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    RE: Host Committee

    I would definitely like to learn more about host committee's. ... More

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    Hi both,  We use for communications (definitely ... More

  • Krista, Speaking from experience as director of corporate ... More

  • Barry, The CPA is wrong. Get another CPA that one ... More

  • Never include levels before you have the chance to ... More

  • Hi Barry - While I am not a tax advisor or CPA, we ... More

  • I'd love to see the document when it's complete ... More

  • Aloha, I have been doing CIP Campaigns for decades.  ... More

  • Hi, Lisa, it is not an unusual practice. The one thing ... More

  • Hi Matt, This isn't an antiracist fundraising resource ... More

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thanks Krista. I started back with the University Hospital ... More

  • Sarah, I would strongly advise if you're remodeling, ... More

  • We have had people assist with communications and marketing ... More

  • I would also love to see what you compile! Thanks so ... More

  • We went through something similar a few years ago with ... More

  • Hello, Lisa, I'm with you. This appears similar to ... More

  • I would be very interested in seeing what others have ... More

  • I would too!  ------------------------------ Elizabeth ... More

  • I'd love to see what you compile as well please. Thanks! ... More

  • Please also include me on the distribution list. We ... More

  • Hi Carmela, I would also be interested in seeing a ... More

  • Sarah Thank you so much for posting this topic. I am ... More

  • Would anyone be willing to share an example of a job ... More

  • Hi Carmela, Actually we hired a company to do the ... More

  • thank you! so the FB portion is free then for you to ... More

  • We are currently tackling this as well and would absolutely ... More

  • I, too, would be interested in seeing the examples ... More

  • We are doing our gala in person - .with a Facebook ... More

  • Great idea. Following. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Currently, just a few. But in the long-term, the entire ... More

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    We use 'Monday' to organize our communications projects ... More

  • Hi Sarah, How many plaques or names are we talking ... More

  • This is not specific to fundraising but we have been ... More

  • I have created an event called Portraits For Parks. ... More

  • Another shout out to CCF : ... More

  • Hi all, We are in the quiet phases of a capital campaign ... More

  • Krista, I would also LOVE to see examples when you ... More

  • Does anyone have a job description that would fit a ... More

  • Our gala is in February and although I thought 100% ... More

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    e-Append Service

    Hello all - has anyone had a good experience with an ... More

  • What a great idea Krista! I would love to see what ... More

  • Hi Krista, We don't have one, but I'd love to see ... More

  • We have what we call our Involvement Opportunities, ... More

  • Hi Krista, please add me to the list distribution ... More

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    Anyone have experience with "" that they ... More

  • Hi Laura,  Congratulations on leading your org for ... More

  • These suggestions are very helpful. Thank you! WE are ... More

  • Lindi, I am also following this thread and would love ... More

  • Hi Krista,  This is something our board is considering.  ... More

  • Hi Kendra, We always do an annual report and have ... More

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  • I'm a big fan of new donor welcome packets and encourage ... More

  • Hi Laura - In my experience, I have found the most ... More

  • Oh wow, thank you for clarifying Patty. I must've misunderstood ... More

  • A couple of clarifications about RMDs: RMDs aren't ... More

  • Does anyone have some sample language for a morals ... More

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    RE: Annual Report

    Hi Kendra, We called our annual report  a "gratitude ... More

  • Hi John: Major gifts at Pasadena Humane are classified ... More

  • Does your organization has lifetime memberships? If ... More

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    Host Committee

    In the past, our organization has a minimal role for ... More

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    RE: Annual Report

    Hello, Kendra, While conferences and authors can provide ... More

  • Niki, We went with Givebutter, which is a more comprehensive ... More

  • Good morning Michelle, I used for our Development ... More

  • Hi Kendra- We have discussed different options ... More

  • Hi Danette, I sent a private reply but wasn't sure ... More

  • That's what we are leaning in to...more personalized ... More

  • There are so many ways to do it and I think it definitely ... More

  • Traci, Sure--Tom Ahern's article is a good source of ... More

  • Melissah - Steve Shattuck at Bloomerang put's it best ... More

  • I have been at two different orgs in the past year. ... More

  • Kendra One of the most innovative practices I have ... More

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    RE: Annual Report

    Catherine, can you dive deeper into "recommendations ... More

  • Hi Kendra, We don't do an annual report for many reasons ... More

  • Hi Danette- I recommend Christine Mancini for your ... More

  • Hi John, I like the revised question! Yes, I think ... More

  • Thanks to everyone for their responses. There seems ... More

  • Hi Laura, Thank you for posting your question, because ... More

  • Question: do donors appreciate receiving a packet? ... More

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    RE: Burnout

    We are dealing with that at my organization. We are ... More

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    RE: Annual Report

    Thanks Kendra! Is this the article you are referencing? ... More

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    RE: Annual Report

    Hi Kendra, Have you read Tom Ahern's position on annual ... More

  • Thanks, Sarah and Margaret. We made the decision not ... More

  • Hi Susan, Bloomerang has an integration with MailChimp ... More

  • Thanks Andrea! Appreciate it. Could I ask what you ... More

  • Hi Danette, Have you ever connected with Newman and ... More

  • We enter the names of all donors into our CRM even ... More

  • I recommend Katie Little - ... More

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    Annual Report

    We are currently pulling info together for our annual ... More

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    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Following, I'm a team of 1 but this would help me with ... More

  • I, too, would appreciate receiving these materials! ... More

  • Colleen -- we recently wrote about this topic on our ... More

  • Hi Danette - I HIGHLY recommend Emily Weisgrau! She ... More

  • Thank you for your response, Ana. It seems every year ... More

  • Hi Marianne, I would be happy to introduce you to ... More

  • Hi! This is very timely as we are talking about a ... More

  • I'm looking to add a freelance writer to our team to ... More

  • Amanda, when I saw your post so many lightbulbs went ... More

  • Hey John, We are working on revamping our welcome ... More

  • Hi Niki, We send mass text messages on a daily basis ... More

  • Thanks, Olivia! That's great to hear that a collaborative ... More

  • Thank you, that's great advice! Having a collaborative ... More

  • Thanks so much John, this is a very helpful perspective. ... More

  • Thank you, Andrew! Glad to know I'm not alone!! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thank you, Nancy! I needed that :) ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thanks so much Nic! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thank you very much for sharing about this, Stan. I ... More

  • Hi Colleen, We encourage our clients to ask for three ... More

  • Does anyone have an org chart for their department ... More

  • Our 2021 corporate partners brochure is available on ... More

  • Since you likely don't have any information about the ... More

  • We recently activated the Facebook fundraising option ... More

  • I am pleased to recommend Freddi Birdwell, CFRE. Freddi ... More

  • Hello Amanda, The most difficult part of fostering ... More

  • Yes please, add me as well. Thank you ... More

  • I would love to be added to this list as well.   Thank ... More

  • Debra, While I haven't personally used Network for ... More

  • Thanks to all of you for your replies. In my previous ... More

  • Hi John,  Pre-pandemic our members of the Dean's Society ... More

  • Candace, Did you look at Boomerang? I also am impressed ... More

  • Nic, Could you say more about why you would not recommend ... More

  • Hi Krista, Thank you for offering to gather and share! ... More

  • Thank you, Tim. Very helpful. Nancy ... More

  • Thank you, Sarah! Nancy Browne Chief Advancement ... More

  • Melissa, first of all, hello to the wonderful International ... More

  • We have been using Network for Good for 6 months now ... More

  • I'm drafting my end of year appeal letters. For my ... More

  • Hi Laura! I completely understand. I was the solo ... More

  • Hi there: We have a lot of clients removing their ... More

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  • We are looking at the packet for mailing also. We have ... More

  • Niki, Do you use automated emails and letters in your ... More

  • Hi Laura, I'm also a solo development officer so ... More

  • Hi Shikha - Hello from a fellow Angeleno! While you ... More

  • Good luck in your new role, Jodi! Thank you to everyone ... More

  • This is a great opportunity to build facility, program, ... More

  • Does anyone have experience or advice converting a ... More

  • Hi Debra, I encourage you to look at options other ... More

  • Hi Melissa, I highly recommend Overflow over an ... More

  • I've been running fundraising programs for various ... More