Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (IDEA)


The IDEA Champion Designation offered by AFP recognizes those chapters who have accomplished many of the key objectives outlined in the advancing influence and inclusion strategic goal. This designation encourages chapters to perform specific activities designed to increase diversity within fundraising and public awareness of the importance of philanthropy in all cultures.

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AFP NL Chapter is excited to be working toward this designation for 2023.


AFP Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter Inclusion Diversity Equity & Access (IDEA) Champion Role (Director):

To ensure that AFP NL Chapter is aware of and welcoming to a broad diversity of backgrounds and perspectives in our region and open to inviting these attributes to become an integral part of all of the Chapter’s actions and activities;

Research, strategize and advise the chapter on issues and aspects related to IDEA in our community that impact the Chapter membership;

To implement programs and advocate for practices that assure inclusion in our membership, leadership and services that helps to identify and meet the needs of diverse members;

To serve as a resource to the Board, Committees and Membership on diversity and inclusion; and

To find ways to assess the level of inclusion and accessibility in order to promote opportunities for participation and leadership.

AFP NL Chapter IDEA Champion is Jessica Van Bussel.  Contact info HERE

Statement by the Board of Directors of the AFP Newfoundland and Labrador:    Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) 


AFP NL wishes to acknowledge the troubling reports of racist behavior in the AFP Greater Toronto Area Chapter and the important step of naming Olumide (Mide) Akerewusi as the chapter’s Interim President. We send our support to Mide and the team.

We encourage you to read the apology from AFP Global.

We also acknowledge that systemic racism exists across our fundraising sector and is a lived reality for many of our colleagues.

AFP Newfoundland and Labrador condemns any and all forms of racism and discrimination. We sympathize and stand strong beside our colleagues who have experienced racism in any form.

We understand that while we may not always get it right, we’re committed to making our best effort to stand against oppression in any form, including that of racism.  We know that creating this change for our members is done with discussion, collaboration, education, and engagement to make sustainable solutions. We know that talking about racism and discrimination in any form can be difficult and uncomfortable, but we are committed to being champions of this change.

We are excited as a chapter to have started the development of our first ever Strategic Plan that includes Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) as an important pillar that will guide all of our work. We care immensely as a board about creating an environment where IDEA flourishes and where everyone can feel welcomed to participate as their true selves.

AFP Newfoundland and Labrador is committed to advancing the principles of IDEA and ensuring these practices are embedded in everything we do.  Here is what you can expect from our board as immediate next steps:

  1. Recognizing others as different but equal.
  2. Identify barriers to participation in any capacity with AFP NL.

3.      Seek ways to provide programs and services for Fundraising Professionals who have limited access.

4.      Find ways to attract and retain more Fundraising professionals who represent the diversity of the communities served in Newfoundland and Labrador.

5.      Amplify the work of AFP Global and AFP Canada in demonstrating the social and business value of inclusive behaviors practices and environments.

6.      Commit to learn and unlearn throughout the work of IDEA.

7.      Identify an IDEA Champion director on the board to reach diverse voices and share these viewpoints.

8.      Create an inclusive and accessible environment of AFP members and non-members who identify as diverse voices and segments.

9.      Create and implement high-quality tools for members to replicate the value of IDEA.

10.   Demonstrate that the membership on AFP NL Chapter board, committees and ad-hoc working groups reflect a diverse and inclusive community that reflects our membership.

11.   Plan a dedicated professional development session on the topic of anti-racism.

  1. We will implement and make transparent a new policy and process for handling complaints. It’s important that we safeguard our members so that they are able to express themselves freely.

We recognize that while we serve on the board, we are each on our own learning journey, and we also have an opportunity to lead by example.  We are committed to continuous learning.  It is our goal to build a diverse, inclusive, accessible and respectful chapter where every member has a voice and the opportunity to fully contribute. 

We invite feedback, ideas and concerns from all fundraisers regardless of membership status regarding sessions and training that would be valuable. We welcome you to reach out to  and continue this important conversation.

Thank you for your confidence and we look forward to continuing on this important journey together.

AFP Newfoundland and Labrador, Board of Directors


Additional Resources:

·       The University of British Columbia has an online anti-racism awareness course with seven modules covering topics such as the history of race and racism, systemic racism, white supremacy, and allyship and solidarity. The course includes lectures, reflection exercises and recommended readings, which together take an estimated 15 to 25 hours to complete. There is no fee to take this course – you can sign up for free

·       Reading resource Collecting Courage