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Is a mentor just what you need?
AFP Eastern Iowa offers members the opportunity to expand and grow professionally through mentorship. Are you seeking short-term advice to help advance your career in fundraising and philanthropy?
Our chapter has many experienced and dedicated individuals ready to share their wealth of knowledge and successes.  Let us find a mentor for you!

About the Program:
The goal of the AFP Eastern Iowa mentorship program is to help members get answers to their questions about fundraising by providing a positive relationship with a colleague who will serve as a one-on-one mentor and provide professional guidance.

AFP Eastern Iowa will match experienced professionals with individuals who have indicated a desire for a mentor.  AFP Eastern Iowa will make the match based on the information provided by the mentee during the application process.  If no suitable mentor can be located, a discussion will take place between the mentorship chair and mentee to reexamine their needs.  In this case, mentors may be approached by an AFP Eastern Iowa mentorship committee member to determine if they would be willing to be assigned more than one mentee.


  • The cornerstone of professional development is the ability to learn from your peers.  It is our goal to provide a structured networking opportunity by linking new and experienced fundraisers with in the Corridor.
  • Designed to help you meet the challenges you face as a fundraising professional regardless of the size of your organization.
  • To help foster a culture of congeniality and good will within the Corridor and area fundraising community.

To qualify, the mentee must:
  • must be a member in good standing of AFP Eastern Iowa.
  • must be currently employed as a fundraiser.
  • must be open to learning from experiences, opinions, and best practices on a variety of genres within the fundraising field.
  • must be willing to make a one year commitment to this program.
Once the mentor match has been made, it is up to the mentor and mentee to continue the relationship and determine how best to work with one another. The mentor/mentee match is for at least one-year, unless the participants would like to extend the relationship for a longer period of time.

By applying for a mentor with AFP Eastern Iowa, you are agreeing to be contacted using the information you provide. The mentorship chair will review all applicants and reach out to you for next steps. We are excited to offer this resource in your professional development. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email the chapter administrator (


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