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  • Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the ... More

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  • Appreciate all the efforts to make DAF's more accessible. ... More

  • Good observation about passive response. Good for us ... More

  • Hi friends -  I wanted to let you know that we're ... More

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  • Good thoughts Thank you John ------------------------------ ... More

  • Ask for references ------------------------------ ... More

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  • Hope you don't mind me chiming in here Mia... We recommend ... More

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  • Sorry Casey - In case this is a repeat:-my computer ... More

  • Hello all!  I recently had an individual reach out, ... More

  • Hi Sara- I invented the DAFwidget (found at ... More

  • Hi Jennifer, A few years ago I was a founding executive ... More

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  • Hi Laurel - can you clarify your question? ... More

  • Hi Sara, I've not heard of the DAF Widget before, ... More

  • Thank you, Natalie! This is helpful and makes perfect ... More

  • Hi! Our gala is in December, and we reduced our goal ... More

  • Hi John, do you know the reasons why organizations ... More

  • I am curious to see folks' response rates for waiting ... More

  • Hi Barbara, It looks like you've got some really good ... More

  • Hi Erica,  Though not the same, we use 1% for the ... More

  • Laurel, Most organizations send multiple appeals throughout ... More

  • Tyler, A Kos Kut remittance envelope works well bound ... More

  • Can you A/B test it with your mailing list to see what ... More

  • :) More

  • Thanks so much! ------------------------------ Brenda ... More

  • Thank you so much, Leah! ------------------------------ ... More

  • Thanks so much, Leila - super helpful. ------------------------------ ... More

  • Hi Barbara, Data from Neon One show that 53.8% of ... More

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    Pledge 1% Companies

    Hi all - searched on this but didn't see any posts, ... More

  • Hi Amanda, I'm working with my clients on a combination ... More

  • Here's a case statement recently done for a client ... More

  • Good afternoon  I am looking for some professional ... More

  • Hello - I am creating our Organization case as well ... More

  • What is a good response to a direct mail appeal? ------------------------------ ... More

  • Wondering if anyone has experience with either of these ... More

  • Hi Brenda, I'm also a case writer and am a member ... More

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  • Hello Leila, Thank you for sharing your work.  I love ... More

  • Looking for a template that would be filled out by ... More

  • Liz, I think the best advice here is to remain focused ... More

  • I'm a case writer. You're welcome to look at some of ... More

  • My fall newsletter has both - I tried to make sure ... More

  • About 6 months ago, we began incorporating both a link ... More

  • I'm a new Mid-Level donor Manager with gifts from $1,000 ... More

  • I am a trustee of a small non-profit that does not ... More

  • Donna, we have done a mix of masks and no masks in ... More

  • Hello, I need to perform a website audit for a non-profit. ... More

  • Hello! I'm a new Director of Development for a soon-to-open ... More

  • I am working with a client who is considering using ... More

  • Thanks everyone for your input. Rachel - I appreciate ... More

  • Hi Liz! We do a social media push to sign up for our ... More

  • Hi Amanda,  Many organizations are scenario budget ... More

  • We just had our virtual gala last month. It is hard ... More

  • Hi everyone! I am currently working on putting together ... More

  • Hi All, In addition to fundraising for my national ... More

  • Fellow Members from All Chapters,  AFP Triangle ... More

  • Working on marketing materials for a Grateful Family ... More

  • Thank you! I appreciate these. More

  • Hi, Sue! I have a couple of gift-in-kind acknowledgement ... More

  • We raised a little bit more with our virtual gala. ... More

  • We have posted our newsletters on social media with ... More

  • Rebbeca Truax, MBA, CFRE Interim CEO RVH Foundation ... More

  • Do anyone have a gift-in-kind acknowledgment that you ... More

  • I have a similar problem with my ED.  It's true that ... More

  • Thank you everyone! This is all great advice. I truly ... More

  • I am investigating matching gift software because our ... More

  • Long gone are the days of sending out just one year ... More

  • Hi, Kenyetta, If you are looking for part-time data ... More

  • In addition to NEDRA, take a look at Apra: ... More

  • Hi, Kenyetta,   We have a Blackbaud Pro BCre on our ... More

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  • This is kind of a strange year.  I do not think many ... More

  • NEDRA (New England Development Research Association) ... More

  • We are creating a budget for all of 2021.  Conservative ... More

  • Good question. I've been running fourth quarter annual ... More

  • Hi Liz, We have added a request to the bottom of our ... More

  • Hi Barbara, I think it really depends on your audience ... More

  • It is always up to the donor, not the organization, ... More

  • We are aiming to mail ours just after the election ... More

  • Annually, I host a week of curated events with the ... More

  • For clarification, we're not providing any valuation ... More

  • Good morning, I am curious to know of the success ... More

  • Since the items you mentioned are being used for an ... More

  • I just finished mine and it is going to the printer. ... More

  • I think you are smart to be conservative in your goals ... More

  • Everything is on the table this year due to COVID, ... More

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  • It really pays to become your own RE expert. If you ... More

  • Your auditor is being over demanding. Do not provide ... More

  • I don't believe you need to report Google Ad Grants ... More

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    Annual Fund timing

    My ED does not want to start communications about Annual ... More

  • Hello, what sort of approach are you taking when creating ... More

  • Hello Everyone! Does anyone know of any contractors ... More

  • What does your organization require in order to accept ... More

  • Thanks again, Paul! I just registered and had no problems ... More

  • Hi, Carla! Thank you so much for letting me know ... More

  • Hi Virginia, Would you like to find a time to connect ... More

  • Any other recommendations from across the fundraiser ... More

  • Thanks Jeff! ------------------------------ Virginia ... More

  • I just wanted to thank everyone who had weighed in ... More

  • This is a great idea, Susan. Thanks for sharing! ... More

  • This year I went to the Facebook marketplace and searched ... More

  • Thanks, Paul. I'm interested in attending and tried ... More

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    Research training

    My client needs some training in how to prepare for ... More

  • We explored this, as well, for our September golf tournament, ... More

  • The tangible benefits that we offer our members include ... More

  • Do any organizations have suggestions that they have ... More

  • Would appreciate seeing these examples of planned giving ... More

  • Hi all -  Thanks to everyone who joined this. Per ... More

  • If you're like me and work in the nonprofit sector, ... More

  • One benefit we offer major donors is a behind-the-scenes ... More

  • Hi Lisa, I went through this exercise with an ... More

  • Hi Debi and Heather,  My organization builds text-to-give ... More

  • I would also like to see what's out there, thank you ... More

  • Shira, Locations for our organizations' disclosure ... More

  • Hi, Here's a great link regarding token items and ... More

  • Yes, the donor should be able to decline the "benefit" ... More

  • We are in the same boat in terms of organizing an online ... More

  • We are in the same process! I'd love to hear other ... More

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    RE: NCOA Update

    Hi Tiffani, My company would be happy to run your ... More

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    NCOA Update

    Can anyone recommend an online option that will run ... More

  • Hi, I'm still trying to figure out what is the best ... More

  • Hello there. I am looking for recommendations for consignment ... More

  • I'm not aware of whether or not company owned phones ... More

  • Hi Genevieve, Would you mind sharing a sample of this ... More

  • We are a national nonprofit also.  Because there are ... More

  • Hello I am implementing a planned giving program ... More

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    RE: New post

    We used Wealth Engine at the Interlochen Center for ... More

  • Hi Matthew, Congrats on taking this big step. I've ... More

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    RE: New post

    I have configured and used both WealthEngine and iWave ... More

  • Hello Bob, Thank you for your note! I am working ... More

  • As a Big Fan and long time counsel to Harvesters in ... More

  • Hi Dr. Ross, I am a few hours too late in reading about ... More

  • Caroline, you are so generous in your praise. In my ... More

  • Bob, You have done a great service for so many! I ... More

  • On your direct mail appeals where do you post the disclosure ... More

  • Bob, I just want to affirm what you wrote. 1. Being ... More