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The Benefits of Community — Updates from the President


Written by Molly Kemper 

Earlier this month, Amber Sheikh Ginsberg, managing senior associate at Thurlow/Associates out of Los Angeles, led an interactive and enlightening discussion about using our own “Personal Why” to help us find more success as fundraisers. ground-group-growth-hands-461049.jpgMany in the group agreed that improving and supporting the community around them played a big role when thinking about their own personal “Why?”  And now, just one week later, we find our community and indeed the world are almost unrecognizable, with so many of us battling feelings of uncertainty, fear, and isolation. If supporting our communities is what drove us to this industry, how do we continue that work in such an ever-changing environment?

One of the greatest benefits of being a part of our AFP Chapter is the incredible community of professionals. Now is the best time I can imagine to learn from and use each other’s knowledge and support to get our families, our organizations, and, most importantly, ourselves through these overwhelming challenges. 

So many of our members are integral to organizations that are leading the way as we process the affects COVID-19 will have on our communities in both the short and long term. Here are just a few important examples and resources that I hope you will all take advantage of:

The Center for Nonprofit Leadership at California Lutheran University is working hard to turn their consistently useful educational series digital. They have an important webinar on March 19:

The Santa Barbara Foundation has compiled a series of webinars about various COVID-19 concerns and issues that many members of the community will be dealing with:

And, of course, the AFP ICON Conference will be held virtually starting March 29, with space available to participate from your home office:

Our April Trainer, Erica Waasdorp, is rescheduling her visit to our area for September to speak about sustainability through monthly giving programs. Stay tuned for updates about whether we offer our own training in April or continue to share the transformational work of our membership. 

In January, I shared that my vision for this year is for AFP to be a source of renewal and trust. Together, we can be that for each other. Our AFP network is strong. Please lean on it for support, guidance, and stress relief!