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Let’s say that you know that an organization has to stand firm on salary. What are other things you could negotiate for that aren’t about money?
Here are some suggestions. You can ask for:

  1. A better job title, or one you prefer.
  2. An extra week’s vacation.
  3. Every other Friday off in summer (perhaps in trade for working extra on other days).
  4. A parking pass.
  5. A monthly pass for public transportation.
  6. A company cell phone so you don’t have to use your personal phone.
  7. Training for your database system.
  8. The week off after New Year’s Eve, or around Passover/Easter.
  9. To be sent to the Karass class on negotiating.
  10. To go to one industry conference a year.
  11. A personal AFP membership at $300 a year. (There’s a November discount of $50 off.)
  12. To pay for and time to attend one industry training a month. AFP monthly trainings are two hours plus travel and about $35 for members.
  13. To pay for the annual AFP ICON registration, hotel and travel, plus time to go.
  14. To pay for a Courage to Lead retreat series, and time to go.
  15. To pay for applying for your CFRE and time to take the exam. It’s $700 initially and $408 every three years to re-certify, if you’re an AFP member.
  16. Pay for and time to attend your local city or county leadership series. These are usually a year long and give you the chance to get to know local leaders in business, government, education and nonprofits. Leadership Santa Barbara covers the county. Ventura County Leadership Academy covers Ventura County.
  17. Flex time.
  18. Work from home days.
  19. Child care.
  20. A non-traditional work schedule, such as four ten-hour days or nine days to equal 80 hours.
  21. A four-day workweek of eight-hour days, perhaps so you can have a sideline consulting business or pursue other interests (I did this for six years).
  22. Time each afternoon to pick up your kids from school and take them home.
  23. Paid continuing education.
  24. Tuition reimbursement.
  25. The ability to choose which holidays you’ll take off. For example, you may not care about working on Christmas Day (and it may be required in some places), but you want Eid or Rosh Hashanah off. Or perhaps you want to trade the day after Thanksgiving for Veterans Day.
  26. Gym membership.
  27. Fitness reimbursement, where you get reimbursed for any fitness-related activity.
  28. Comp time after events. Some places require that comp time has to be taken in the same workweek, which can be a problem if your work week starts on Monday and the event is on Saturday. In that case, suggest changing your workweek to start Friday at noon. Then there are plenty of days after a Saturday event.
  29. Bring your dog to work.
  30. An hour in the middle of the day to work out. (My sister had someone negotiate for this and was happy to do it.)
  31. Paid mileage.
  32. Paying a car lease each month.
  33. A paid hotspot for your phone.
  34. A laptop.
  35. Corporate credit card.
  36. A budget for taking donors out for coffee or lunch.
  37. Membership in a service organization like Rotary or Kiwanis, and time to attend a weekly meeting.
  38. Time to attend and paid membership in Toastmasters to improve speaking, listening and leadership skills.
  39. Membership and time to attend Chamber of Commerce meetings on behalf of your organization.
  40. Time off once a month to serve on a board of directors. You learn a lot when you’re on the other side of the volunteer table.
  41. Maternity or paternity leave.
Remember, even if you don’t get it, they’ll respect you for negotiating!
Kathy_Wertheim.jpg Kathy Wertheim, CFRE, is a consultant in fundraising and board development. She is a master trainer with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, one of 11 in California and 232 worldwide. She has taught fundraising and board development in 22 states, Asia and Latin America. Locally, she has consulted for the Alzheimer’s Association, Devereux, the Legal Aid Foundation of Santa Barbara County, Make-A-Wish Tri Counties, The Salvation Army Southern California Division, the Santa Barbara Symphony, and Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, among others. She is the current Vice President for Communications for the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties chapter (to sign up for the bi-weekly newsletter, go to You can contact her at