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  • Hi everyone,  It has been very heartening to see the ... More

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    Continuing to telecommute COVID -19?

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Thanks, Barbara! These are great ideas! Karen ... More

  • I would highly recommend posting the job in LinkedIn; ... More

  • Hello Sam, We have experience working with several ... More

  • We started using it a year ago. It's pretty basic, ... More

  • Hi Janet, A nonprofit database advisor/consultant ... More

  • Hi Susan,  Thank you for sharing this information. ... More

  • I have been doing Zoom meetings daily and see no reason ... More

  • You might consider approaching a University to pitch ... More

  • I have my clients use Opportunities in NXT as much ... More

  • Hi Sam Attached are a couple org charts I use to provide ... More

  • I agree with what Samantha said, that a big part of ... More

  • I appreciate the sensitivity with which you asked you ... More

  • The job description seems apt to me and the salary ... More

  • Jacqueline, Though it might seems odd there are more ... More

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    Donor management

    Has anyone used new system to manage ... More

  • Hi Al, I would echo Laura's comments. Our firm, Catapult ... More

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    Salesforce manager

    We have recently converted to Salesforce form Raiser's ... More

  • Have you ever purchased the use of an email list? Was ... More

  • Thank you! ------------------------------ Sara Maier ... More

  • Thank you! ------------------------------ Sara Maier ... More

  • Thank you! ------------------------------ Sara Maier ... More

  • Yes, we tried. We have the Prospect tab for our RE. ... More

  • Hi All, Looking to get insights from folks regarding ... More

  • We send the welcome emails at two-week intervals. We ... More

  • Following this, as well! Thanks! ------------------------------ ... More

  • I spoke to a customer service rep at Donor Perfect ... More

  • Hi - Yes, We do include a Remittance Return envelope ... More

  • We are in Connecticut, which is doing relatively well, ... More

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    RE: DonorPerfect Moves Management Module

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  • Susan, how far apart, timewise, are these new donor ... More

  • Yes. CCS. They are the best. I've worked with them ... More

  • I work for a nonprofit that provides faith resources ... More

  • I use interviews or focus groups to inform survey-question ... More

  • Hey all, I am interested in learning what other organizations ... More

  • DonorPerfect has a great downloadable resource for ... More

  • I know a nonprofit in Silicon Valley that used CCS ... More

  • I highly recommend CCS Fundraising, an experienced, ... More

  • Thanks so much for all of the great suggestions, everyone! ... More

  • Hello,  CityTeam in San Jose is looking to do a capital ... More

  • Hello! Has anyone tried Sandy Rees' Fundraising TV?  ... More

  • Good morning, While I m not using the module, I am ... More

  • Hello, A client of mine is considering Choice Ticketing ... More

  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has ... More

  • Sarah, Yes. Remittance envelopes perform less well ... More

  • hi, sending remittance envelopes in appeal letters ... More

  • We do not plan on doing any in-person events in NYC  ... More

  • I would never assume that a donor will use there own ... More

  • Privacy policies differ from Canada and the US and ... More

  • Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there is using ... More

  • Well, this may seem almost too obvious but here goes ... More

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    New Foundation To Do's/Must Have's

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  • An emphatic NO. My other trade association (Assoc. ... More

  • Our fall fundraiser has shifted to virtual. We may ... More

  • In our firm, we have been doing everything online using ... More

  • We are not planning any in-person events for the foreseeable ... More

  • Fundraising metrics are a popular topic, discussed ... More

  • In addressing a question like that, i'd prominently ... More

  • This is a perfect opportunity to partner with a community ... More

  • Dear Anonymous, Your friend has a larger problem than ... More

  • Hi Tara, There's a great Bloomerang webinar on turning ... More

  • There is no question that an 'endowment' has to be ... More

  • Gina, I second Brigitte Peck's recommendation of DonorSearch ... More

  • Also interested in this - following the discussion! ... More

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    In-Kind Gifts

    Does your organization have a standard form or method ... More

  • Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any information ... More

  • I think it really depends on your location,  the size ... More

  • Hi Rebecca, I was an early customer of MobileCauses ... More

  • ​ I am interested in other organizations' best practices ... More

  • Thank you so much! ------------------------------ ... More

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    Gift Pledge Policy

    Greetings colleagues, I am reviewing and updating ... More

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    Case for Support

    With the need to create a compelling case for a taxing ... More

  • We had an event planned for the end of September for ... More

  • Good morning Gina, There is a Canadian product called ... More

  • Good morning Danny, Tom Ahern is a thought leader ... More

  • Hello Everyone! GiveGab is partnering with Cayuga ... More

  • We moved away from WE for many reasons about 18 months ... More

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    Gift to Establish an Endowment

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  • I recently completed an international Feasibility Study ... More

  • Hi Danny,  I agree with suggestions made by others. ... More

  • Regarding term limits for board members, I have often ... More

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    RE: Annual Reports

    Hi Linda, We love designing simplified annual reports! ... More

  • Happy Monday! We are looking at updating our process ... More

  • Hi Danny, I have only used special envelopes for ... More

  • My experience with written or online surveys is that ... More

  • If you are looking strictly for more accurate net worth ... More

  • Hi there, We've used Mobile Cause for about six years ... More

  • Another one to check out is iWave.   Good luck with ... More

  • Our firm is currently conducting three campaign planning ... More

  • I just finished a strategic planning session with a ... More

  • Yes, I do understand that principle--having worked ... More

  • Without the ability to do 1:1 feasibility study interviews, ... More

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    online auctions

    Has anyone ever used Am Fund online auction assistance ... More

  • Thanks, Marco, very impressive! ... More

  • I think that a lot of folks get distracted by wealth ... More

  • DonorSearch is a great product and are great to work ... More

  • As many donor comms writers will tell you......The ... More

  • We had an event last weekend at the Makoy Center, they ... More

  • I highly recommend using Givelively. We've had great ... More

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    RE: Annual Reports

    Hello, Linda! Here is a postcard we use to direct ... More

  • I'm a consultant managing a capital campaign for a ... More

  • I will always put some kind of "something" on my outer ... More

  • Who has found the very best substitute for an Annual ... More

  • I've used both Snowball and Givelively with a couple ... More

  • Lori Kranczer in Brooklyn runs a very good program ... More

  • hi many organizations do tests with envelopes but a ... More

  • Amanda, On finding donors who have already designated ... More

  • Hi everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone has information ... More

  • Hi Annalise, I saw that Melissa had also made a similar ... More

  • Is your organization going ahead with in-person events ... More

  • i downloaded and found it very useful- many thanks  ... More

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    RE: Promote Amount Raised for COVID-19 Relief?

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  • My nonprofit uses Cogency Global, Inc. as our registered ... More

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    Annual Reports

    Does anyone have samples they'd be willing to share ... More

  • Following ------------------------------ Elizabeth ... More

  • Hi,  We reviewed over 100 events this spring and depending ... More

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  • I would think that an organization wouldn't want to ... More

  • See attached. Hope it helps -- ... More

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    RE: GiveButter

    Hi, Elizabeth.  We used Givebutter for a small virtual ... More

  • You definitely DO want to register in the states where ... More

  • I would love to see some samples of benefits as well.  ... More

  • We have a luncheon planned for September.  Our plan ... More

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    RE: Fundraising State Requiremnts

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  • My synagogue has used Givebutter for an event -- you ... More

  • Hi Charu, I saw Maria's message as well about your ... More

  • It was the first, but certainly not the last! Bob More

  • Check out GivingFuel -- they have a free 6 month trial ... More

  • Everyone, I found this article about what appears to ... More

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    Policy guidelines

    I work for a 501c3 and a 501c6. I work on the partnership/sponsorship ... More

  • We are revising our performance review for the Executive ... More

  • Does Qtego have the text to give option? Thank you, ... More

  • Hi Everyone,  State registration requirements for ... More

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    Promote Amount Raised for COVID-19 Relief?

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain ... More

  • Anyone have any reviews of Planned Giving in a Box ... More

  • We are planning a virtual fundraiser for October. ... More

  • Good morning Pepper, I would echo Linda's advice ... More

  • Sharing someone else's development plan really won't ... More

  • This is very helpful, Tess. Thanks so much! ... More

  • You have received several excellent suggestions, Amanda. ... More

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  • Hello!  We have moved our Gala to virtual on August ... More