resource! Alan Alan Raisman ... More

  • offers some easy to use templates. It's graphic ... More

  • Our organization has approximately 1,200 employees: ... More

  • Since an auction purchase is just that...a purchase...I ... More

  • We have a Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund that ... More

  • Catherine, We had some hesitancy in extending ... More

  • Hi Anne!  I believe what Bethany meant to say was ... More

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    RE: BBB Wise Charity seal

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  • Hi, Anne! I use for all of my design needs. ... More

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  • We are having a Women's Luncheon for about 100 ladies.  ... More

  • The timeline does not make sense in my opinion. Is ... More

  • Irene - I love how you coordinated this campaign!  ... More

  • Yes, we have Zoom. My concern is more the reception ... More

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    BBB Wise Charity seal

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  • I cannot suggest Halie Behr enough! She is here in ... More

  • Can anyone share or recommend a simple endowment calculator ... More

  • Hi Elizabeth, We have your same situation (board members ... More

  • QuickBooks online Accessible from any devise ... More

  • I highly recommend Jason Lamoreaux. They are based ... More

  • We are looking into starting an ongoing emergency fund ... More

  • We use Fladeboe Advancement each year for our gala. ... More

  • Thanks Tara! Jill ------------------------------ ... More

  • The Annual Report usually reflect gifts received. If ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Jenni we put them in Lifetime Stewardship. They can ... More

  • We have the following pipeline: Research/Identification, ... More

  • I would list them in the year that the money came in.  ... More

  • Following - interested in what others have to say! ... More

  • Check out Trisha Brauer from Taking Bids in KC. She's ... More

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    RE: RFPs

    I've attached an RFP sample, Thomas. Let me know if ... More

  • I'm curious how other nonprofits acknowledge funders ... More

  • We are a small, six year old national organization. ... More

  • Hi, Jenni,   I would recommend removing these prospects ... More

  • Marianne, You bring up a very good point about how ... More

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    Charity membership

    My Board of DIrectors has asked me to explore the possibility ... More

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    RE: Event Favors

    I second the recommendation for photos. We had a black ... More

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    RE: Event Favors

    I would also recommended a photo as a gift. I've had ... More

  • Our organization sends two appeals a year UNLESS we ... More

  • I'd like to add one additional question that is related ... More

  • The best systems that I've seen have no more than 5 ... More

  • I'm looking for auctioneer recommendations in the Midwest. ... More

  • Hello Everyone,  We are a rare disease non-profit ... More

  • The AFP website has some excellent direct mail papers ... More

  • That is definitely NOT the best way to handle things. ... More

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    My organization is in the process of searching for ... More

  • A dear friend of mine is an excellent consultant working ... More

  • We operate a Jewish day school in Plantation Florida. ... More

  • I work with a youth-serving organization with about ... More

  • Thank you so much. Great ideas!! I printed copies and ... More

  • Hi Brooke, Check out  Benefactor Group . We do this ... More

  • This is a great resource to find consultants practicing ... More

  • Linda, I used it in my last position that involved ... More

  • Excellent article Erin! I've used this image (with ... More

  • Hi Amy, See the attached for an example of what I ... More

  • Just realized that your area code is 516, not 561. ... More

  • This is a topic of interest for me as well. We are ... More

  • I certainly can help if you're looking for a highly ... More

  • Hi Linda,  My organization does not use LinkedIn very ... More

  • Would you be willing to share what moves you're tracking. ... More

  • Hi Debbie,  We are new to categorizing donors. For ... More

  • We do not recognize ticket purchases in our printed ... More

  • David Allen at Development for Conservation is amazing!  ... More

  • When I worked in health care, we grew our employee ... More

  • I'm also curious as to what other organizations do ... More

  • Would any of you mind sharing the letter you use for ... More

  • Hi Krista, Great question! We used to do acquisitions ... More

  • I know several consultants and would be happy to chat ... More

  • Hi! I use resources like this with new board members ... More

  • hi, if you're looking to feed in new donors on an ongoing ... More

  • Of course, Brooke, I am sure that you will be overwhelmed ... More

  • Brook, I have been a fundraiser for 25 years and started ... More

  • Paulina - I don't have any survey samples or questions ... More

  • If the pledge is within the same fiscal year, I recognize ... More

  • Rose, Thanks for your very creative suggestions. ... More

  • Hi Pat, Congrats on growing the orchestra and music ... More

  • Hi, I am holding a meeting for new Board Members who ... More

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  • Damon, Have you looked into state or regional educational ... More

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  • Can anyone recommend an excellent consultant to help ... More

  • I can see one possible reason for designating them ... More

  • Hi Linda, Our organization uses LinkedIn some and I ... More

  • Following! ------------------------------ Lesley Pollard ... More

  • Hi.  You can add a custom constituent field in Bloomerang ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • ​We have started a Facebook page for our 50th Anniversary ... More

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  • Hi  - I guess whether that is too many people to contact ... More

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  • It depends upon what you mean by pledges and pledge ... More

  • I am curious as to what "reaching out" looks like. ... More

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  • How many times per year does your organization do large ... More

  • Hi Dawn, We were hoping not to use a separate spreadsheet ... More

  • I use only names. ------------------------------ Catherine ... More

  • Thanks, Tom. This is a really thoughtful response, ... More

  • Hello Damon, Having been in both in and out of higher ... More

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    RE: Event Favors

    Hello! We took photos at our black tie formal affair, ... More

  • Great, Damon. Please RECOMMEND if you feel that's warranted. ... More

  • Candace, forgive me: this will not be a yes/no answer. ... More

  • We’re coming up on our 30th birthday, and are pulling ... More

  • Hello, what to say on a call. When in doubt, always, ... More

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  • We don't do this with our organization but just my ... More

  • Jerome, Having just finished my first ethics class ... More

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    Contacting donors - annual appeal

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  • Thanks Tom, really insightful. Appreciate you taking ... More

  • Dear Damon... The most interesting conference I've ... More

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  • Why not give them a small photo of one of the children ... More

  • It's tempting to say, "What is it about the word 'unrestricted' ... More

  • For the annual listing of donors in the annual report, ... More

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    RE: Event Favors

    One year, we had travel theme and gave a personalized ... More

  • If a donor requests anonyminity by all means give it. ... More

  • Hi Jill, We've done this before in Salesforce for ... More

  • Hi Joanne, Not sure if you are US or Canada, but how ... More

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    Social Media

    Hello, just curious of what anyone's experience has ... More

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    Event Favors

    Hello All, Just wondering if anyone has given ... More

  • Following this thread for the culture of giving suggestions. ... More

  • Looking for a simple interactive Table of Investments ... More

  • Thanks, Amanda. I was hoping not to have to use a separate ... More

  • Hi Joy, If you're looking to build your giving program ... More

  • Hi Mary, Thanks for this perspective. Yes, I am inclined ... More

  • Thank you so much for your advise Mary. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hello to all! We are reviewing our  Prospect Management ... More

  • Part of the sponsorship will always pay for the event ... More

  • Hi Cherie, Generally, you figure out the cost of ... More

  • That makes sense completely but any advice on how to ... More

  • All: Our board and executive director want to plan ... More

  • Good morning Mary,  How would I  calculate the tax-deductible? ... More

  • Hi Kate! I swear, your question could have been written ... More

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    Naming Scholarships

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  • We always gave the donor the option to check off a ... More

  • Happy New Year!  We have about 70 admn and clinical ... More

  • ​This year is our the 15 year anniversary for our organization. ... More

  • Hi Kate, Such a good question! We are also a small ... More

  • Jess, What was the purpose of the challenge? It's ... More

  • Hi Joanne, As long as you are a 501c3, I don't see ... More