National Philanthropy Day

2022 NPD is in the Books!
We would like to thank everyone who supported NPD, who nominated a deserving individual or organization and who attended the wonderful day of events!

Here are just a couple of the memories we captured! We hope to see you again next November!


National Philanthropy Day® is a special day set aside on the fifteenth of November. The purpose of this day is to recognize the great contributions of philanthropy—and those people active in the philanthropic community—to the enrichment of our world.

NPD was originally conceived of and organized by Douglas Freeman in the 1980s, and the first official events held in 1986 after President Reagan signed the official NPD proclamation.  For more than 30 years, hundreds of communities across North America have come together to recognize the countless ways philanthropy has affected our world. Officially recognized each year on November 15, National Philanthropy Day® is celebrated by numerous fundraising professionals, government leaders, foundations, businesses, individual donors and others who wish to honor all the contributions philanthropy has made. NPD provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving and all that it has accomplished, as well as what there still is to do.

Check out this message from AFP Global's President & CEO, Mike Geiger:
Awards Overview
National Philanthropy Day, or NPD, celebrates the charitable work that is done to make a difference and create impact in society. One of the special ways we celebrate is by honoring individuals, families, corporations, organizations and other groups who are hand-selected for specific awards at a special Awards Luncheon on National Philanthropy Day.

Nominations Process

General Nomination Guidelines 
*   By submitting a nomination, you agree to be a liaison between AFP and the honoree, unless otherwise noted on the nomination form. If your nominee is chosen, there will be additional information and coordination for the Awards Luncheon we will need your assistance with.
*   Nomination submissions were due August 15, 2022. Late entries will not be accepted. Deadline extensions will not be allowed.

*   Nominations will be accepted for any individual, group, corporation, organization, or family as long as they have not been a recipient of the same category in the past. 
*  Philanthropy and a giving spirit can be displayed in generosity of time, talent and treasure. Keep this in mind when evaluating the contributions made by the nominee. We encourage you to think outside the box with how generosity and impact can look and feel.
*   Self-nominations are not accepted.
*   Deceased individuals may be considered when appropriate.
*   Honorees will be announced the first week of October.
*   Nominations must be completed in full and online using the form provided.
*   Letters of support and relevant testimonials from others are all encouraged to be included within the nomination submission.
*   Questions regarding the nomination process or online form, please email

Nomination Selection Process
An awards selection committee comprised of esteemed AFP members, past honorees and community members will select recipients for each award from among the nominees, based on AFP’s selection criteria. All decisions of the committee in regards to award categories and recipients are to be considered final.
2022 Award Categories
Outstanding Individual Philanthropist 
Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser 
Outstanding Fundraising Professional
Outstanding Large Philanthropic Organization
Outstanding Small Philanthropic Organization
Outstanding Philanthropic Youth
Benjamin Franklin Award

General Award Criteria

All nominations will be evaluated for alignment with AFP’s vision, mission and IDEA principles, as applicable.

Mission Statement -AFP Eastern Iowa, a chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), is an association of fundraising professionals committed to advancing philanthropy by encouraging people and organizations to practice effective and ethical fundraising. The Eastern Iowa Chapter represents members throughout Eastern Iowa. The core activities of the Chapter include education, networking, training, advocacy and encouraging the pursuit of professional growth and development.

Vision Statement - AFP Eastern Iowa Chapter will be the recognized leader in the promotion of philanthropy by empowering fundraisers to serve their communities. Leadership is defined by a commitment to excellence in providing the highest quality services and benefits for our members and other constituents.

Nominations will be evaluated through the lens of AFP’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA) Statement of Principles. AFP is committed to developing and maintaining a diverse organization that reflects, is responsive to, and embraces the diversity of the communities we serve throughout the world; respecting the value of all people.

AFP is committed to promoting an inclusive, equitable, and accessible organization where every member, volunteer, staff, and board member can realize their potential and have their contributions valued.

Award Criteria by Category

Outstanding Individual Philanthropist

This award is presented to an individual or family with a proven record of exceptional generosity; who, through direct financial support, has demonstrated outstanding civic and charitable responsibility; and whose generosity encourages others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community affairs.

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

The individual eligible for this nomination must have demonstrated exceptional skills in coordinating and motivating groups of volunteers for one or more major fundraising project(s) for the benefit of a charitable institution, as well as a commitment to the advancement of philanthropy.

Outstanding Fundraising Professional

This award recognizes a fundraising professional whose career exemplifies excellence in ethical fundraising through both their professional life, volunteer and community involvement, and commitment to AFP. Recipients must be a member of AFP.

Outstanding Large Philanthropic Organization

To qualify for this award, a corporation or foundation must demonstrate outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community affairs. Large business is defined as over 50 employees, or a nationally based foundation. 

Outstanding Small Philanthropic Organization

To qualify for this award, a corporation or foundation must demonstrate outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and community affairs. Small business is defined as up to 50 employees, or a locally based foundation. 

Outstanding Philanthropic Youth

This award recognizes service by a young person, 21 years or younger, who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and leadership in the community through his/her guidance and dedication to philanthropy.

Benjamin Franklin 

AFP recognizes that it is impossible to establish awards that can meet every category of philanthropy deserving of recognition. For that reason, the Benjamin Franklin Award has been created.  This award is not meant to be given out either by every region or every year. It is not meant to be a runner up award. It is meant to recognize an individual or group whose commitment to philanthropy is demonstrably profound, but which falls between the cracks of the award criteria.  The decision to give out this award is at the discretion of the regional selection committee. For the award to be given, the committee must feel that there are compelling reasons to recognize this individual’s efforts and that no other award would be appropriate. Not being selected as the recipient for another award is not a sufficient reason.

Questions regarding the nomination process or form, please email