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  • Welcome to AFP Connect ! We are excited to introduce ... More

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  • Thank you for the advice, Mike!  We do not currently ... More

  • Jess, I would not include *anything* in your appeal ... More

  • This message was sent securely using Zix (r) ... More

  • Hi all, New to AFP (and to fundraising!) -- I hope ... More

  • We are revamping our advancement committee as well ... More

  • Hello, I am planning my next fundraiser and wanted ... More

  • I would probably wait it out then for at least another ... More

  • Hi Laura We have worked with the NPO community for ... More

  • Hello everyone! We are hosting a two day membership ... More

  • We talked about the gift and then actually asked for ... More

  • I agree with Mary Beth. If you want to see this organization ... More

  • Has anyone ever been involved on a campaign with another ... More

  • ​Hi Mary, Did you ask for the gift in your meeting? ... More

  • Hello, Interesting about offering a premium for a ... More

  • Good morning, Good question--which I will follow ... More

  • I have worked with nonprofit boards for 25+ years and ... More

  • I obtain the signatures on a white piece of paper and ... More

  • There is a great opportunity to grow a dynamic and ... More

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    Interviewing for a grant writers job with a not for ... More

  • Hi Paula (et al), I work for a 501(c)(3) offshoot/charitable ... More

  • Can anyone share some best practices/advice on matching ... More

  • I have not personally been through an integration, ... More

  • Scot, If your figures are correct, telemarketing costs ... More

  • Does anyone have a committee or "job description" for ... More

  • Thank you!​ ------------------------------ Jennifer ... More

  • Thank you!​ ------------------------------ Jennifer ... More

  • Hello, Has anyone gone through with an RE/FE integration? ... More

  • If you have one or two great annual donors, Ask them ... More

  • First - you are right, follow your instincts and hold ... More

  • Good morning. I'm seeking a resource that might ... More

  • I used to know the coordinator, but the City of Denver ... More

  • Hi Christi, It sounds like you are looking for someone ... More

  • Hello, Jess, Stay away from anything that suggests ... More

  • I don't believe that being the founder would prohibit ... More

  • Have you actually asked them for the donation--and ... More

  • I have been in your situation before.  I simply picked ... More

  • We recently created a similar position, although it's ... More

  • I worked for a nonprofit that had Co-EDs. Did not work ... More

  • Here you go. ------------------------------ Brian ... More

  • You can always do a just checking in or follow up on ... More

  • Does anyone have a process they use to obtain signatures ... More

  • Good morning, Elizabeth!  I served as the Founder and ... More

  • Hi there, we are looking to add someone to our team ... More

  • Hi All -- Thanks so much for your wonderful responses.  ... More

  • Because a PDF version really is too difficult to engage ... More

  • This year, we changed the format of our Annual Report ... More

  • ​We receive tribute gifts all the time.  We send a ... More

  • We use Neon. I give it a thumbs medium. It's not super ... More

  • Hello, Cheryl - The nature center I work for has had ... More

  • I do not recommend abandoning "annual giving" to focus ... More

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  • Hi Sarah, If your organization has an advocacy program, ... More

  • Hi all, We are not really sure how to deal with the ... More

  • Hi everyone! We're very close to balancing our budget, ... More

  • We use a platform called Issuu to digitize our program ... More

  • ​While the request is being made from the heart, it ... More

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  • Hi Cheryl, Congrats on your new position. And its great ... More

  • Sorry, I meant with the PARENT, you put the focus on ... More

  • I echo what all others have written re: providing names/addresses ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    I am traveling until tomorrow I will respond when I ... More

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    RE: Planned Giving

    I'd like to see a copy of your pamphlet ------------------------------ ... More

  • Great news! My colleagues have already given you great ... More

  • For the non-profits I have worked for, we have always ... More

  • I am the founder of a small but mighty 16 year old ... More

  • I agree with Elizabeth. Re: loved one who may be disappointed ... More

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  • We always provide the names of those who donate in ... More

  • hi, these are all great options.  Key with any of ... More

  • We only send hard copies to a select number of our ... More

  • Hi Veronica!  Could I pick your brain a bit about ... More

  • Sorry for the delay in responding. I saw that you ... More

  • In another lifetime I worked for a theater and what ... More

  • Besides the hard copy of our Annual Report, we have ... More

  • I have a question and a comment. Question: How successful ... More

  • Hi Melanie, I second the recommendation of adding ... More

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    Who uses Neon CRM?

    Greetings! We are getting ready to sign on the dotted ... More

  • Re compensation - absolutely. You'll be putting in ... More

  • Melanie, Here is a great source of advice: ... More

  • Brian- When you get them. could you please forward ... More

  • Hi Daniel! Would you be willing to share your giving ... More

  • Dear colleagues, I recently accepted a position ... More

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    RE: Give Lively

    We've switched over to them for text to donate and ... More

  • Hi Melanie, Congratulations for wanting to move your ... More

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  • I would make it professional but simple first Time. ... More

  • Hi all -  We're doing new research on the dramatic ... More

  • I could use help in trying to move my organization ... More

  • I have found that that the ticket buyer to donor conversion ... More

  • My recommendation would be to carefully track your ... More

  • Congratulations on this amazing gift.  You clearly ... More

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  • Hi Manju, This is an opportunity for you to shine ... More

  • I am approaching my organization's first annual report, ... More

  • This is a good problem to have-- Is it your first gift ... More

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  • Hi Daniel - Thank you for your thoughtful response, ... More

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    RE: Give Lively

    I'm also interested in other people's experiences with ... More

  • We unexpectedly received an extraordinary, unrestricted ... More

  • With respect to fundraising costs, is there an actual ... More

  • Thank you everyone for your responses! Mary- Thank ... More

  • Hi Peter, Thank you so much for your questions! ... More

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    Planned Giving

    I am in the process of sending a planned giving pamphlet ... More

  • Thank you Daniel and Katy, Well, perhaps abandoning ... More

  • Good Morning!  I would like to get feedback on the ... More

  • We do not print donor recognition lists. You may want ... More

  • Be careful on the the ticket value.  If the tickets ... More

  • I have a few questions.  Do you offer subscriptions/multi-ticket ... More

  • Dear Colleagues, I too am very curious about this ... More

  • We list all of our donors in our annual report, but ... More

  • Hi Paula, I work for an organization that is both government ... More

  • What do folks think, since we receipt them properly ... More

  • Thanks Nancy! ------------------------------ Amy Smitter ... More

  • Over my time with a few organizations we called these ... More

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    RE: Give Lively

    We have just started using them. There are limitations ... More

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  • I'm benefiting from this discussion so I'm following ... More

  • Sounds like you are in a position of strength and have ... More

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    RE: Give Lively

    We just signed up for the text to give.  No issues.  ... More

  • Hello, We still list our donors in the Annual Report ... More

  • Heard a few orgs doing same. Seems crazy but I think ... More

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    RE: Give Lively

    Following. Read  about them for the first time last ... More

  • I'm 6 months in as Development Director for an organization ... More

  • Greetings,  I recently started a new position as a ... More

  • I was hoping someone might have an example of a Solicitation ... More

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    Give Lively

    Does anyone have any experience with Give Lively? We ... More

  • Here's an example of one I created for a UK nonprofit: ... More

  • Hi Everyone, I'm conducting an informal survey of ... More

  • Hi Scot - an interesting concept for sure!  I would ... More

  • Hi Sarah - I recently worked with a small community ... More

  • We have just concluded a successful comprehensive campaign ... More

  • What are your strategies for growing your individual ... More

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    RE: year end appeals

    ​Fantastic feedback and collaboration. Really appreciate ... More

  • I would say that the latest you can comfortably send ... More

  • Does anyone have information for what to project for ... More

  • Hi Patrick, I have some experience with international ... More

  • Hello, Amy, Your donor should not pay the participation ... More

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  • You don't need to set up a fund for every memorial ... More

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  • Hi Haley, I'm in Seattle too, and have been to Town ... More

  • Record the entire amount including the processing fee. ... More

  • Just a few months ago we established a new process ... More

  • The IRS provides some guidance regarding "advertising" ... More

  • Yup - whether you get the dollars or not, the donor ... More

  • Thank you for these comments.  One more thing about ... More

  • Hi Joseph, Wow, I really like the fireside appeal! ... More

  • Hi Corey, I've used November 15th as the target date ... More

  • Mary, I think that it is easy to get wrapped up ... More