Chapter Member Consultant Listing Terms & Conditions

Chapter Member Consultant Listings

Only current members of the AFP Northeast Ohio are permitted to participate in this listing. Your listing will run for 12 months from the date of purchase. Terms and conditions below apply – please review them carefully before purchasing your listing.


Terms and Conditions:

You must remain a current AFP Northeast Ohio member for the entire 12 months of your listing. If your membership lapses for more than two weeks, your listing will be removed until your membership is renewed. There are no refunds or extensions for listings removed because of lapsed memberships.

The Chapter provides no endorsement or in any way warrants the work of those who participate in the Chapter Consultant Listing.

The Chapter reserves the right to limit and/or edit the content of listings placed and to any subsequent changes requested to the listing.

The Chapter Administrator is the only person authorized to make requested changes to the listing. Requested changes must be submitted by the person who placed the original listing request.

Listings will appear in alphabetical order on the Chapter Consultants page of the AFP Northeast Ohio website. You will be notified by e-mail once your listing request has been processed and it has been placed on the site. It is your responsibility to check your listing copy for accuracy.

You may request changes at that time for any information you feel was incorrectly posted in your listing. Once you have reviewed your listing, you will be able to modify its content up to three times during the 12-month period. After 3 changes, you will be charged $15 each for additional change requests. Email changes to

The Chapter reserves the right to add or modify the terms and conditions listed above as it deems necessary.

Please email your logo to