Mentorship Program

Chair: Susan Kosco
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Doreen Thorne
Candace Harmon
Dawn Moeglin

Applications are open year-round and we will connect you with a mentor/mentee within 30 days after reviewing your application.

Interested in becoming a Mentee? 


AFPNEO provides its members with many learning opportunities to help them and the nonprofits they serve. One such opportunity is our mentoring program.

The goal of the mentoring program is to pair seasoned professionals with people new to the field, those transitioning job responsibilities, or those searching for additional networking opportunities.

Mentors/mentees will meet as pairs with group events held throughout the year for all mentors and mentees. 

The pairs will be expected to have at least 6 conversations; conversations may be in-person, via phone, and/or email. Both the mentor and the mentee are encouraged to keep a simple log of meetings and general discussion topics as a guide for future program evaluation.

These relationships are meant to be career-specific and not used or construed in any way as a consulting relationship. Mentors are encouraged to recommend appropriate resources i.e. courses, workshops, educational opportunities, vendors, or consultants. The mentoring program is not a job placement service.

We recommend that mentors and mentees tell their employers about their participation in the program. Both must respect that the information they share about their organizations is confidential.

Are you interested in being mentored by an AFPNEO Professional? Please click here or on the image to the left to register as a Mentee as a member of our committee will contact you to coordinate a match.

Mentor requirements for participation:

  • Membership in AFPNEO. Not a member? Join now!
  • A minimum of five years of experience in various areas of fundraising.
  • Adherence to the AFP Ethical Principals and Standards.
  • A desire to share development knowledge and build mentoring skills.
  • A commitment to working with your mentee for one year (at least six face-to-face meetings, phone calls or emails).

Interested? Complete the online application to become a Mentor. Or click on the image to the left.

 Our matching process:

  1. Mentor/mentee pairs will be assigned by the committee based on the mentees’ needs and mentors’ experience. The pairs will be monitored by the committee and modifications will be made as needed.
  2. Mentors and mentees must be current AFPNEO members, and Mentees must be in an active development role. (Membership scholarships are available through a competitive application process.)
  3. Matches are announced in March and continue through December. 
  4. Workplace locations are taken into consideration when matches are assigned so that every effort can be made for the pairs to meet face-to-face.
  5. Mentors will be apprised of their potential mentees before the match is finalized and, unless they have concerns or objections, the match will be confirmed.
  6. There will be a check-in by the mentorship chair at three months and six months to assess the match's progress and to address any concerns that may arise. Additional follow-up may occur to ensure the relationship is moving forward positively. If the match is not working, the mentorship chair will determine if a new match will be made.
  7. A post-program survey will be sent out at the end of the calendar year.

If you have any questions, please contact us by clicking the link above.