BE the CAUSE Campaign

The purpose of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - United States is to generate the resources to fund AFP strategic initiatives that advance ethical and effective fundraising. 

The Foundation secures funds and other resources to support these initiatives through its BE the CAUSE Annual Fund, as well as a variety of campaigns including the Chamberlain Scholarship/Leadership Development Campaign, Chapter Impact Campaign, Diversity Scholarship Campaign, Growth in Giving Research Campaign, and Leadership Academy Campaign.

The Foundation has an ambitious four-part plan to strengthen our sector:

1. Attracting and Developing Fundraising Leaders
2. Designing Evidence-Based Solutions through Rigorous Research
3. Enhance the Diversity of the Talent Pool
4. Renew Public Trust in Charitable Organizations

AFPNEO manages the BE the CAUSE campaign at the local Chapter level, which allows us to keep more dollars raised from the campaign right here in Northeast Ohio, supporting chapter membership scholarships that directly benefit our members.

Through your support of the BE the CAUSE Campaign, you help determine the future growth and development of the fundraising profession. We count on your support to help make it happen!


Hello Fellow Members of AFP Northeast Ohio Chapter!

I recently committed to lead the BE the CAUSE committee for our chapter this year. The problem is I realized I was pretty confused about what exactly this initiative is and who it benefits. I suspect I may not be alone. Is this true for you also? If so, please let me share what I have found:

First! It’s important to understand that we are a local chapter of an international organization. The large organization is the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), sometimes referred to as AFP Global. This larger organization also has a Foundation. Our local chapter is the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northeast Ohio Chapter (AFPNEO). We benefit from our association with AFP Global, including hosting our website and our membership module.

Second . . . BE the CAUSE supports our profession of fundraising by advocating ethical and effective fundraising, educating the next generation of fundraisers, and advancing issues that affect our profession. Our local chapter has decided that providing membership scholarships is the best way to do this.

Finally: You can give to BE the CAUSE either globally or locally: 1. You can donate to AFP Global. A small percentage of gifts may come back to our local chapter. 2. You can donate directly to our local AFP Northeast Ohio chapter. Our chapter has elected to support the goals of BE the CAUSE by committing local BE the CAUSE funds to support scholarships for our local chapter memberships. Our 2023 Goal is $2,750.

Just to reiterate: BE the CAUSE funds donated to our LOCAL chapter, AFPNEO, go to providing scholarships! Our BE the CAUSE donations so far total $486.15, given by 8 members. We would love to reach our goal of $2,750 not only from a few large donors, but by many smaller donations. We will offer the following incentive:

Any donation to our AFPNEO BE the CAUSE campaign between May 31 and June 30 will be entered into a raffle for a free Professional Development session in 2023. 5 free Professional Development sessions will be awarded!

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Susan Kosco, BTC Chair  

Want to volunteer for the be the cause committee?

We are actively recruiting committee members to support our Be the Cause Initiative. If you are interested in joining this committee, please sign up here.

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