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Nominations for National Philanthropy Day for the Central Coast


Nominations will open June 15 for National Philanthropy Day for the Central Coast, which will return as an in-person event on November 15, 2024. Awards will be presented in six competitive categories to celebrate and honor an outstanding philanthropist(s), corporation, foundation, service organization, youth adult, and youth.

Important Dates

Deadline for Outstanding Philanthropist Nominations: July 31, 2024
Deadline for Distinguished Agency Honorees: August 31, 2024
Tickets Available: October 1, 2024

Need help getting started? Here are some tips: 

1.      The Outstanding categories are highly competitive, with only one award presented in each category. Select a nominee that has made a strong and solid contribution to the community.

2.      Give yourself ample time and ask for help from your colleagues to compile the information you need.

3.      There is strength in numbers: contact all organizations where your nominee has had an impact and request letters of support of the nominee to submit with your nomination. You may also partner with another organization to co-submit a nomination.

4.      Portray a complete picture of your nominee by compiling information throughout their philanthropic career. Describe the accomplishments community-wide, not just with your organization.

5.      Consider including a few select quotes from key people who have been impacted by their work.

6.      Discuss the nominee’s work in terms of their leadership, fundraising efforts, key donations, or volunteer efforts and the impact of their work on an organizational, community, regional or national level. 

7.      Highlight the special qualities of this nominee that ignite the spirit of philanthropy in others.

In addition to the six competitive Outstanding categories, nominations are being accepted for Distinguished Agency Honorees. This is a ­non-competitive category to honor the superlative efforts of the individuals, families, and groups who help your organization thrive.
National Philanthropy Day for the Central Coast will be held in-person on Friday, November 15, 2024, at the Inn at Spanish Bay.